What Hurts The Signs But They Are Afraid To Admit

Afraid To Admit

What Hurts The Signs But They Are Afraid To Admit

I like people who leave marks on you, but without hurting you. They have the gift of touching key pieces in your heart, that no matter if the bond ends, you remember them in a very beautiful way because they taught you lifelong lessons. However, there are those who go straight for your jugular, whose goal is to destroy your peace of mind and the worrying thing is that they often succeed. Zodiac signs swallow a lot of things, this is what hurts the signs but they are afraid to admit:


It is very hard to realize that there are those who do not take it seriously and that there are times when you are fighting with yourself and people can only say that you are self-centered. It is very annoying because you care too much about the ones you love, your intention is not to be better than anyone, all you want is to improve your version. What hurts you the most is being pointed at before you even exchange a couple of words. You’re not perfect, but it’s not fair to get into gossip just because you get ideas in your head. But, what hurts the most is not what they say, it’s who says it. 


Giving without receiving anything in return. There are people who are not prepared to deal with reciprocal relationships, their selfish side prevents them from putting themselves in your place even for a moment and that is when you become the person they turn to only when they need something. What hurts you the most is when they put you in the last place of their priorities. It hurts to worry so much about the ones you love and that when you need them the most they are not even good enough to make a call. You don’t deserve that kind of convenient people next to you Taurus, you are more valuable than that pile of garbage, start to believe it, because you are sinking into tears for someone who is not worth it. Your trust should have a key, those who deserve it count with the fingers of one hand and you know it. 


Even you are surprised at all the stories people make up in their heads. They definitely love adding drama to the villain they’ve created. They like to fill their mouths talking about a scary Gemini. The worst thing is that those who do it are usually people who upfront say they love you and are very loyal. The hypocrisy and so many criticisms disguised as smiles hurt you. It is hard to accept that people do not always change and that no matter how much love we have for someone, it is never enough to put our dignity at risk. You don’t regret anything, because when you shake hands it’s from the heart, you don’t want something in return, but you won’t stay next to those who only break you. 


There are people who help them, you have to stop helping them. That makes a Cancer’s mind explode because his intention is for the people he loves to be well. He has that healing and protective side that makes him feel the desire to save the other, even if his intentions are good, they are not enough if the other does not want to get up. Staying by his side will only sink Cancer. What hurts you the most is when they don’t value your effort and dedication. Because in each love, each caress, each word, there is your time, and that in the end is left over. They don’t care how much you wear yourself out just to be there, at the moment their world falls apart. You are love, sensitivity, and delicacy, just like crystal glass. Do not allow anyone to put their hands on you because there are few who know how to appreciate your beauty. It will hurt for a while, but then you will understand that it was the best. 


They say that we should not tell anything about our projects until they are a fact, because you never know where envy could be. Many people want to see you fly, but not higher than them, when you do they will start looking for a way to put stones in your way until you don’t trust your own shadow. What hurts you the most is that they compare you, that they minimize any of your advances, and that they are experts in finding a flaw in everything. They have not understood that you are not competing with anyone, you do not want to humiliate, it only makes you happy when you achieve a goal, and you do not think there is something wrong with shouting it from the four winds. It’s easier to judge yourself as conceited than to admit that you’re doing too well. 


People know very well that you are not an open book, it is too difficult for you to accept that you have bad and good emotions and that you cannot always have everything coldly calculated no matter how much you want. What hurts you the most is when you finally dare to share your vulnerable side and the famous ghosting is applied to you, in which out of nowhere the person disappears from your life and does not even have the courtesy to give you an explanation. Without a doubt, it is the worst thing that can be done to your anxious mind, because your insecurities make you believe that you surely did something wrong and that you could have acted differently to save the bond. It’s not healthy for you to invest time with someone who decided to leave, no matter how she did. I know it hurts to be ignored, but it’s your decision, you know if you let go or suffer from it. 


How complicated it is to discover that there are people who only see you as one more, you do not mean even a quarter of the importance that you give them. It is very painful because you are not the type of person who ignores needs, on the contrary, you always are. Sometimes, you have to move your entire schedule, but you make space for them. So that? In the moments when you need to be listened to, held by the hand, or given a hug without asking anything, they forget about you. Many times it is better to share your life with a stranger than with someone who calls himself your friend. At least strangers take the time to be there and don’t ask you for anything in return. That, more than getting angry, makes you sad and there is no way to repair the bond. 


You are not the person that most believe. That is, of course, you are brave, that you have the courage to dry your tears and continue giving your best, even if they break you. However, not all the time you can overcome situations alone. There are times when you just need someone to put you in your place for a moment, to understand that your emotions are important. That is what hurts you the most, that they minimize your downs and assume that you are always fine. The worst thing is that there are those who pretend to be there, pretend to listen to you, and say they don’t want to see you suffer, but many times they are the ones who cause pain. Not that you want 24/7 attention, but it would be nice if someone could pause everything once in a while to hear how you did. 


You are not the type of person who likes to offend anyone. For you, being involved in gossip is synonymous with wasting time. You would rather meet the person a thousand times than fall for gossip, Sagi. That’s the reason why it hurts when they don’t do the same to you. In other words, realizing that they have no consideration and that they feel entitled to criticize everything you do is very disappointing. Not that you expect to be rolled out a red carpet, but respect shouldn’t be a request. It bothers you a lot to deal with people who all do is turn off your light. The little empathy for others is one of the worst thorns. 


Your thoughts are very intense, the kind that mercilessly hurt your self-esteem and then ask you to smile. It is not easy to deal with your personality, because you are too thorough and at the first mistake you start minimizing everything you say or do. That’s where the pain you don’t tell anyone lives. What hurts you is admitting that failure is the worst thing that can happen to you. There are many times when you feel like a child who lost his toy and blames himself for not paying enough attention. You trust your abilities and you know that you don’t take things at face value, which is why you get angry when they don’t turn out as you planned. You are not perfect, stop insisting and hurting yourself in such a cruel way, Capricorn. 


On the outside you are indifferent, the one who has the gift of disappearing in the blink of an eye. You are an expert in putting up an emotional barrier and the truth is that you love that people think twice before hurting you. However, there is something that hurts you and you don’t admit it, being the red point of constant criticism, when you don’t even do those people in the world. Sometimes they’re just too hurtful because they tease and make comments like they really know you. It’s not fair that they take the privilege of being so shameless, all that evil ends up affecting you. As much as you do everything possible to make it slip, there are words that are no longer going to be erased and that you did not deserve to hear. 


Listening, loving, understanding, and supporting, it’s not as complicated as the rest make it out to be. For you, that is key to an effective relationship. You like to show people that you care and that their walk is not indifferent to you. What hurts you the most is being treated like another piece of furniture as if you didn’t need to hear words of encouragement and honest caresses from time to time. It is not worth being treated with the tip of the foot when you strive to give everything. It hurts you because you do not deserve to sink into solitude, you are not cruel to others and it is not fair that they do not take the delicacy to value everything you give. Your sensitivity does not understand the cold way in which many relate to each other. The worst thing is that the moment you become distant they complain. They are so selfish that they can’t resist that you stop being at their feet. 

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