According To Your Sign, What Kind Of Ex Are You?

Kind Of Ex You Are

According To Your Sign, What Kind Of Ex Are You?

Everyone has gone through a break in their life and if not, they will surely go through it, we know that they are very painful. Faced with this situation, not everyone reacts the same, we each adopt the position that seems most comfortable to us. Some continue to be friends, others prefer to cut off any kind of relationship because they don’t feel up to it and there are those who become completely hysterical because they don’t believe that this is happening. Here you will discover what kind of ex you are according to your sign when the relationship ends:


Aries, you are the kind of person who can be squeezed, tried to break, crushed, and trampled but still survive. The way you have to combat breakups is by going on a trip, no matter how and where it is. Whether it’s a road trip admiring the views or a trip through everything big, what you need is to disconnect and feel that traveling is the best way to do it.

The secret of your emotional strength is that it was you who ended the relationship, you don’t care if the problem had a solution or not, when you say it’s over, it’s over, period. You are not like those people who eat chocolates and do not stop crying. You don’t need that because you’re perfectly fine, but despite the fact that everything seems to be fine, inside you hide something, a secret that only you know and you will never reveal, because otherwise they will know your weaknesses, and you will never allow that. It is possible that you feel the need to write a message to your ex, but in the end, you will not do it, if he wants something, write to you, right Aries?


Taurus, you have always used logic to manage all your relationships, and this ability that you have is usually useful when we talk about a breakup. From this perspective, if something ends, that’s it, there’s nothing else, why be tormenting yourself over a topic if you know that what was given is over?

You are a very cunning person and most likely you saw all this coming. It’s not like it was deja vu either, but you smelled something because you don’t miss one. You are a rational being and since you like this perspective so much, then logically, the possibility of falling in love with the same being again is basically nil.

You have no intention of analyzing why all this has happened because you don’t want to waste time. You will continue your life learning from mistakes, but always forward, you will never let yourself fall. Of course, although your logic tells you that it’s over, it also tells you that he has been an important person in your life and that less than maintaining a friendship.


Gemini, you are the most sociable being in the universe, you are a charismatic and fun person. When it comes to relationships, you have a serious problem. When the relationship ends you have no problem being a shameless person in terms of not stopping sending messages and making calls to your ex. You might try to get back together with your ex at least once or twice, but since you’re not entirely sure why you want to get back together either, the relationship can turn into a whirlwind of hot and cold.

All this is because you are not able to assimilate that love is over. But Gemini, don’t worry because after a while you’ll realize that this had to happen, because he wasn’t the right person for you. Although you should be careful when you start a new relationship, because you may inadvertently talk excessively about your ex. And this does not interest anyone, especially a person with whom you are creating a new relationship. You’re a bit dramatic when it comes to breakups, admit it, nothing happens, the weird thing would be to be as if nothing happened.


Cancer and love produce endorphins and oxytocins, the feel-good form, and you are hooked on them. This is going to make a break up cost you your life, but don’t worry, because this doesn’t mean you won’t get up, because Cancer if there is something that characterizes you, it is dealing with the difficulties that life throws at you. You are strong enough to sink for another disappointment, you have suffered many and this is not comparable to the others. Once you have eliminated your ex from your life, you will feel that it is the beginning of something new and unique.

Of course, everyone has their weakness, and your weakness, Cancer, is in social networks. Maybe this will not let your ex disappear so easily from your life, you could even be tempted to write him a message to have a date and work things out. But what you really need is a total shutdown of the relationship you have with this person.


Leo, you want to be loved at all costs and the last thing you want is for the flames of love to die out. If you suspect something is happening, you’ll be the first to break up, even if it hurts, but you can’t stand it when someone stops loving you. You prefer to end the relationship yourself, this protects your pride and gives you enough courage to move on.

If there’s one thing you can’t stand in this life, it’s not feeling loved. It’s not that you have trouble being alone, but you’re totally in love with the idea of ​​being in a relationship for life. That is why sometimes you are too afraid, although you know very well that you will never be alone. The idea of ​​being in love enchants you. Therefore, if someone does not appreciate you as they should, you will quickly look for someone who values ​​you more. If necessary, you will look for it the same day that your relationship ends. That’s how you are Leo, and you don’t care what others think.


Virgo, unlike your two-element brothers Taurus and Capricorn, you will become a private investigator. You will go back through all the messages you had with your ex and analyze every little detail of all the conversations you had before the breakup. Many think that you are obsessed, but in reality, what is happening to you is that you are hurt. You can’t get over it as easily as some do. You are an over-perfectionist sign and thinking that the relationship has failed sinks you because you like everything to go well.

Although you will not stop blaming yourself for the breakup, you will end up realizing that you did everything possible to make the relationship go well from the first moment you met. Surely you will not find any logic to everything that has happened and this will be heartbreaking for you like the day you realized that everything was over, the “worst” day of your life. But don’t worry, Virgo, because you’re smart enough, you’ll know how to get out of this.


