The Silent Fear Of Signs That Will Never Admit

Silent Fear

The Silent Fear Of Signs That Will Never Admit

Suddenly, the cape slips and you appear, with each of those things that upset your nerves. I’m talking about the silent fear that haunts your nights and has come to your mind as you read this. You are not the only one, this is the quiet fear of the zodiac signs that they will never admit. Today I want to tell you, I promise you, as time passes, you are going to change and little by little you will heal. 


You are very aware that there are times when your bad mood does its thing and even more so when things do not go as planned. However, that can lead you to hurt your closest relationships and you don’t forgive yourself for that easily. You are terribly afraid of losing the people you love because you don’t control your impulsive side, but they rarely know it. 


Normally, you are not one of those who make hasty decisions, you like to plan everything in advance and you do not get along with the structure at all. But, there are times when you can exaggerate your positive side, you get the idea that everything will work out perfectly and that’s when you get scared. It scares you to realize that you have invested time and energy in something that is not paying off, but before you check it out. 


You are like an unstoppable snowball, your mind always wants more, and that is why you love surrounding yourself with successful people so much, those who feed your desire to improve yourself. If someone becomes a thorn in your shoe, the best thing you can do is put an end to the relationship. You are afraid of losing that spark, the motivation that wakes you up every morning. 


There are many times that you have ended up looking down for connecting with people who have no word and who only approach you for convenience. That somehow has turned you off, you have become distrustful and you prefer to doubt before giving everything to full hands. However, with Cancer, you are afraid of losing the angel that lives in you and becoming too cold. 


You can’t help it, a part of you is used to going against the clock and that has made it easier for you to achieve a lot of your goals, which is good. However, if one of your pieces falls, you get stressed to an uncontrollable level, because you have a hard time dealing with failure. You know that deep down you are afraid of losing your sanity and falling into a spiral of unnecessary anger. 


Since you began to be part of the game of love, Virgo, your heart was very suspicious and as you experimented with different relationships, the situation became worse. You are a loving sign and also a romantic one, but you don’t like them to know it, because you feel that they can use it against you. You are afraid of being you and losing yourself to someone. 


If there is a sign on this list that has a much harder time establishing relationships, it is you. Usually, you put one limit after another, because you don’t like that they feel they have the right to come into your life and manipulate you. It gets on your nerves though, because you’re afraid the right person might end up leaving, and you wouldn’t forgive yourself for losing your soul mate. 


Since you were very little, life taught you that you cannot stay dressed in sadness for a long time. It is inevitable, Scorpio, there are things that hurt you and a lot, but it is not about minimizing what you feel. If someone leaves your life, you can miss them and remember them, don’t force yourself to erase them completely, if you still have beautiful memories, keep them. 


It seems that someone told you that you can only achieve happiness by being free. I am not going to go against it, because you do need to be faithful to your essence and not look for a way to meet the expectations of others. However, that doesn’t mean you have to run away from commitment. You are afraid of losing control and ruining your life. 


You don’t like to pretend anything, if something bothers you, you say it. It doesn’t matter if that person is your relative, friend, or partner. However, there are times when you keep so many things to yourself that you end up exploding with the person who doesn’t deserve your mistreatment. That’s what you’re afraid of, losing your temper and the people you love thinking it’s best to leave. 


You are not usually very serious, Aquarius, you like to add creativity to everything you do and when it comes to letting your imagination run wild, nobody beats you. It’s very respectable that there are some moments where you feel more focused and the jokes take a backseat. However, you are afraid of losing that madness that identifies you, as you mature. 


You have become an expert in disguising yourself in front of others because you hate when they look at you with pity. It’s funny because you are the first to give your heart if someone needs you, but few know that your pride is very foolish and that you rarely let them help you. By being so unsympathetic to yourself, you risk giving up on your dreams and it scares you.

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