This behavior can destroy your marriage

Happy Marriage – Scientists have now identified the behavior that damages a marriage the most. you will be surprised

Make sure you avoid this destructive behavior

No, it’s not open discussions or cheating that ruin a marriage. It is the passive-aggressive behavior that drives both spouses apart. This is the result of an American long-term study in which 135 newly married couples were followed over four years. (Test here which of the 9 relationship phases you are currently in.)

Avoid Sarcasm

James McNulty, the head of the study, sums up the exciting results: Sarcasm, mean jokes or silence are the main problems in new marriages, problems that are not openly expressed. McNulty cites the sentences “I really wish I had more help” or “Doesn’t matter” as examples, which are downright toxic to relationships. “I really need your help” is the right sentence to have a healthy marriage, according to the scientist.

Please do not have too high expectations

The study also produced another important finding: partners who have very high expectations of their marriage from the outset are less happy in the end. McNulty also gives an example here: “New parents, for example, are very stressed and their relationship suffers when they have children. But if they make themselves aware that this is perfectly normal and okay, they will not be so disappointed when it is really comes that way. ”


This behavior can destroy your marriage

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