Libra, you don’t like conflicts and everyone knows that. This will make the breakup more difficult than it is. You will have to face very difficult moments that create great conflicts and that are beyond you. You will even try to avoid that situation that you know is going to happen and that is going to break your heart because you don’t know how to deal with it. Of course, once it happens, you will not show a hint of what you are hurting.

You will fake your smile to hide their pain and you will use your great charisma to avoid a dramatic scene every time you meet your ex, because yes, the temptation will call you, but you will never live up to it. Libra, if you are the one who left the relationship, you will be quite confused, especially if the other person is hurt. Worrying about others even when you are thinking about yourself is inevitable. No matter how much you’re hurt to end the relationship, Libra because once you’re ready to move on, you’ll see the relationship as a life lesson. Everything happens for a reason and that’s how you assume it.


Although it seems incredible, Scorpio, you are one of those people who find it difficult to face the fact that everything is over. From your perspective, you feel cheated and abandoned, so obviously, you want to clear things up and fix things. Although you have the reputation of being the evilest sign, it is not like that, in reality, you also have your heart and you do not like conflicts, you think that it is better to leave things in a good manner than to hold grudges all your life.

If you do not have the opportunity to give a dignified closure to your relationship, you will surely create a fake account on your social networks to see what your ex is doing, if Scorpio, is what you will do, do not deny it. In some cases, surely you wonder if there is any possibility of still saving what remains, those small embers that make the flame not fully paid. But this does not necessarily mean that you want to get back together with your partner. Of course, if you want everything to go back to the way it was before, you will use all the tricks you have up your sleeve to convince your ex-partner that you deserve a second chance.


Sagittarius, you lose that positive energy that characterizes you at the time of a breakup but doesn’t worry, it will only be for a few days, since you are one of those people who recover very easily, they will even see you so well that others will think Why were you in a relationship?

This is because you love being single, but it’s not always fun. Sometimes you need that affection that only that special person you fall in love with gives you. It may seem that everything is fine on the outside, but it is true that once that adrenaline rush of being free disappears, reality begins to show and you will feel what a broken heart is, with all the words.

Sagittarius, once all this happens, everything will remind you of that person and it will hurt a lot for a while, but you always know how to take the positive side of things… So you will take it as a learning method, analyzing everything that came out wrong so as not to make the same mistakes in the future. Don’t be overwhelmed Sagi, after all, if it’s over it’s because it had to end, and deep down you know what you wanted.


Capricorn, you are very intelligent and when a relationship ends, you already knew that it was going to end for a long time. You smell everything from miles away and there is no one to fool you, but even so, your nature forces you to continue in the relationship, just as a captain never leaves his ship.

Your heart has been broken more than once, so all this is not something new for you, it is already even indifferent to you, and no one can blame you for this. Fortunately, in these cases, your mind becomes too creative and allows you to express all your feelings. Those feelings that you have always repressed, make the break become something productive since people finally know what you feel. Capricorn, you could create a work of art with everything you get from breakups. What they don’t know about you is that you will always be able to make peace with all those people with whom you have broken a relationship, but that does not mean that you will return.


Aquarius, you are too independent and adventurous, so after a breakup, you are not going to shed too many tears. That’s not your thing. You’re not going to waste time. What you are going to feel is the sensation of relief, relief that everything is over, because sometimes relationships consume you.

You simply cannot be locked in a relationship for a long time, you are a free soul, and you believe that you are not made for anyone and that you do not want someone to suffer for you, and you prefer life in solitude, accept it. Of course, Aquarius, although you are a free being, you will also suffer a bit since you have spent a lot of time in that relationship. If now you are free to live life as you want, with your rules, but do not forget that you are not alone in this world, that is why you want your ex-partner to be well and you will maintain a friendship relationship, in order to take care of her as much as possible since she has been a very important person to you.


Pisces, of all the zodiac signs, you are the one who always gives a second chance, no matter what, and this makes many think that you are really stupid. That person with whom the relationship has ended is very important to you, so you will always be there when he needs you, but everything has a limit. You will always be there when you need it as a friend, but as a couple, it is something else.

You are a being that needs to be in the clouds, it is your way of life, but when you have to land, you do it. Many times you are very understanding when someone wants to end the relationship because your intuition does not fail you, you have been seeing that person is not well for a long time. You understand that he needs to leave, for him to be happy, even if it means breaking your heart. Pisces, you will have no problem being friends with your ex-partner, but you must be careful since she lives dreaming and this can lead to great confusion. A hug often just means a hug. Don’t make your own movies because there aren’t any.

It is very likely that when you have overcome the breakup, your ex-partner wants to return to you because they will see you with a very special light, that light that you have been building little by little to get up from the stumble, but Pisces, you have to be strong and not fall into trouble. the temptation.

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