These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Part With Their Long-term Partner In 2024

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Part With Their Long-term Partner In 2024

Every year brings a lot of opportunities for change in our lives. 2020 is slowly coming to an end. In the next year, some things will change for some zodiac signs. For the 3 zodiac signs, something will change in their relationships if they are in a relationship. You will wonder what you really want in life and whether you are still happy with your current partner at all. 

If your zodiac sign is Gemini, Cancer, or Capricorn, you may end your long-term relationship in the next year 2024, if you are currently in one. 

If you want to learn more about it, you should read on now!


It’s probably no surprise that the Gemini sign will part with its long-time partner in the next year, as things haven’t gone the way he imagined a partnership for a long time. The question, however, is how it will happen. If your zodiac sign is Gemini, next year you might make up your mind and sit down with your partner for a serious conversation. However, if you feel like you could only make it worse face-to-face than it already is, it’s okay to call. 

You may have been carrying this decision with you for a long time and that is why you will feel better when you can finally express what you think and feel. And once you have done this, you will also find that this is one hundred percent right for you. On the one hand, you will feel more spiritual or philosophical and at the same time, you will want to share more time with other people. During this time you will be intentionally looking for changes that don’t just affect your relationship. You will travel, find a new home or job, start a new relationship, or come up with a new plan for yourself to achieve certain goals. 

On the other hand, people who feel like their life is monotonous will look up to you and envy you for it. You will radiate so much joie de vivre and that will be clearly noticeable. The year 2024 will therefore bring about great changes in Gemini.


As a Cancer, you value spending time with family and feel at home. If you no longer feel at home in your relationship, then eventually you will leave. And that is exactly what could happen next year.

You actually tend to hold onto people even when things don’t work out. And when you finally make up your mind to let go of a relationship, it can be a painful experience, but it can also be a good one. It’s important to you that you let your future ex know that you feel like you did everything you could but didn’t get back what you needed. If this feeling occurs to you in the next year, you should take some time to think about how you would like to carry out the breakup. 

It is important that you do not suppress your feelings. But as an incredibly spiritual sign, Cancers are very aware when things just don’t feel right in a relationship. If you can trust your gut, then you are sure to be doing the right thing. It is good that you use your intuition to guide yourself through situations and relationships. Oftentimes, twins split up when they start feeling bad. By doing this, when it gets difficult, they move away from the situation, knowing deep down that it is not going to work. This self-protecting property can be very beneficial.


Capricorn is an earth sign that values ​​stability and security. If this is your zodiac sign then it is very important to you that your career and finances are more of a priority in your life than love and relationships. If you’re with someone who doesn’t understand this, the partnership could end very soon. You are practical in this regard and therefore the breakup will likely be quick and efficient.

While some think breaking up with a long-time partner this abruptly isn’t cool, others won’t hesitate to do so as soon as possible. And so does the Capricorn, too. This year will bring a lot of optimism, strength, and vitality into the life of Capricorn, which will make this year an intense year of transformation for Capricorn. He will see a lot of changes and his intense and adventurous mind will lead him to take risks professionally as well as emotionally.

In love, the Capricorn will leave fears aside and try to do what he always wanted. It could be that he will fall in love all over again. He could open his heart and make great strides with the person he chooses. In 2024, despite or perhaps because of their separation, Capricorn will have the feeling that they can achieve anything this year.


These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Part With Their Long-term Partner In 2024

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