Horoscope: Zodiac sign pairs that can only have on-off relationships

Actually, everything could be so simple … We’ll tell you which couples can’t get along with or without each other

The relationships of these zodiac signs are a roller coaster ride of emotions

They love each other, they don’t love each other … With some couples there seems to be a constant back and forth in their relationship status that nobody really sees through. Actually, they can’t do without each other and are made for each other, but then it crashes again. If one goes by astrological suggestions, these zodiac signs are actually perfect for one another. But sometimes there is also “too perfect”.

Leo and Aries

With the two zodiac signs, it will never be boring. They help each other through their adventurous nature, constantly trying out new things and overcoming their fears together. Unfortunately, both are also very proud personalities, so the two can quickly see each other as competitors, which damages the relationship considerably.

Sagittarius and Libra

The thoughtful and freedom-loving personality of Sagittarius complements perfectly with the understanding and talkative nature of Libra. They have a lot of in-depth conversations and manage to speak openly about their feelings. Actually great requirements, right? However, neither of them are big fans of tying up for longer, which is why they quickly find themselves in on-off relationships.

Virgo and Capricorn

Virgo and Aquarius are known for their rational thinking and intelligence. One would initially assume an adult and long-term relationship. However, these positive qualities often stand in the way of both romance and love. They are too unimaginative here and prefer to use their creativity in their job or personal projects rather than in their relationship.

Gemini and Aquarius

The relationship between these two zodiac signs works extremely well in many areas. Both feel more like outsiders because they often think differently from others. “Being lonely together” could be the motto of the two. Unfortunately, they find it difficult to open up emotionally and communicate their feelings. This can often lead to misunderstandings. And as is well known, this often leads to the end of a relationship.

Scorpio and Taurus

This combination promises passion at the highest level. However, they are both very jealous and stubborn. There are no compromises here. So if it comes to an argument, neither of these two will give in – even until they split up. But do not worry – the anger does not last long and the desire for the other will prevail again.

Pisces and Cancer

Here the problem lies in the common need for security. Both signs generally prefer to play it safe, which means that the relationship can quickly become monotonous after the initial rose-colored glasses. Neither of them brings enough spontaneity and variety into the game that both are bored, but neither do they act to change it. Ultimately, this means that they keep breaking up, but then returning to their familiar, secure relationship.


Horoscope Zodiac sign pairs that can only have on off relationships

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