There are people who enjoy spending time, they always have exciting ideas and their positive energy always infects you with happiness. Other people are somewhat more relaxed and reserved, their funniest idea may be to spend a Friday night watching a movie on the couch, hey, everything has its fun. This world needs both types of people, because if we were all the same … often boredom … If what you are looking for is not to get bored you should never try to relate to the signs that occupy the top positions of the ranking. Here we show you the ranking of the signs you will never get bored with …



Sagittarius is the kind of person that everyone wants to be their friend. It is of those people that it seems that they do not take a second to breathe, they have to do many things in this life and stop is a waste of time for Sagittarius. He is very aware that life is two days and that we only have one opportunity on this planet to spend it doing things that make us enjoy instead of tormenting us with stupidities.

Sagittarius will never allow anyone to bore you, love, his life is handled by him/her and that will not allow it. He has an exciting and very interesting life, he knows that the best way to take advantage of it is traveling non-stop, knowing the world and having a great sense of humor. That is why Sagittarius is positioned in number 1 of this Ranking, love if there are very few like Sagi …


Aquarius is basically a machine of ideas. He is a free soul and will never allow his life to fall into constant boredom. He is a person who has worked too hard to keep the things in his life as interesting as possible. You will never see Aquarius wasting time on the couch, you can get to see him on the couch resting, but always with a book and taking notes in the margins, writing a poem, singing or even doing yoga. Aquarius needs both mental and physical activity in his life and love, the truth that happens to waste time with damn.

Aquarius has a very open mentality thanks to all those desires he has to soak up knowledge and culture. Aquarius has a very clear thing and it is that we have to live every day as if it were the last of our lives. Hate, that way one is always happier.


Gemini is the soul of the party, no matter where you are or where you go when you see a person who animates the room just by entering the door, it is very likely to be Gemini. It has unusual energy, it is a joyful and fun energy that always ends up infecting others. If you become friends with Gemini, it will make you plan adventures from north to south together. Damn, Gemini wants to live his life to the fullest, so if you’re not prepared to keep up his pace, stay at home with your stinks.

In addition to being a fun person, Gemini is a fairly intelligent person so he seeks to have fun so that his mind is stimulated. Gemini loves to learn from everything around him and if he does it in the funniest way, then much better. Gemini is the spark of life.


Pisces may seem like a very calm first person, but when you really know him, he is a whirlwind. Pisces all you need is a little time to transform your reserved exterior into a very, very funny exterior. Of course, Pisces will not open with anyone, you need to trust that person to show 100% of their personality. If Pisces manages to trust you, he assumes that he will live a life full of laughter and good luck with him/her.

Pisces is a very spiritual person and that makes him very active because he is connected to everything around him. Pisces loves to discover new places, new experiences and especially new flavors on his palate. Damn, he loves what life is … Pisces can find fun in the most complicated moments because he needs his whole world to have a smile on his face.


Leo can be a very wild person and very difficult to handle, but the most important thing is that your life with Leo will never be boring. For starters, Leo has very high levels of confidence, this means he never goes back when it comes to a challenge. I am challenged because it seems like a very interesting and fun way to live life. If what you want is to practice skydiving, bungee jumping or any extreme sport, Leo is the perfect friend.

One of the reasons why Leo is a very funny person is his positivity towards life, which makes all those bad vibrations disappear. With that way that Leo has to see life, he makes obstacles to see them as an opportunity to improve and demonstrate everything that is worth it. Damn, Leo doesn’t need to show much, but he likes to get attention.


Aries is one of those people who will make your life more exciting than normal. It is one of those people who will not stop making your day and that will make you see that most of your worries make no sense. Aries will teach you to enjoy life, it is true that he is a very stubborn person and that sometimes he can go into mode: “we do it my way yes or yes”, but out of that thanks to his impulses he can become a very funny person.

Everyone needs Aries in his life, because, although he has a quite strong character, he makes us see that life must be enjoyed and lived to the fullest. Damn, Aries just wants to be happy and knows that the best way to do it is to have fun doing the things he likes best.


It is not that TAURUS is not interesting, it has millions of things to offer you, it simply means that it is not as outgoing and exciting as other signs. Taurus is a reserved person with a great sense of humor, which happens that he prefers to reserve for people with whom he has extreme confidence. Do not rely too much on the intentions of the people around you. Damn, it’s not that weird either, to trust today’s society …

Taurus prefers to spend time alone or with the close company of one or two friends with whom he usually spends great moments. It is true that Taurus can become a person who has many acquaintances, but that does not mean that he is the life of the party. Taurus knows and does not care, his goal in this life is other than entertaining people who have a life of nonsense …


Virgo is a person who is very focused on all his goals. It is true, that throughout his life he ends up with a very interesting list of achievements, but thanks to all that concentration for accomplishing his goals, his daily life is not very fun. Virgo knows that that way he will be able to have full happiness, he knows that people will criticize him for it, but he gives a reason because he knows that people have a no-nonsense idea of ​​this life …

Virgo knows that he is not the funniest person in the world, but he does not care, he knows that in this world there must be everything, there are the clowns on duty and then there is he/she who is more focused on his future than on entertaining others. Virgo will not be fun, but he knows that to live as he/she wants, he needs to work very hard.


Libra is a person who cares extremely about what others may think, which is why he does not usually throw himself into the pool. He can’t help it and that brings him down the path of bitterness, he would love to learn from his air brothers who are in the top positions of the ranking, but he has taken the but apart. Libra is a sea of ​​indecisions and that does not help you to enjoy life, you will always spend more time deciding what to do than enjoying the moment.

Libra all this stresses him a lot and what he does not know is that, if he cares so much what others say, this will only make him behave in a way that he really is not. Libra has a lot to give to others, but he has it deep inside, he needs to feel free to take it out… DAMN!


Scorpio tends to get caught up in his own dramas, and we say our own because he/she alone believes them. Scorpio finds this about dramas as something exciting, something he can entertain himself with, sips everything if they have nothing to do with him/her. That to most people does not seem too funny, worse love, who has not ever gossiped?

Scorpio can become very gossipy, but when things start to take a path that he doesn’t like, he gets angry, it is no longer fun what he feels. Scorpio may seem like an evil person, but it is not. He knows perfectly that the most important thing in life is to have a good time with his family and friends, but sometimes those moments make him so lazy … Scorpio prefers to live in his own way, he does not like to follow the rules of others …


Capricorn is the most hardworking sign in the entire zodiac, so much that it shames everyone’s work ethic. He believes that everything he does, makes it perfect, and in reality, can lead to some reason. In this life there is nothing perfect, worse Capricorn will always put all his efforts to make it so. The problem is that he puts so much effort into his work that he forgets his social life and enjoys life itself.

You can say that he is weirdly obsessed with work and this makes him enjoy leisure very little. Capri does have a sense of humor, what happens is that he does not have time to show it to others, if he took it out he would surely win many more people, but being honest that Capri gives a hate. Capri should learn a little from the top 3, it would do much better.


If you intend to start a wild party or bother to notify Cancer, it is most likely not to attend. In fact, Cancer has a gift to feel overwhelmed with so many crowds and needs a lot of time for him/herself. Cancer is usually related to closed groups because it is where they feel most comfortable. Try to give the impression that you are a hypersocial being, but in reality, it is nothing like that.

Cancer can become a very friendly person, but that does not mean that it is the life of the party. He is a very sensitive person and that makes him a shy person. That’s why Cancer seems to not want to start a conversation with you, but all it takes is a little time, give it time to love, and you’ll see how cancer can be a great company.



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