This zodiac sign will only make you unhappy

Discussions, arguments, and disagreements are inevitable with this zodiac sign! In a relationship, you should therefore keep your hands off this sign of the zodiac

Many factors determine whether a couple will stay together for a long time or go their separate ways soon. But the zodiac sign and its characteristics can also influence the relationship. Mostly zodiac signs of the same element understand each other, as they have a similar way of thinking and many similar interests. Of course, signs can also have wonderful relationships that, according to the stars, don’t go very well together. When the couple learns to respect and appreciate one another, they can create a healthy basis for a relationship. However, every zodiac sign has a counterpart that makes a long-term partnership difficult. The interests are opposite and the personalities just don’t match. There are often inconsistencies and friction.

1. Aries (This zodiac sign will only make you unhappy)

The zodiac sign Aries should better not get involved with a Virgo . Due to their different personalities, this combination is also quite rare. Aries is very impulsive, so it does not go well with Virgo, who likes to do everything right and abide by rules.

2. Bull (This zodiac sign will only make you unhappy)

Taurus-born keep away from lions . While both signs of the zodiac are incredibly loving and helpful, the Leo can sometimes go overboard and chase away the thrifty, safety-loving Taurus.

3. Twins(This zodiac sign will only make you unhappy)

Gemini and Scorpios are a pretty unlikely pair. The two could often clash because other things are more important to them. Geminis love gossip, which Scorpios are not open to. This disagreement will cause the couple to fail in the long run.

4. Cancer(This zodiac sign will only make you unhappy)

The sensitive zodiac sign Cancer should better refrain from a relationship with a Sagittarius . He is incredibly emotional and takes a lot personally. Sagittarius, on the other hand, loves adventure and freedom. The cancer could therefore be injured in the short or long term.

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5. Leo(This zodiac sign will only make you unhappy)

Leo likes to be in the spotlight and loves to be the center of the action. Unfortunately , the zodiac sign Pisces does not suit him at all. Pisces are artistic and creative. Over time, these two zodiac signs could develop a kind of competitive thinking and envy and jealousy arise.

6. Virgo(This zodiac sign will only make you unhappy)

At first glance, Virgo and Libra seem to have the best relationship. Virgo values ​​the taste and aesthetics of Libra, and both zodiac signs are graceful and social. However, this combination does not work well in the long term. The critical nature of Virgo can bring out the passive-aggressive side of Libra and the two “fight” each other.

7. Libra(This zodiac sign will only make you unhappy)

If Libra gets involved in the Pisces zodiac sign , the two of them can have a lot of fun together at the beginning. Both are dreamy and creative. But that’s not enough to keep the relationship going in the long run. The fish’s rapidly changing opinion is a thorn in the side of the Scales. They take time to make up their minds and then usually stick with it, but Pisces are constantly changing their minds. That doesn’t fit together in the long run.

8. Scorpio(This zodiac sign will only make you unhappy)

Although the Scorpio, just like the zodiac sign Pisces , is assigned to the element water, the two do not make a good couple. They are quickly suspicious and prone to strong jealousy. Sooner or later the combination will break down.

9. Sagittarius(This zodiac sign will only make you unhappy)

The zodiac sign Sagittarius is better off not starting a relationship with Aquarius . Both zodiac signs love their freedom and can therefore become wonderful travel partners, but unfortunately it is not enough for a lasting partnership. The two quickly get into each other’s hair due to different opinions and sooner or later parting.

10. Capricorn(This zodiac sign will only make you unhappy)

Those born under the Capricorn zodiac sign should keep their hands off Aquarius . This combination usually has no future. The Capricorn is very goal-oriented, hardworking, and conservative. Aquarius often indulges in pioneering ideas and lets their creativity run free. These two hinder each other in their way of thinking.

11. Aquarius(This zodiac sign will only make you unhappy)

When Aquarius is with a Sagittarius , the mix is ​​rocky. Both are stubborn and could spend hours discussing irrelevant things. They need their liberties and they don’t often agree.

12. Fish(This zodiac sign will only make you unhappy)

Pisces can quickly fall in love with the strong and personable nature of Aries . But Pisces are the exact opposite: shy and reserved. These opposing properties therefore quickly separate the two zodiac signs.

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