Signs That Someone Is Attracted To You Based On Their Zodiac Sign

Romantic attraction is beautiful and exciting at the same time, isn’t it? While some people are very open about the fact that they are attracted to someone, others tend to keep it to themselves unless they are 100% willing to reveal it. Everyone has their own way of acting when they have a crush on someone. When someone is attracted to you, they will act in a certain way that other people don’t.

Zodiac signs can sometimes hold the key to understanding when someone is attracted to you. If you look closely, you will feel something different about them when they are around you. They can’t behave that way with others, but they behave differently in front of you.

Here are the signs that someone is attracted to you based on your zodiac sign

1. Aries

You will be open about it.

Aries people are some of the most open and courageous people out there, so there’s little chance they’ll keep their emotions under wraps. Their confidence and their open-minded nature make them spit out everything they feel for someone. When they are attracted to you, they will make sure you know.

They will take the first step, but before that they will make sure that they are doing their best. They want to make a powerful impression on you so that you will find them impressive and irresistible.

2nd bull

They’ll crack jokes to break the ice.

Taurus doesn’t easily have feelings for someone, but when they do they never hold back. When they come across someone they should be looking for, they will make a sincere effort to win them over. You could end up taking the first step and cracking lighthearted jokes to break the ice. Taurus will flirt with you, but never in an overwhelming way.

Taurus are subtle flirters who believe in the concept of “slow burn”. They are very fond of their personal space, so if they pat you on the shoulder or playfully slap you on the arm, then they are definitely interested in you.


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3. Twins

You will have a dualistic and confusing attitude.

Gemini are dualistic by nature, and therefore you will never know what will happen to them. One moment they can be very in love with you and the next moment they can be aloof. One of the twins will get very involved with what you have to say, while the other twin will be cold in front of you.

This can seem like a very exhausting thing, but it’s actually a positive thing. The contradicting and confusing antics of a Gemini show that they fall deeply in love with you and are interested in moving things forward. If they have a crush on you, their body language can give them away. You might fidget more, run your fingers through your hair, bite your lip, and blink a lot. And most importantly, whenever they see you, they have a smile on their face that extends to their eyes.

4. Cancer

They will be very shy around you.

Cancers are born breadwinners, and that’s what they do best. They are amazing when it comes to taking care of others and making sure they are always comfortable. When someone like Cancer is drawn to you, they will shower you with love, gifts, affection, and attention. But at the same time, they will be extremely shy and reserved around you.

When they are attracted to you, they want you by their side, but when you catch their eye, they’ll turn red and look the other way. Chances are they will never tell you explicitly that they have feelings for you, that they would rather let their actions speak for themselves. But if they feel like you are crawling, they will run to you faster than a cheetah.

5. Leo

They will turn off in front of you.

Leo is a fire sign, and fire signs are about giving your all. All or nothing is their life motto so of course they would do the same when it comes to love and romance. They are in no way subtle, and you know that when they show their love with grand gestures and extravagant gifts, they will be drawn to you. Plus, if they ever try to hold your hand or hug you, then they definitely love you.

They love the spotlight and always crave it, and that’s why they will do gymnastics in front of you so that all of your attention is on them. But when they are alone with you, they will bring out their sweet, attentive, and emotional side about you.


You will focus on the smaller things.

Virgos can get nervous very easily, so if you find them a little hesitant around you, know that they may have feelings for you. Chances are they won’t talk to you much at first because they’ll be busy analyzing and studying you. They will observe everything about you – your opinions, likes, dislikes, idiosyncrasies, personality, etc.

Once they feel they know you a little better, they’ll do little, special things for you that they don’t do for anyone else. They will try to impress you by wearing your favorite colors or making a table reservation at your favorite restaurant. Virgos may not be able to say much, but you will always be able to sense their feelings.

7. Libra

They will imitate your habits.

If a Libra is attracted to you, they will never try to hide that fact. They will be very open about the fact that they like you, have feelings for you, and love to hang out with you. They will always tell others how lovely and amazing you are and will never refuse to take the first step. Libras can act shy and reserved at times, but that’s just for fun.

You know when they fall in love with you, when they start imitating almost anything you do. Your way of talking, your mannerisms, your beliefs – they will try to be in tune with you. Because at the end of the day, Libra is all about balance, isn’t it?


They will play games with you.

Someone who is Scorpio will always be mysterious and closed at first, but when they fall inside you you will know it in your bones. Their mysterious ways will draw you to them and still keep you on your toes. Scorpios could take the first step, but they will also shape the situation so that you will want to take the first step too.

They will play certain games to see if you have a crush on them or not, and if the feelings are mutual. They will always make sure that they do things that still fascinate, interest and leave you attached to them.


They will make you laugh.

Sagittarius lovers have a good sense of humor and can spoil you with their stories and make the most impact on your mind with their actions and words. They are independent people who are always on the go and always looking for the next big adventure. But if they like you, they’ll want you to be a part of everything they do.

No matter how bad your day may be, they will always be ready to cheer you up with their funny jokes and sayings. If a Sagittarius goes out of their way to make you laugh and make you happy, then they know they are sure to fall for you.

10. Capricorn

They will make you their first priority.

Capricorns are known for being extremely disciplined, reserved, and not opening their hearts to someone easily. For most Capricorns, their work comes first and everything else comes second. So when you see them treating you as their top priority, then you know they are madly in love with you. They don’t believe in fling and will choose to be single every day until they find that special someone.

They have perfect manners and will always treat you with a lot of respect. They will never take you for granted, nor will they expect you to do what they want you to do. For them love is a partnership in which they see their partner as an equal and not as someone who fulfills their wishes in the name of love.


They will feel scared around you.

Aquarians care about their friends, and before they get into a relationship with you, they’ll want to see how you interact with their friends. You know that an Aquarius likes you when they slowly try to make you part of their inner world. At the same time, you’ll notice that they feel pretty nervous and shy around you because they just want to impress you.

If they fall for you, you will see them with an eternal smile on their face, a hop in their crotch, and a positive attitude. Their nervousness will feel adorable to you as they will show their pure and real intentions for you.

12. Fish

They always want to be with you.

The best way to know that a Pisces is in love with you is if they want to be with you and around you all the time. They will always find ways to hang out with you and make plans for how the two of you can spend time alone together. Pisces have their hearts on their tongues and will leave no stone unturned to make you feel special.

For them, the best way to show love is when they spend a lot of time together. But at the same time, they will never make you feel like you are suffocating or overwhelmed; they will always respect your personal space.

So, this is how someone will act when they are attracted to you based on your zodiac sign. What’s your zodiac sign for it? Let us know in the comments below!


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