6 Zodiac Couples That Are Perfect And 6 That Are Toxic

Perfect And Toxic

6 Zodiac Couples That Are Perfect And 6 That Are Toxic

Some lovers are like a dream, some more like a nightmare.

Astrology, of course, has its own take on which zodiac signs are more or less compatible and which are toxic to each other in a relationship due to their different behaviors.

Read on and learn if you and your partner are staying together or if a breakup is inevitable.

1. Gemini and Aquarius

People born in Gemini or Aquarius click as soon as they meet. They often experience what we might call “love at first sight.”

It seems like they were born for each other. They get to know each other thoroughly, they know each other so well that they finish each other’s sentences.

Their relationship is based on great empathy. They are not selfish in love and want to solve any problems they have instead of ignoring their feelings.

They are very understanding and know that their partner is not perfect.

2. Cancer and Pisces

You’d think that water signs like Cancer and Pisces would get along well because they have an emotional and sensitive side, but unfortunately, that’s a rare case.

There is strong chemistry and emotion between them, but it quickly dissipates, and then they stop speaking a common language.

They have no way of coordinating their needs.

Cancer wants a lot of attention and love while Pisces live more in their own world and focus on what they want to while neglecting their partner.

This slowly but surely leads to the breakup of the relationship.

The only benefit is that they get along well, at least as friends, which makes for good communication after the breakup.

3. Aries and Libra

Definitely a dream couple!

These two signs are in perfect harmony in a relationship. When Aries and Libra meet, they quickly fall in love and make their relationship official.

They radiate a positive energy that cannot be ignored. Calm Libra balances stubborn Aries, and their love is strong and unbreakable.

It’s obvious that they are best friends first, which makes their relationship great.

They have sincere intentions toward each other and they show it every day. They give each other enough space for individual progress.

Their relationship is full of understanding and sincerity and they don’t suffocate each other.

4. Taurus and Cancer

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the relationship between a stubborn Taurus and an emotional Cancer?

A recipe for horror? You are not far from the truth.

These two are a bad match, mostly because they process emotions differently and don’t have the same outlook on life.

They strive for different things and have different ways of communicating.

Although they generally spend a lot of time together, their differences in character make it difficult for them to make decisions together.

This often leads to arguments where who is right matters more than how the partners actually feel about the relationship.

5. Leo and Capricorn

This is a very successful couple. Both are career oriented and encourage each other to be the best version of themselves.

They are capable and enjoy growing, both in their careers and in their relationships.

They both work very hard and love success and power, but they are not selfish. They give their partner a lot of love and support.

6. Virgo and Sagittarius

This couple makes good friends, but unfortunately, they’re not that great in love. Virgo is quite sensitive while Sagittarius is self-focused.

Sagittarius thinks primarily about their needs and desires, while Virgo expects a lot of attention and sacrifice.

Their fights are very dramatic and they cause each other a lot of stress.

They don’t understand their partner’s needs. You are stubborn and unwilling to conform.

7. Sagittarius and Leo

If any zodiac sign can subdue the great king of the jungle – the lion – it is definitely Sagittarius.

This couple doesn’t risk their love and puts their relationship first.

Leo learns from Sagittarius to live a little more withdrawn and not to constantly expose themselves. They value their rest and the time they spend with their partner more than partying in clubs.

They don’t focus on nonsense that saps their energy and are totally devoted to each other.

8. Scorpio and Aries

This is a couple that has a lot of chemistry, but their emotions quickly fade.

They know very well that they have fun together, which always leads them to reconciliation, but soon they break up again.

Both signs are vengeful and their fights revolve around who is in charge.

They are very passionate and energetic which means they don’t choose who and how they argue in front of which leads to awkward situations.

9. Libra and Cancer

Finally a good combination for these two emotional and sensitive zodiac signs!

They give everything in a relationship – love, attention, patience.

They solve their problems quickly and do not argue publicly.

Their love is reminiscent of a romantic old film. Not only do they make a great couple, but they are also very good friends and have fun together.

They are gentle and sweet with each other and their love is definitely heartwarming.

10. Capricorn and Gemini

A Capricorn is serious and ambitious. He dislikes the irresponsibility of the Gemini, who prefers a “go with the flow” lifestyle.

Gemini, on the other hand, sees Capricorn as a cold and calculated zodiac sign. Their relationship is fraught with complaints and arguments and quickly leads to a breakup.

In this relationship, Gemini is more focused on themselves, while Capricorn cannot understand what their partner is feeling in general.

They both think they deserve better and quickly realize that they work well as friends because they have lots of fun and go on cool adventures, but they don’t work as lovers at all.

11. Aquarius and Virgo

This is a lovely couple that will give us all butterflies in our stomachs.

They are very much in love with each other and work together harmoniously. They constantly exchange caresses, take care of each other, and declare their love loud and clear.

They are very romantic and they make sure both are always happy in their relationship.

This couple also has strong chemistry and can’t keep their hands off each other.

This zodiac pairing is everything you will ever want in love. You can always see them loving, hugging, or holding hands.

12. Pisces and Capricorn

A Capricorn is serious and ambitious. Pisces are very imaginative and scattered, and because of this, these two signs don’t get along in love.

Both believe that their problems will somehow solve themselves and do not try to solve them themselves.

They end up realizing that if they don’t save their relationship, no one else will, but by then it’s too late.

In arguments, harsh words were spoken, they drifted apart, and emotions subsided. They face the wall and their relationship is doomed.

What does this mean for my relationship?

The success of a relationship cannot be guaranteed.

You cannot judge the fate of a relationship based on your horoscope signs alone.

A good relationship takes a lot of work, and in any relationship, it’s difficult at certain moments.

It is important to always keep your own needs and happiness in mind.

You don’t have to agree to stay in toxic relationships.

If you have to sacrifice all of your character and happiness for someone else, then this is not the relationship for you.

6 Zodiac Couples That Are Perfect And 6 That Are Toxic

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