If you love someone and it doesn’t work, keep them in your life

Perhaps this is against any good advice to be followed. Maybe I’m completely wrong.

I am someone who still talks to all ex-friends. I am a good friend and am in good relations with pretty much every guy who has ever meant something to me, who may not have felt the same to me, or who did not think that a physical or emotional relationship could become something.

But I can’t just take someone out of my life just because they don’t feel the same way for me as I do for them, or because their feelings about me have changed.

When I do that, I lose two types of people, someone I love and a friend.

But the friend is more important to me.

I think there are ways to get over men and still keep them in your life.

People say that you should let someone go completely out of your life. They say you will never heal if they are always there. They tell you to continue. Pretend that they don’t exist in your life.

But removing someone from your life doesn’t mean that removing them from your heart is just as easy. So why are you making it harder for yourself?
Behind every strong feeling, you have developed is the core of a friendship that you have built up during this relationship.

Don’t lose that.

And yes, a rejection, a separation or that someone does not return your feelings is very difficult. You will likely cry yourself to sleep or drink until you faint.

You’ll be upset for a while, but then you’ll think about what’s more important.

And what is important is to have him as a good friend.

Because if you love, really love someone, you choose to have them in your life, in whatever form.

The best relationships in my life were with the men who know me better than I know myself. They are the love stories that I thought would end happily, but they didn’t. The men who couldn’t love me, even if we tried. And that’s fine. There is something to be said about two people who continue to fight for each other, even if things have not gone well. And that’s respect.

They respect me for playing the role I needed, even if they couldn’t. They respected me for forgiving them for hurting me and for looking ahead. There is a respect I have for them because they have chosen to keep me in their life, even if it was maybe difficult. And there is also that respect that I had for myself to be so strong.

Because it really makes you stronger.

We are constantly told that the best solution to not hurt someone or yourself is to keep them away from your life after the breakup. So we let the people who are important to us go because we think it’s right.

We don’t send messages back to them because we don’t want to hurt them. So we end a relationship that means a lot to both because we think it’s the best.

But I believe that the strength lies in holding on to the men who made your life worth living.

Then you get over it. It may take a little longer, but that’s fine.

There is something nice about getting over someone without losing them.

In a second you are head over heels in love as you stare at him across the room. And in the other, you laugh in a bar about how much you’ve been through.

The process of getting over somebody is not easy and there will always be a piece of you that loves them, but over time that turns into a love that doesn’t eat you up.

And I think it’s so important to keep the men around who know exactly how you love. There is something very rare about knowing someone so intimately. In addition, they will give you tips when you need them, as friends do.

It is the men you fell in love with and then gave up who want the best for you. They are the men who may not love you the way you wanted them to, but they love you the best way they know.

Sometimes love does not always come in the form we want it to be, but sometimes you will find unconditional love later in the hearts of those who used to hurt you.


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