The Deep Wounds: What These Zodiac Signs Suffer In Silence

Suffer In Silence

The Deep Wounds: What These Zodiac Signs Suffer In Silence

There are moments in which some prefer to pause the tears, because when they are present the more they think about what hurts them and it becomes very difficult to let go. How many times have you felt that your chest is oppressed and you do not tell anyone? You refuse to let others perceive that your world is collapsing and your heart is full of cracks. Your life is not a drama as such, but hiding your emotions for fear of what people will say is the worst mistake you can make. I know it hurts… This is what hurts the signs but they will never admit. 


It is very hard having to deal with comments from people who don’t even know you and assume that it is your ego that moves you, they speak because they have no idea that you have struggled to be where you are. They say that nothing else matters to you about your well-being just because you don’t show off when you help, but you know that when the people you love need you, you show loyalty at any time. Criticism hurts you, but it won’t be a reason to sink you. Sometimes, there is nothing left but to wipe your tears and continue. 


It’s true, sometimes you have no idea where to find the strength to keep smiling, but you do what you can to avoid throwing in the towel anyway. It bothers you a lot to be seen as a hobby, you have feelings like any other human being and indifference hurts you. And it is that you do not take relationships at stake, you want reciprocity to exist, that of giving and giving without receiving anything in return is a thing of the past. It hurts, that they don’t value you, but you’re not going to beg anyone if they don’t want you, the door is too big. 


Life is a scale, there is no doubt about that, the bad and the good follow each of your steps and you prefer to keep the lesson learned than complain about everything. What bothers you is that they think without knowing, you are like any other person, you make mistakes and you are not afraid to accept it. However, they assume that you don’t care, that you hurt intentionally and that you never compromise on anything. That hurts, knowing that the people you love do not trust what you do increases your insecurities, but every day you work to take them less importance, because only you know your story. 


Unfortunately, many times people do not realize the effort you make to get out of bed and continue dreaming. You shut it up, because criticism never waits and that hurts you. A part of you forces you to hide your problems between the four walls of your room and the next day you pretend that nothing is wrong. It’s hard for you to admit your mistakes, because you know they’re going to make them bigger. It’s that, you do a thousand good things and nobody notices it, but at the slightest mistake, they bury you. You have the ability to smile, but inside you break down and you won’t admit it. 


After so many points, you have learned the best of lessons, what you do is from the heart and people do not perceive it, but life does. In other words, you know that sooner or later what you harvest will bear fruit and that reassures you. However, that does not mean that comparisons do not hurt, it is annoying to know that envious people do not tolerate your brilliance and seek to make you feel inferior. Your competition is with yourself, you don’t care what the rest does or doesn’t do. You prefer to be called egocentric before admitting that it hurts you, that’s why you take a supposed arrogant attitude. 


I am going to tell you something Virgo and I hope you never forget it, as long as you do things with love and with the intention of helping others, you will never lose, no matter if bad people want you to believe that. Do not allow the evil that is in your heart to sink you, you are sentimental, sweet, and dedicated, but you do not have to be with everyone if you are not born. Blackmail and manipulation are the lowest weapons someone can use on you. If they are going to condition you by giving you their attention in exchange for you doing what they want, you better stay alone, period. 


One of the most admirable things that define you is that you never walk away without having tried everything, so when the time comes to say goodbye you don’t come back. You know that there are people who don’t deserve you and that giving them your attention and your love hurts you mentally, physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. It hurts that they make you feel invisible and although your optimistic side is capable of giving opportunities, you recognize that there are those who are not going to change and it is not up to you to activate their kind side. What you need are companies that value you in every way, there is no more. 


Where they don’t need you, but choose you, there is Scorpio. I know it’s not easy to accept that there are very calculating and convenient people around you, but it’s time to put your cards on the table and really analyze what fulfills you and what doesn’t. You know you don’t like to minimize your emotions, why do you always have to be the strong one? They don’t give you the opportunity to lower your pride and show your vulnerable side, if you do, they take the opportunity to criticize you for everything. Your shell also breaks and it’s worth it, stay away from those who don’t understand it. 


The worst mistake you can make is to seek the approval of others, you are still art, even if they don’t applaud you. What happens is that without realizing it, your circle has been filled with the wrong people. Do not stay long with those who do not treat you with respect, it is very frustrating to push yourself at every step and not meet the demands of people who are not even capable of loving themselves. Why force yourself to live with people who have such a bad vibe? You deserve much more than that Sagittarius, do not hesitate and run away from there. 


Please, Capricorn, don’t believe everything your head tells you, those thoughts are sinking you and making you doubt the beautiful qualities that surround you from head to toe. Life is not linear, there are moments when you are at the top and others when you fall, the important thing is that you do not give up, that you rest and try again. Failure hurts you, so what? It hurts everyone when things don’t go as planned, but that’s not enough of a reason to let your guard down. You are punishing yourself for not meeting the requirements of people who are not even capable of going out and fighting for their own dreams. 


Today, I invite you to ask for forgiveness, if you, for all those times in which you allowed your heart to be filled with cracks, you hid to cry and you carried pain for a long time, all because of the people who do not tolerate your authenticity, it is easier to criticize than to put yourself in your shoes. Of course, you are not perfect, you have bad times and there are criticisms and comments that will not be erased from your mind, but do not allow the evil and envy of all those dark people to affect you, you are worth much more than that


You are capable of everything Pisces, I know that there are those who have insisted on making you believe otherwise, but it is time for you to clean your self-esteem and shake off the insecurities of those people. They judge you from their fears because they don’t tolerate that you are full of light, but you need much more than all their emotional garbage to give up. Do you realize? Your resilience is capable of ending that. Do not stop, you are made to show your sensitivity, do not ignore the stones on the road, better take them and build a huge castle. 

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