How a broken heart changes the Aquarius woman 2024

How a broken heart changes the Aquarius woman

People born under the zodiac sign Aquarius have an interesting approach to love and an unconventional way of expressing feelings.

Certainly since they are one of the most independent and unique spirits in the entire zodiac.

Aquarius women in particular, who always follow their instincts and see things for what they really are.

While also living their lives making last minute decisions and understanding others in ways that few can.

This is also the reason why a relationship with them is so exciting, because you never know what to expect from them.

Certainly they always bring some surprises into the relationship, so the love for an Aquarian woman requires the acceptance of a changeable person.

Because it is like the water that it carries with it and that flows incessantly, which is why it has something volatile about it that one has to accept.

So if you want this woman’s love, you have to put up with the fact that she is constantly changing, and certainly is.

Most of the time when you break her heart you may find that you can’t recognize her anymore.

Because an experience like this changes her completely and she will never trust you in the same way again.

Because she has trusted the person she loves that he will never hurt her, but once that happens nothing can be the same as before.

1. She becomes more spiritual

Once the Aquarian woman is heartbroken, she becomes more spiritual and even more religious.

Mainly because she is trying to find peace, but also herself.

Because after an excruciating heartbreak, she becomes confused about life, the person she believed in, but also about her judgment when it comes to love.

Let her intuition and heart guide her, thinking she made the best decision until proven otherwise.

So at this moment she is confused and unsure about her overall lifestyle.

Therefore she asks for help and support from heaven and the Lord in the hereafter or from anything else in which she puts her new trust.

2. She becomes an introvert

The Aquarius woman is one of the most sociable women in the zodiac who often has a little too many friends.

Mainly because she connects with others effortlessly and is liked by everyone she meets along the way.

She also hugs each and every one of them with her warm and non judgmental energy.

But as soon as her heart is broken, that is no longer the case and she becomes very introverted.

So she spends most of the days in silence and is happy about her new found solitude.

Because she knows that this calm will eventually help her find herself.

3. She begins to look for peace, not progress

After a broken heart, the Aquarian woman will not only become more closed, but also more humble.

Where this once career and money-oriented woman is now mainly looking for personal freedom.

Because she knows that you have to lose everything you wanted to finally be free.

This behavior also makes the Aquarius woman appear even more distant emotionally, which is actually not the case.

It’s just that she experiences emotions in a very unique way and even has to numb her love because she feels so much of it.

Still, they always accept that their partner is showing the same kind of love for her and react very emotionally when they don’t.

4. She remains loyal to that person

Aquarius women do not take their own emotions for granted and can suffer for a person for a lifetime.

So it is the case that they remain loyal to a person who leaves them, believing that they will eventually come back.

Therefore, they are not among those people who rush into a new relationship after a breakup, because they have to process their feelings first.

In addition, it will take time to tell whether they still mean anything to the person who no longer believed in their love.

Because even if they no longer feel the same, if the Aquarian woman still loves her, she will love her in silence without looking for anyone else.

Since she cannot easily love again and replace someone, only those who love only themselves do that.

5. She uses this time to find out what she really wants

The Aquarian woman is always anxious to do many things at once and get ahead in life.

But after a heartache and during the time she spends in isolation, she wonders what she really wants.

What life she actually wants and what kind of person she ultimately wants to be.

With less and less need to prove yourself in many things at the same time and lose yourself again and again in new ventures.

All with the aim of finding absolute happiness, or at least the path to get there that will work for them in the long run.

But it takes a while before she finally discovers this path for herself.

6. She gives support to others while she has none herself

Heartbreak changes the Aquarian woman in such a way that she is permanently affected, but awakens in a different reality.

In which she is like a heavenly healer and the guide for all who are lost and disappointed in life.

In doing so, it also helps them to accept reality and to maintain the hope that things can really be different after a great loss.

In addition, these women are also the ones who have no feelings of envy or malice towards others.

Therefore, you can always be sure that they really want to help you, without even the slightest hint of hypocrisy.

Although they don’t need support themselves, asking for help would not make them the strong and independent Aquarius woman they are.

7. She rediscovers the meaning of love

While the Aquarian woman initially had a very complicated opinion about love, she becomes even more unique after a lovesickness.

So she begins to see love as something rare and wonderful that does not happen to everyone.

So even if you are looking for that love, what you find is usually a bitter disappointment.

Because love is something natural and unexpectedly comes into our lives like a rainbow after the rain.

So she begins to live her life without ever looking for love, realizing that what is meant for her will not fail her.

While all that caused her pain was just a lesson teaching her to appreciate the love and happiness that is to come.

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How a broken heart changes the Aquarius woman



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