5 zodiac signs most likely to use gaslighting

5 zodiac signs most likely to use gaslighting

You’re so sure you put something over there. You know you did. You seemingly walked out of the room, forgot for a moment where you had put this one thing, went back in and suddenly it was no longer there. However, your partner is telling you that you are crazy. He says you haven’t left anything. But you know you put it there. And yet you are now beginning to doubt your own health. The truth is that he’s trying to manipulate you.

That is exactly what gaslighting is!

If somehow someone else convinces you that you are crazy, they will try gaslighting on you. If another person is trying to manipulate the situation into making themselves appear sane and rational by making you appear insane and unreliable, then you should definitely worry. Because he could have clouded your reality and you are gradually beginning to believe and trust him – and at the same time you will be less able to trust yourself and your inner voice. It can even get to the point where you can no longer trust your own mental abilities.

Isn’t that terrible?

And there are some people who use this strategy day after day, for example to manipulate their partner so that he acts in their favor.

In astrology there are certain signs of the zodiac that tend to go out of their way to make others feel like they are out of their mind. Why they do this is obvious: they want to gain control over their partner. 

Find out which 5 zodiac signs are most likely to use this strategy so that you are warned about them. It does not necessarily have to occur one hundred percent with each of the following zodiac signs, but there is a tendency that sooner or later these zodiac signs can switch to such manipulation attempts.

1. Cancer

Cancers often live in such narcissistic mindsets that if you are not you basically don’t exist. The Cancer ego is huge, despite all the empathic aspects that accompany the sign and make it empathetic. However, this zodiac sign tends to use other gaslighting strategies to control other people around them.

They convince others that they are always doing everything wrong and that if they could just see the world like a cancer they would have a better life. Cancers make you feel like your personal dream is incredibly mediocre and that you should follow them as an example. Plus, they want to confuse you and want you to question reality. They put the blame on you and thus distract from their own – all to make you feel insecure.

2. Aries

Aries is a highly intelligent sign and it takes intellect to be as smart as you need to be, to apply the gaslighting strategy to a person and successfully confuse him. Aries will do this by convincing you that you are mentally ill and that you urgently need help, otherwise you could cause serious harm. The mental health insults are the perfect vehicle for them as they tend to imply that you are unstable and that you cannot cope on your own. They do this to hurt you and make you dependent on them and that is the only reason.

3. Pisces

Pisces also tend to use gaslighting strategies to get you to behave in a certain way. Through passive-aggressive behavior, Pisces can get you to do exactly what they want you to do, which basically is to give them attention. They run away, block and ignore you, or just don’t want to see you for a while. They make you feel like you did something wrong, that you are wrong, that your gut feeling is sending you the wrong signals, or that you have no right to live the way you do. But why are they doing this? They are simply unhappy that you are happy and don’t want to be in your shadow of fame and success. 

4. Leo

Of all the zodiac signs that tend to use gaslighting, Leo is probably the most unsuccessful. But he tries very hard. He wants others to see things for what they are, and if they don’t, he is setting a wrong scenario in which he criticizes their choices and just portrays them as wrong and unhealthy.

He likes to make others feel like they don’t know how to do something right because that leaves more space for him to educate others about what he thinks is right. The Leo wants to be the leader and lead others. So when a Leo uses gaslighting, they want to convince you that you are not as good as them.

5. Scorpio

Gaslighting is Scorpio’s business. He’s usually very easy to find jobs where his strategy can shine. He will try to make you feel insecure and keep believing that your memory has big gaps. This means that Scorpio wants to convince you that you are really inferior and that your best choice is to listen to and trust him. He’s afraid that you might be superior to him because you probably really are, and that’s why he tries to downplay your skills as best he can.


5 zodiac signs most likely to use gaslighting

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