Top Of The Signs That Hate Infidelity

Top Of The Signs That Hate Infidelity

There are those who can say that it is possible to forgive a betrayalbut only those people who have experienced that pain know that it is a constant war against yourself. That pain that disappoints you, makes you suspicious, and tells you that if the person who loves you is capable of breaking you in that way, what do you expect from others? A scar like that changes you, no matter how hard you try to hide it, it’s there. Therefore, here are the top zodiac signs that hate infidelity. 

1.- Scorpio 

Distrust is what the negative traces of the past have left you. Scorpio, you were the sign that loved with a blindfold, the one who believed in happy endings and gave himself out of loyalty, however, they hurt you. You are passionate, emotional, and reckless, but you would never cause the same pain you experienced to someone who looks you in the eye and tells you that she loves you.

2.- Cancer  

The moment you decide to invest your time and space with a person, you put your fidelity and protection first. Really, Cancer, you want to build something healthy and lasting, that’s why you are able to take off your shell and let yourself go. You can’t stand superficial loves, you want to go to the bottom of his heart. You love fiercely, but always from respect, there is no more. 

3.- Taurus 

What you like least is meeting beings who don’t have the slightest idea of ​​what stability is. Taurus, you don’t want your days to be based on chaos and uncertainty, begging someone to give you your place is not your thing. Infidelity is for those who do not love themselves, the weak who need to prove their worth by jumping from love to love and that is not you.

4.- Pisces  

You are probably the most empathetic sign of the zodiac, there are many things that move you, but you keep quiet because you do not want them to assume that you are weak. Perhaps it is your very kind feelings that do not allow you to see life in another way. You are creative, intelligent, and with a huge heart. You do not get along with infidelity and much less are you willing to forgive it. With that, they lose you instantly.

5.- Virgo 

Your thinking is methodical, you like to follow strategies, and you rarely allow your heart to rule you. However, Virgo, when it comes to love, the situation changes. You are capable of giving everything for love. You like to speak the truth, you don’t want to waste time with someone who only wants you for one night. If someone thinks that they are going to make fun of your emotions and then come back as if nothing happened, they are very wrong. 

6.- Capricorn 

Every day you work hard to meet your goals, it is not to compete with anyone else, it is with yourself, if you reach the top it is because you surpassed yourself in everything. Of course, relationships for you are sacred, you firmly believe that everyone around you influences your path for better or worse. That is why when you decide to be with someone you do not take it for granted, you promise fidelity and expect the same from them.

7.- Aquarius 

You are attracted to the emotional, which puts an end to your closed ideas and awakens your tender side. That is why when you fall in love, you look like another, you are able to enjoy every moment as if there were no tomorrow and break with your fears. Although you are a sign that loves freedom, that does not mean that you are unfaithful. If you decide to be with someone in a formal way, you can be calm because you are not going to let him down. 

8.- Sagittarius 

Your spirit does not deny it, it is full of adventure, you like your emotions to let go, and spontaneity is something that keeps you energized every time love knocks on your door. However, you don’t get along with ties at all, on the contrary, the moment you feel something suffocating you, you know you have to get out of there. You compromise, but not to the degree that you lose your individuality. 

9. Leo 

It is clear that where you set foot you light up, no one doubts that and you love stealing glances. Courage is something that flows in every corner of your soul and that is why you are not afraid to show your feelings. However, what you are afraid of is meeting someone who does not respect you, and who treats you as if they were doing you a favor by being with you. That negativity is what you don’t want.

10.- Aries 

A fire sign, your energy is fervent, you never wait for someone to tell you what to do, on the contrary, you love to take the initiative in everything. You are a master when it comes to conquering. You strive to maintain a healthy bond and that is why you would not stay next to an infidel, for that you better stay alone. 

11.- Libra 

The fact that you are in the penultimate place in this ranking does not mean that you are unfaithful and much less that you approve of that lack of loyalty. It’s just that after so many emotional upheavals you’ve learned not to get hooked, to let go of the kind of people who don’t know how to love. It is true, you are very sociable, you love to have fun and allow your madness to speak for you, but from there to being a disloyal person there is a long way.

12.- Gemini 

They say that you are the saddest sign of the zodiac, the one that supposedly does not give itself completely and always makes an excuse in matters of love, but it is not real. What happens is that people are used to conforming and that does not go with you. You are a wild, magical sign, it would be absurd to waste all your energy on someone who is not willing to be exclusive. If they are not going to be faithful, they better not take up your time. 


Top Of The Signs That Hate Infidelity

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