These Zodiac Signs Absolutely Cannot Handle Criticism

Cannot Handle Criticism

These Zodiac Signs Absolutely Cannot Handle Criticism

Let’s be honest: nobody really likes to hear criticism. But some zodiac signs take even the smallest comment extremely seriously – and cannot handle helpful or nicely meant advice.

You are absolutely incapable of criticism!


Pisces are extremely emotional and sensitive. Accordingly, they really take everything to heart. It doesn’t even have to be a harsh criticism; a small, seemingly inconsequential comment is enough to really offend the fish.

This is mainly due to the self-confidence of the fish. Because this makes them very dependent on others. When Pisces feel that others don’t value them, they value themselves less as well. If they are criticized, a much harsher self-criticism follows accordingly.


Virgos are the greatest perfectionists among the zodiac signs. They plan every project weeks in advance and really know every step of the action. This gives Virgos a sense of control, which they crave tremendously in life.

If their plan doesn’t work out and they actually get criticism, it means the ultimate loss of control for them. And as strong as the Virgos appear on the outside, they can be insecure on the inside. For them, criticism is always an attack on their personality, which they find very difficult to accept!


Anyone who criticizes lions really shakes their self-image. Because the self-confident lions are actually more than convinced of themselves and their actions. No matter what they do, they always give 100 percent – or at least they are convinced that others think so.

Accordingly, they do not like criticism at all. Anyone who criticizes lions must therefore also expect that the strong-willed sign of the zodiac will counter – and properly so. Leos tend to fight criticism and quickly start a fight. Because they have one goal: they always want to be right!

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