The Sign You Should Not Fall In Love With

Not Fall In Love With

The Sign You Should Not Fall In Love With

There are signs with which you are more compatible than others. There are signs to which you should give your heart a VIP pass, and others, on the other hand, with which you should not fall in love in life. For your good and, above all, for the own good of your heart. This does not mean that they are bad signs or that they are going to hurt you, simply that you will never become compatible. There will always be something that you do not like about that person, something that you want to change, something that you know is not working… This is a sign that you should not fall in love with and thus you will save yourself a lot of trouble.


The sign you shouldn’t fall in love with is Pisces. Aries, you are a very fiery person, very strong, with a lot of character. You are a fire sign and that makes you someone with a lot of energy throughout your body. You are quite dominant, and that must be recognized, and even if Pisces is one of those who gets carried away, in the end, your relationship will not lead anywhere. You are not attracted to people who are so sensitive or introverted at all. You need something better, something with a lot more chemistry. Pisces is a sign that can bring out your darkest side. You will not bear that the victim always ends up and that there is always a different drama.


The sign you should not fall in love with is Gemini. Look, it’s not to say that you’re going to pull your hair out, but it’s better to stay away from him emotionally. More than anything because he will overwhelm you very much with that fast pace of life that he leads and, above all, you will be overwhelmed by those sudden mood swings that he normally has. Gemini is too nervous a person for you. You, Taurus, on the other hand, like to live life more calmly, you like to savor the moment and enjoy it to the fullest. You are opposites of those who fly sparks every time they get close. Also, you are both a bit stubborn and that is something that greatly influences when it comes to maintaining a relationship.


The sign you should not fall in love with is Virgo. He is a person who is capable of getting you mad in just seconds. Unlike you, Virgo is a very quiet person with a very difficult heart to conquer. You can’t with people who are so reserved and with whom it is difficult to maintain a fluent conversation. In addition, he will make you very nervous / to that mania that has to want to control everything, to want to be the one who is always right, who has the last word. You are not usually very competitive, Gemini, but with this type of people, it does not take long for you to bring out your most warrior side.


The sign you shouldn’t fall in love with is Capricorn. You in love are looking for someone sensitive, someone who knows how to reach your heart without the need for words. And Capricorn is not at all like that. He is a rather reserved person, someone who prefers to keep his distance and have his own space. Better not to fall in love with him/her, because it will be a complicated relationship, both for you and for Capricorn. You are always open to expressing his emotions and on the contrary, Capricorn is someone who normally has a hard time expressing all that he feels. That is why it is best to keep your distance and look for another sign with which you are truly compatible.


The sign you should not fall in love with is Taurus. He is an Earth sign and is too stubborn and proud. What will make your relationship have constant friction? You, Leo, are quite an impulsive person, someone who usually does things without thinking. And yet, Taurus is someone much more patient, someone who thinks things through two, three, or even four times before acting. Your impatience is incompatible with the patience of Taurus. You can try very hard to try to get along, but there will always be something that drives you crazy and gets on your nerves. And honestly, Leo, you already have enough with yours…


The sign you should not fall in love with is Sagittarius. It is a sign that will manage to make you lose your patience and even in some moments, your papers. Sagittarius has that gift of driving you crazy in just a few seconds. He is such a detached person, so free, so rebellious… He makes you very nervous that he is not able to stop for a while, that he does things without thinking and without looking for anyone. You are the complete opposite. You prefer tranquility to adrenaline, you prefer to think about things before committing anything crazy. You are someone organized, methodical, and practical, and yet Sagittarius is someone who wants to live life without regard.


The sign you should not fall in love with is Cancer. Look, with him/her, friendship can be something beautiful, something precious, but that’s it, Libra, nothing more. Maintaining a relationship with someone like this can destabilize you a lot. Libra, you need a person who transmits all that security that you sometimes need so much. And Cancer is not exactly the safest sign of the Zodiac. Yes, her love is the best in the world, but you need other things before that love. But in a relationship, the last thing you need is someone to make you lose your mind even more. You are peace and you need someone who knows how to value that peace.


The sign you should not fall in love with is Leo. You are signed with a lot of power and, above all, with a lot of character. What will make the friction and shocks constant? And they won’t be small conflicts, no, the third world war could happen between the two of you… The fights to see who has control will be more than constant. You may have many things in common, but that is what makes you clash so much. The problem is that it is very difficult for you to agree. You are very tough people and together you can become a bomb waiting to explode. Leo can attract you a lot, but be careful, and if you don’t want to get hurt…


The sign you should not fall in love with is Virgo. This fellow loves to have everything, absolutely everything planned. No detail escapes him. And this makes you VERY nervous, Sagittarius. You need someone who let’s go, someone who lives life without worries. Virgo is a too manic and controlling sign for you. If you already have little patience, when you get together with someone like that, it disappears completely. You want to eat the world in just one bite and Virgo is more of going little by little to see if he is doing it well or not. You need adrenaline and that is precisely what Virgo lacks.


The sign you should not fall in love with is Aries. The last thing you need in your life right now is an impatient person. See that you like challenges and that they make it difficult for you, but Aries is already on another level. You are both people with a lot of character. You always want to be right and Aries does the same, he always wants to be above and have the last word. Capricorn, you do not need someone in your life who is constantly destabilizing your peace of mind. You are looking for stability and Aries is not a sign that is precisely going to give it to you. You don’t want more drama in your life, but if you fall in love with Aries, rest assured that you will have it.


The sign you should not fall in love with is Scorpio. If you want to live your life calmly and peacefully, you better stay away from Scorpio. Above all, stay away from having any kind of sentimental relationship with someone like that. You are quite attracted to each other, but that is not the problem. The problem is presented with too much intensity in the body of Scorpio. For you, that is something that can overwhelm you a lot. You are someone very emotionally independent and Scorpio is the opposite. He is a very jealous person and you HATE that. You need someone to let you go at your own pace, someone to give you wings and not take them away.


The sign you should not fall in love with is Gemini. You already have enough with your constant mood swings, to also have to endure those of Gemini. It will be very difficult for you to understand everything that happens in his mind. You can’t understand those impulses and you don’t know how to manage all that energy you have in your body. Look, Gemini is a super-intelligent person, someone you will never get bored with, but in a relationship, you need something calmer. You need someone who listens to you, who is by your side, and who does everything possible to understand, but Gemini is the opposite. He is someone who goes it alone and that is not exactly what you are looking for…

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