10 Couples Who May Have Amazing Chemistry But Are Very Toxic 2024

Amazing Chemistry But Are Very Toxic

10 Couples Who May Have Amazing Chemistry But Are Very Toxic

You meet a person and the chemistry between you shows for miles. It is wonderful, a feeling that invades us completely and that begins to make our imagination fly thinking about everything we can experience at his side. However, we give it a chance and, after a short time, the break comes. “There is a great attraction between us, but we can’t stand each other. We are not compatible”. These words are heard much more frequently than we would like to admit. And we’ve all been through a similar situation, haven’t we? Well, the reason is very clear: we all have a sign with which sparks fly, but with whom stable relationships can be hell. In this article, we want to talk about 10 couples that may have incredible chemistry but are very toxic. 

Gemini + Virgo

The relationship between Virgo and Gemini upsets even the one who wants to understand them the most. Despite being two signs that can have a very, very good time at first, they will end up being the most toxic between them. Because? Well, because Virgo is not one of the best when it comes to expressing his emotions, something that will annoy Gemini a lot. On the other hand, sudden mood swings destabilize Virgo, something very difficult to accept for one of the signs that like to control everything that affects them the most. And the worst? Well, Gemini is going to have a hard time accepting the criticism of the powerful and sincere Virgo.

Leo + Capricorn

Capricorn and Leo are another bad combinations, although what arises at first is very special between them. Without a doubt, if this pair gets tangled up, they’re going to enjoy it… The first few months, because then everything is going to get complicated. Leo has a strong and dominant personality. He likes to excel in everything and here comes the first clash with Capri: Capri also wants to shine and be recognized for his merits. The power struggles between these two can end very badly… But, this is not the only problem. 

When Leo can’t lead, he can’t act as a leader…things go wrong and Capri loves being a leader too. They are two signs with great willpower and with a lot, a lot, of potential inside. The only problem is that this potential alienates them and, therefore, they will end up fighting like cats and dogs, and with nothing to share. 

Aries + Taurus 

Aries and Taurus can feel very attracted to each other: Aries has great energy and is very passionate, which combines very well with the passion of Taurus. However, this beautiful relationship that can be formed at the beginning will become most toxic when Taurus sees Aries’s inability to commit. Similarly, the stubbornness and exhaustive control of Taurus will make Aries feel caged. 

Cancer + Sagittarius 

The worst partner a Cancer can have is Sagittarius. As friends, they can be some of the best. However, as they give free rein to the imagination and give in to the chemistry between them, they are going to get into a most turbulent relationship. Because? Well, because Cancer needs pampering, he needs to be next to his partner and he needs her to be aware of him. Sagi, on the other hand, likes to spend time with friends and has the widest social circle. And if that wasn’t enough, Sagittarius hates drama and arguments! The worst thing that could happen to a Cancer, is someone who does not know how to understand him. Well, this is Sagi!

Leo + Scorpio

When Leo and Scorpio are together, the world can explode. We don’t see many other couples with the chemistry these two have. But neither with the same degree of toxicity. Even though they will try to understand each other, these two will never be able to be well together and it is that Scorpio will end up hating Leo’s need for prominence. What at one time may be the most attractive can become the worst. 

Also, it is important to remember that both signs are characterized by having a lot of pride. His egos are going to collide on thousands of occasions, which will generate very difficult discussions to solve. They can be great friends, or partners, and make a great team. But, when it comes to love, these two can end up destroying each other.

Cancer + Aquarius 

An explosive combination, without a doubt. Cancer is very affectionate, something that will easily attract the attention of Aquarius. Aquarius is going to feel that, with Cancer, he has found what he thought he was looking for a person who understands him and with whom to share his innovative visions and just causes. And this, in itself, is not the problem, because Cancer will be more than delighted to be by his side. The real problem will come when Aquarius begins to claim, over time, his personal space… That’s where Cancer is going to go crazy, which will destroy all the illusion that Aquarius could have put in the relationship. 

However, Aquarius is not the saint of the story, since he usually has problems expressing his feelings, something that will crush the heart of poor Cancer. In this case, listen to us, better not even try. 

Scorpio + Aries

Scorpio is not going to be able to control Aries. The passion of this sign, the novelty, and the improvisation of Aries are a magnet for Scorpio. However, all this that he likes so much will turn into something that he will not be able to control, which can end up driving him crazy. Also, when Aries starts showing the more aggressive side of him when he gets upset about something, Scorpio is going to start tickling him; he won’t let himself win, never will, and he’s going to make things worse. They will spend most of the time arguing and things will get worse when Scorpio brings out the most Machiavellian side of him. Pure problem. 

Taurus + Sagittarius 

It seems like a wonderful combination: a Sagittarius and a Taurus. When we put them together, these two signs will attract each other at once. Sagittarius enjoys life and Taurus loves it. The small pleasures of life are for this. In addition, Sagi loves the passion that emanates from Taurus, so it is almost impossible not to be attracted to him. The problem? Simple: Taurus is going to start to control Sagittarius and he must give up part of his freedom, his time with his friends. Even though he, at first, can easily accept it, he will soon realize his mistake and the discussions that Taurus dislikes so little will come.

Libra + Scorpio

Scorpio is going to give Libra one of the most toxic relationships they can have. As much as they feel attracted, these two will never be able to reach an agreement to have a stable and healthy relationship. For starters, both Libra and Scorpio love to play; they love to flirt with those who play along. But, this does not mean that stable couples come out of these games. They already start badly: they are pure chemistry when the flirtatious vein appears, but this is not going to last. 

When Scorpio realizes that Libra is never going to stop fooling around, they will bring out their jealousy, and their ability to manipulate. This, however, will not go unnoticed by Libra, who will feel great disappointment and will lose all her trust in Scorpio. On the other hand, it is important to note that Scorpio is not going to put up with the routine life of Libra, this life that gives them security. Further? Well, Libra is always going to have a problem with Scorpio’s need for revenge. Conclude. 

Pisces + Gemini 

Pisces and Gemini are two lovers of life, who like to dream big. And, in matters of love, they are not far behind. When they get together, there is a lot of chemistry between them: they are both nice, and loving, and they will spend a lot of time together. Geminis have always liked good conversations and they are a sign that pays a lot of attention to those around them. Therefore, Pisces will open up completely to him and give him everything. However, Gemini is complicated, it is dual, and it can surprise us at any time. Thus, when he gets tired of Pisces, he will fall like a jug of cold water and we already have the candle mounted. 

But, be careful, because Pisces is not far behind. When they start planning things, they can end up scaring the bravest: they leave nothing to chance. And this is something that Geminis hate a lot: he likes to have short- and medium-term plans, but he finds it hard to commit and it’s because Geminis aren’t always the most faithful. Therefore, when Pisces is going to want to end his freedom… War is going to break out between them!

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