How To Control Each Sign When It Explodes In Anger

How To Control Each Sign When It Explodes In Anger

Talking about how you feel is very hard, there are zodiac signs who prefer to pretend that nothing is wrong and end up swallowing all their anger. The intensity depends on the fact and character of each person. Sometimes the least you want is to be told to calm down because that is precisely what makes you lose your mind. It is not a game, the body is faced with an accelerated heart rate, and the pressure also rises. How to control each sign when it explodes in anger? If someone instinctively feels threatened, their aggressive side is activated, start by not minimizing it and understanding it more.


Really, do not dare to minimize the anger of an Aries, because that is when his most cruel side is activated, the one that does not respect anything, and all he wants is for you to experience a little of his pain. Remember that it is a sign of impulses, do not try to give him love when he has already exploded. The best thing you can do is give it space and time. At that moment he does not think with a cool head and he will say ruthless things to you, he does not even need to use force because what comes out of his mouth cuts your soul. Let the fire calm down, to get closer little by little. Do not focus on what happened, because you are going to relight the flame, just ask if it is better.


Taurus is usually one of the most patient signs of the zodiac, his intelligence prevents him from falling before foolish provocations and the least he wants is to deal with closed people who judge everything he does. When he explodes with anger, what he hates is that they insist on telling him that he is not okay. It does not matter if you are right or not, at that moment he does not listen to anything you say. The best thing you can do is keep quiet because anything you say can be used against you. Taurus does not touch his heart when he feels cornered, so wait for him to take the step to speak. If you feel pressured it will be worse.


If there is someone who does not hide one bit when he gets angry, that is Gemini. You can see it in the way he speaks, he is curt, and in his gestures, the usual smile disappears. What he hates most is being seen angry and talking like parrots, repeating the same thing over and over again. If you don’t want to know his more aggressive side, you have to remain calm, while expressing everything he has to say. It is very frustrating when he tries to share his point of view and you interrupt him all the time, that will only make him double enraged and want to run away from there.


Cancer can be as stealthy as a crocodile stalking its prey and when you least expect it, it bites you. Honestly, he is very patient, he does not let people make him explode, but there are those who are worse than a stone in the shoe, and that is when he dresses in evil. Believe me, you better stay away, because he has the gift of touching your deepest emotions and ripping them mercilessly. Please don’t try to talk to him in a low voice to soften the situation because that makes him burn in the blink of an eye. The only thing that can calm the situation is to receive a genuine apology after the storm passes. If you are not really sorry, you better not waste your time.


Do you know what Leo hates the most? Having to deal with people who make you look like crazy. The moment he feels pity in the eyes of those who accompany him, he simply gets angry until he forgets everything. It bursts him that they give him the role of the victim, it is a sign of fire, so he does not keep anything, if something bothers him in you he will tell you without any filter. Please give him a chance to take out everything he has inside and don’t pressure him. He is not someone who holds a grudge, if you give him his space he will analyze the situation and in case he has made a mistake he has the humility to ask for forgiveness. Just don’t overwhelm him.


There are few times when a Virgo loses his sanity, usually, he is always calm and does not let the bad energy of others cloud his day. However, there are those who do not give up and insist on seeing it in a bad way even though afterward they are crying. For someone to blow it up, it is because they do not remove their finger from the line. Virgo is based on what its logical part dictates, but it also has its emotional side and that’s when it doesn’t hear anything, it just screams non-stop. Don’t look at him like he’s insane, because you know perfectly well everything you did to make him that way. Fortunately, he is very understanding and if you walk away and wait for everything to calm down, he can forgive you.


Angry Libra? Well, the best I can wish you is a lot of blessings because you are going to need them. It is not that he is a walking ogre, but when his cruel side explodes he insists on giving you the lesson of your life. He is very impulsive and if he is angry his reaction will surely be terrible. Libra, does not forget anything and when he is upset he digs in the past until he finds the point that makes you cry in pain. The best thing to do is paint your streak, get out of there and try to fix things later. When I say after is a long time, the emotion does not pass so quickly. You are going to have to face the consequences of your actions because you are not going to smile overnight.


If a Scorpio is strong-willed with happiness visiting his heart, imagine when something ignites his rage. It is not a game, you should be afraid of waking up his aggressive side because he will tell you things that you will not like one bit and they will move very deep scars inside you. When he gets angry he takes a look at the past and brings up all the bad things you have done to him. He has a memory that petrifies and when it explodes he goes against the clock, the more he makes you feel bad, the better for him. Scorpio hates when they try to see his face and then try to solve it with a false apology. Your bad vibes and your intentions smell miles away, better stay away.


Have you heard about the languages ​​of love? Well, Sagittarius, takes great importance to gifts, he is not interested, but he is very happy when someone takes into account what he likes. Without a doubt, when you are angry it is the best way to get your heart back, as long as it does not become a repetitive pattern. Do not think that you will be able to shake their emotions and you will regain their friendship or love overnight. What matters most to him is knowing that you took the time to find a solution to heal the situation. You have to be very sincere, not because he is not spiteful you think that he will allow you to trample him when you want.


Capricorn is that person who hurts a lot of things but keeps them. For the anger to show, it is because they have already made it explode and although it is not one of those who makes a scandal, I recommend that you keep your distance, for your own good, because you have no idea how cold it becomes in those moments. They don’t really care what comes out of your mouth and forgiveness doesn’t believe you. If you try to calm things down, he will most likely describe you as a hypocritical person. He does not tolerate people who make him explode and then tell him that it is not so bad. Of course, that is so bad, because it is not to tolerate the immature attitude of anyone. If you lit the candle, good luck putting it out.


If there is something that Aquarius is very clear about, it is that people are very envious, they want to see you better, but not better than them and therefore it is too difficult for them to trust the first time. It is a very pacifistic sign, it rarely gets into the lives of others and prefers to immerse itself in its own world. However, when something makes him angry, be as honest as possible, do not expect him to treat you with sweetness, when you wake up the beast that he carries inside. The best thing to do is to let time pass, you need to reflect on what happened and if it is really worth you to be in your life. It may not make you pout, but it is going to get so far away that you will feel very sorry and there will be no going back.


How lucky is the one who deals with the anger of a Pisces, because it really is not a sign that he lets his cruel side take over? On the contrary, he is very emotional but empathetic and that makes him shut up before exploding. Perhaps all you need in those moments is to feel heard, to realize that you are not alone and that the other person cares. Sometimes Pisces just screams for a hug out of anger. What he wants is to find calm, because he does not like to be angry with the people he loves. Pisces wants balance and not to have to deal with negative emotions all the time. He will forgive you, as long as your company is not synonymous with constant damage to his mental and emotional health.


How To Control Each Sign When It Explodes In Anger

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