Your First Marriage Will Fail If You Belong To These 5 Zodiac Signs

Your First Marriage Will Fail If You Belong To These 5 Zodiac Signs

There are moments in our lives when we look back at the actions we’ve taken and feel a whole range of emotions—everything from regret and embarrassment to satisfaction and pride.

Maybe you already have your first marriage behind you. If so, you shouldn’t be ashamed. Because we all fail here and there in life. Some at work and others in love.

Here are the 5 zodiac signs whose first marriage will fail:


Not all signs are convinced of the idea of ​​marriage. Aquarians don’t particularly like the institution of marriage in general, but they will approve of it if their partner really, really wants to get married. So when an Aquarius agrees to a second marriage, it means the connection is very strong.

Aquarians will surely fail in their first marriage. They’ll feel like characters in a novel, where it’s a wild roller coaster ride of emotions, and eventually they just get fed up and end things. 

Differences are what unite Aquarius and their partner. And for a while, they will be happy and balance each other out. However, the day will come when their differences become too great and they decide to divorce. Thus, they will surprise everyone who knew them. Because everyone thought they were the perfect couple.


These signs can feel optimistic about love. Equal parts loyal and stubborn, Taurus individuals tend to value home, family, and marriage in general. However, they will probably give marriage a second try because these zodiac signs never give up.

The problem in his first marriage will be that his partner is too free-spirited for Taurus. Initially, he will pretend to both himself and his partner that he is cool with the free-spirited nature, although the truth is that it bloody annoys the Taurus. It will seem like a balanced relationship when they get married.

As soon as the bull tries to put his partner on a short leash, it’s game over. His partner was born to be wild and Taurus was born to enjoy the luxuries of home. As soon as his partner wanders around, Taurus files for divorce.


People born under the sign of Pisces are characterized by their emotional capacity as explained in astrology. While this may sound like good news for marriage, Pisces is likely to be quick to divorce as well. But given their romantic nature, these signs of marriage will likely give it another try.

The problem is: that Pisces are very emotional and need a partner who can handle it. At first, Pisces will be so impressed by their partner’s big, bold personality that they will marry them without really thinking things through.

Many are attracted to Pisces’ creativity, but they are used to living in the moment, which will cause suspicion in many. In a relationship with Pisces, there is a lot of excitement, love, deceit, disappointments, and control. The Pisces will attempt to gain control of the other, and both partners will see their marriage fall apart. 


As a fire sign, Aries are passionate and energetic when it comes to love. So if their first marriage ends for whatever reason, the Aries will likely want to try again. These zodiac signs are active individuals who tend to pursue what they really want in life and in love. They fight for what is important to them.

An Aries can fall in love quickly. The problem is that he’s actually too adventurous for his first partner. He would rather have someone who is reliable. Aries is about taking action and their partner is about analyzing everything. 

Also, Aries is the boss of everything and their partner just can’t stand being told what to do. Divorce is imminent as soon as his partner begins to criticize Aries and make suggestions on how he can improve. In the end, the couple will find that there is no middle ground and they will divorce.


Super lovely and passionate, Scorpios are serious about marriage and lasting love relationships. However, they will leave an unfulfilled partnership for a more promising connection because these signs won’t settle for less. They are fiercely devoted partners who take what they need.

Your first marriage won’t last very long. Almost everyone around them will know right away that it’s not going to work. Unfortunately, they will marry before their eyes are opened.

When Scorpio meets their first spouse, both will be strongly attracted to their strong romantic chemistry, and at first, the love will be mind-blowingly great. 

Scorpio loves home and hearth, and their first spouse can’t wait to leave. The problem is that Scorpio is far too demanding and possessive to tolerate. The bottom line is these two would have a great one-night stand, not a great marriage.

Sooner or later, Scorpio will resent the nature of their partner, and being married will no longer seem like a good idea. Nevertheless, he could give the whole thing another chance – but only with a partner who really suits him.


Your First Marriage Will Fail If You Belong To These 5 Zodiac Signs

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