1. The Scorpion is always honest

It is difficult for a Scorpion to even tell a white lie. They don’t like fooling people because they know what it feels like when someone cheats on you. This is why you can always expect the truth from a Scorpion. However, they will also expect the same from you. They hate liars and it will cost them dearly to overcome someone who lies to them.

2. The scorpion is very sarcastic, but has an excellent sense of humor

The Scorpion is sarcastic in nature. They may not even realize they are with you, so don’t take it personally if this happens. They also have an excellent sense of humor and are generally very popular with their acquaintances.

3. A Scorpion will carefully choose the person who will become his friend

A Scorpion prefers to be with a few friends rather than walking with a lot of knowledge. They can be very picky when choosing their friends. They value their friends and expect them to do the same with them. They will not think twice to break up a relationship with you if you hurt or betray them.

4. The Scorpion has strong opinions and is often rebellious

A Scorpion doesn’t like being told how he should think or what he should do. They have very strong opinions that people do not swallow easily. They distance themselves from people who are trying to control their lives. They have a rebellious vein inside and are not afraid to use it when the situation warrants.

5. The Scorpion will live as he wishes and not otherwise

Do not try to tell a scorpion how he should live his life. They are more independent than most other signs of the zodiac and will always do things for themselves instead of relying on others. They have their own beliefs and people will not change it. They will live as they want, where they want and with the people they want.

6. The scorpion can be emotional, but he doesn’t want to prove it

The scorpion can be more emotional than the other signs of the zodiac. However, they usually try to hide these emotions from others. They don’t want to appear weak, so they will distance themselves from others to recover. If you keep pressing them to tell you what’s wrong, be prepared to be even more upset.

7. They are incredible listeners

Scorpio really wants to hear other people’s problems. He will try to comfort you when you are upset or sad. They will also try to advise you as best as possible. They are nothing wrong when they take care of the people they love.

8. A scorpion likes to learn new things

The Scorpion is not happy if he does not learn something new. They seek out new information and learn it quickly. They have a very detailed mind and are generally qualified in technological and scientific fields. Their thirst for knowledge will lead them to seek to learn as much as possible.

9. A scorpion can be quite unpredictable

Scorpio hates having the same routine every day. They are bored and want to do other activities. This leads them to want to do unpredictable things. They despise monotony and prefer to shake things up as much as possible.

10. They tend to act strangely

Yes, a scorpion can sometimes be a complete stranger. People often fail at their eccentricities. However, many people also like this side of it. They are not afraid to let go and show their silly side.

11. The Scorpion always finds the best in each person

The Scorpions are kind souls who truly believe that it is good all over the world. As a result, they often forget an error and give someone a second or even a third chance. They hate having all kinds of negative energy around them and will work hard to make it right.

12. The Scorpion has big dreams and the determination to make them come true

The Scorpion does not conform in life. They dream big and will strive to achieve their dreams. They have the drive and the determination to see the steps that will get them where they want. Also, don’t try to be embarrassed. If you are not on his side, a Scorpion will not hesitate to leave you behind and to follow his path to his dreams.

13. A Scorpion really wants the best for everyone

The Scorpion generally accepts jobs that allow him to help others. They will work with charitable or humanitarian organizations. They realize that the world needs repair and will try to do it. The Scorpion is a loving and generous people who really want the world to be better for everyone. They really want to help this.

14. The scorpion is excellent in bed

The Scorpion is energetic, passionate and tolerant. They are open-minded and have no problem trying new things. It makes them a very funny couple if they spend a night together. They will do everything possible to ensure that their partner is happy and satisfied with their performance. Lying with a scorpion is a great experience for everyone involved!


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