According To Your Sign Why Your Ex Doesn’t Get Over You

Your Ex Doesn't Get Over You

According To Your Sign Why Your Ex Doesn’t Get Over You

Sometimes, you can’t help it, you tell your brain that everything is fine, that it’s time to let go, however, the heart doesn’t understand the reasons. He is crazy, foolish, and unpredictable, when you least realize it he already invited someone from the past into your thoughts. Yes, in life you meet loves that don’t mean much, and you close the cycle and move on, but… there are also those that leave deep marks, with whom you laughed out loud and met at dawn. Maybe that means for you he/she, why doesn’t your ex surpass you according to your sign? 


You came into his life without warning, you illuminated all his shadows and soon you shook his emotions, so much so that you reminded him of many passions that he had forgotten. Your ex has not been able to cut ties with you because you helped him break his fears. He had been settling for monotony for so long that you gave him back the desire to give everything. When you left it was as if the light was ripped from him, the pieces of his heart were left on the ground and that feeling of emptiness has been complicated. He loves you so much that even in your character he finds a thousand positive things. It is not easy to get Aries out of your heart. 


It is your confidence that speaks for you. From the beginning, you were clear about what you wanted in the relationship. You taught your ex what loyalty means, he found someone trustworthy, an accomplice, not only in bed but also soul to soul. More than a lover, you became the one who always listened to him, who sought a solution and put prejudices aside. Your ex is not over you because he has not found someone who gives him as much peace of mind as you. You are a person who does not mince words and that is appreciated. No matter how many loves come into your life, you will come back to your mind because you are too transparent. 


That way you look, hug, love, and caress. The heat that you waste when you are close is unmistakable. When you left your ex he felt an unexpected blow, something that made him break his balance. You were so special that it is impossible not to remember you in every conversation, because you know about all the topics. Your intelligence was a pillar, that mature way of seeing life, of living in the moment and letting go of what hurts you. You transmitted love, affection, patience, and a lot of generosity. You reminded him that he only gets one chance to do what he loves and that keeps coming back to his mind all the time. 


It is not because you think you are better than anyone, you are not interested in competing, because there is a reason why you ended up with that person and you do not intend to return to the past. However, you are very clear that someone will hardly take your place, because you left such a memorable mark that you will surely live in a corner of his heart, in the secrets of his memory that he does not tell anyone. Your ex is still in love with you because you taught him to discover the best version of him and you loved him just the way he is. Probably, he will not find someone so honest and courageous when it comes to love. So don’t be surprised that in the middle of the night on the least expected day, he texts you just to tell you how much he misses you. 


In a profound way, this is how you navigate the hearts of the people you love. You can’t help it, it’s your devastating energy that speaks for you. Leo, you are mesmerizing, your way of seeing life makes the other person work very hard to become the best option for him. Also, Leo, you are very loyal and when you are in a relationship you like to show off to the four winds. Your ex doesn’t get over you because he misses your details, your love, and your crazy hugs. You were the person who opened his eyes in many areas of his life and he learned that the couple is his right hand. If everything is fine between the two of them, they can shine twice as much. That’s the Leo you don’t forget, you just learn to live without it. 


Who knew… At first, you had to face a lot of barriers, because your ex didn’t like your way of seeing life at all. However, over time he understood that everything he did was for his own good. You came to his days, Virgo, to put that touch of firmness, balance, and love. Your ex is not over you because since you left his world has turned into chaos. It was your advice that helped him not to throw in the towel. You were the person who believed everything and trusted every single one of his abilities. He realized too late how much you are worth and now all he can do is embrace your memory. It’s not out of rancor, but you don’t come back to the past. 


You arrived in a very subtle way, you became the piece that the other needed, in the opportune hug and the calming caress. From the beginning, you showed your empathic and loving side, which helped your ex to open his heart without fear. You were the one who taught him the path of peace, where conflicts were not necessary to love. Your ex is not over you because you motivated him to discover the best he has to give to this world. He misses you in his achievements, but also in his defeats. The clarity that you taught him cannot be compared to anything and now every time something good happens to him he would like to run to write a message and send it to you. However, that only happens in his imagination. 


He lost the balance, his intelligent head, and the advice that soothed his soul. When you were with that person, you gave yourself as only you know how to do it, without fear and with the intention of building something for the future. Your ex is not over you because with you he discovered what it is to live in a transparent way, Scorpio. You made him feel unique, respected, and valued. For you, what came out of his mouth was sacred and now that you’re not here, he notices it, because no one else gives him the same attention. Also, you awakened his emotional side of him, with you everything mattered, and you never minimized what he had to say and that is never forgotten. 


Love until they fall asleep, healing hugs, warm and also burning caresses. You are the one who came into her life to teach her new directions. You taught him that you can love without possessing, without having to check each other’s lives 24 hours a day. You are the one who motivated him to find his independence again and who was not scared to see him reach so high, even more than you. Your ex doesn’t get over you because you showed him that true love doesn’t demand, now he feels pressured with new loves and misses the way he didn’t have to hide his essence by your side. It’s late because with you there are no second chances and the only thing you can wish for is a good life. 


Without ties, each one with their agenda and without pressure. Your way of love was very firm from the first moment, you made it clear that your priorities come first and then your partner. You taught him that no love should absorb his time and that his dreams and his hobbies are more important. That’s when he discovered that you can really love and that you don’t need to be in complete control of the other person. Your ex doesn’t stop thinking about you because he feels suffocated in his new relationships From him. He now understands that he had everything by his side and that makes him feel stressed all the time because he would like to go back in time and have done everything differently. 


Those talks were where I could say the weirdest things and you wouldn’t get scared. The way you applauded each of his achievements and the time you spent listening to him when things were bad. Suddenly, you became the person who loved him above all else. Your ex does not get over you because with you he found the peace of mind that he always sought, he never felt harassed, on the contrary, you reminded him how important it is to fight for dreams and work towards goals. Your ex thinks of you all the time because he would like to find someone to connect with in that intense way, in which they don’t need to say much, and his looks are understood. 


Your ex would be lying if he said he doesn’t think about you, he misses what they were. Your way of being so compassionate, she has not met anyone who would give everything for the love of her. It’s hard to accept that you were that person who won’t repeat himself in her life, but he has learned to let you go. Although there are many things that he cannot let go of and that he intends to keep very well so that his new loves do not suspect that you took a part of his heart with him. Your details remain your laughs and the way you dried her tears. The footprint is there, but he will avoid touching it because it is impossible for him not to feel that emptiness in his chest which makes him want to go back. 

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