These 12 zodiac friendships are absolutely toxic

These 12 zodiac friendships are absolutely toxic

Not all zodiac signs get along well. There are some zodiac sign combinations that end up as toxic friendships and are almost guaranteed to break up sooner or later. 

But just because a friendship was short or became toxic doesn’t mean it didn’t do us any good. People are in our lives to teach us about ourselves, even though it sometimes takes us longer to realize what that lesson was. Better late than never!

These 12 zodiac friendships are absolutely toxic:

1. Scorpio and Libra

Libras have a quick and easy approach to truth and fidelity, and Scorpio won’t enjoy that. It is not unlikely that Libra will bring another friend to this friendship, so that Scorpio feels like the third wheel on the wagon. Scorpio will get further and further away and Libra will not understand why the friendship did not work.

2. Gemini and Taurus

Geminis are very spontaneous and lively. And in friendship between a Gemini and a Taurus, it becomes problematic when the Taurus refuses to do any of the hundreds of fun things that Gemini would like to do. Gemini will not always understand this, which hurts feelings and ends friendship.

3. Libra and Cancer

When the insensitivity of the Libra is related to the hypersensitivity of Cancer, there is a big problem that can hardly be solved. There are just too many emotions in this friendship, and sometimes neither of them has a clear head, so that the friendship will ultimately end in emotional turmoil.

4. Leo and Leo

What if there are two leaders and no followers? Right: a power struggle. This is exactly what can happen in a friendship between two lions. Both are competitive and used to winning. Friendship is great as long as there is a balance, but if one wins more than the other there will be trouble.

5. Taurus and Capricorn

Both Taurus and Capricorn are extremely stubborn beings. Neither of these stubborn zodiac signs want to adapt to change, and both tend to be inflexible. If no one is willing to compromise, the problems will not be resolved and the friendship will end at that point. A friendship that started with so much promise will eventually fade away.

6. Virgo and Aries

Virgos take the time to research things carefully before making a decision. You only act when everything is in place. Aries don’t think that way! If things get tense between these two, there is a good chance that one or both of them will say some things that they will regret afterwards. The problem is, Virgo is unlikely to forgive Aries.

7. Leo and Aquarius

Aquarius would prefer not to have any emotional drama in their life and Leo basically lives from it. So how is this friendship supposed to work? Ultimately, these two zodiac signs may not have much in common, although at first it seems like they do. Leo may at some point become emotional. Since Aquarius just turns off, it will be more of a cold war until the friendship eventually ends.

8. Aquarius and Pisces

Both characters are extremely creative and resourceful. However, the way of the Pisces is gradually becoming too much for Aquarius. He Aquarius wants his fish to be tougher and the fish feels hurt and rejected as a result. At some point Aquarius will slip and say something that will destroy the fish and there will be an argument that will end it all.

9. Virgo and Sagittarius

Both characters are smart and have a good sense of humor, which is why they’re primarily friends. However, Sagittarius will feel that Virgo is constantly criticizing him for the way he lives and makes his decisions. The Sagittarius will thus feel imprisoned or held back by the Virgo, which may soon make him flee from the friendship. Then, when the friendship ends, Sagittarius will just go somewhere without saying a word.

10. Cancer and Aries

Aries have a lot more heart than they are supposed to, and that connects them to Cancers. Both Aries and Cancer are good listeners and worry about others. However, conflict does arise when Aries becomes too confrontational with Cancer and says something that hurts their feelings. Aries tends to be impulsive and do things now, while Cancer is more cautious and tends to think everything through. In the end, both of them have to find out that they don’t go well together after all.

11. Capricorn and Sagittarius

Sometimes opposites attract, and sometimes those opposites can form a bond that never breaks. As long as Capricorn and Sagittarius are both honest with each other, that friendship can work. But sometimes Sagittarius is just too fleeting and rough for Capricorn. If the Sagittarius inadvertently does something that hurts the Capricorn, the Capricorn will stew in its resentment for some time and try to avoid Sagittarius. If these two don’t talk about their problems, resentments will build and the relationship will become toxic.

12. Gemini and Scorpio

Both zodiac signs are extremely intelligent and therefore attract each other. If this relationship works, Gemini can show Scorpio how to be more relaxed and not take everything so seriously. However, as this friendship progresses and has been around for a little longer, Scorpio will become increasingly angry that Gemini can hardly ever take things seriously. This friendship will end automatically at some point, precisely for this reason.


These 12 zodiac friendships are absolutely toxic

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