Why The Signs Want Everything To Be Mutual From Love To Contempt 2024

Why The Signs Want Everything To Be Mutual From Love To Contempt

There are times in life when reality hits you like a bucket of cold water, you don’t always like it, but you have to accept that bad people exist and that not everyone deserves a smile from you. Let’s see, I’m not telling you to go around defensively with the world, but you’re not going to be hypocritical either, that flat out doesn’t go with your personality. Why do the zodiac signs want everything to be mutual, from affection to contempt?


It’s true, your weak point has to do with a bad temper, you don’t ask anyone’s permission to show with your face that you don’t like something. Perhaps for some, your attitude is somewhat aggressive, but you are not going to pretend with bad vibes people. You don’t care if they call you selfish and impulsive, if someone is just getting in the way of you achieving your goals, let them go.


You definitely have a mania for good things, you like to enjoy the good life, although you know that not everything is about luxury, you are not afraid of working hard to get what you want. However, the changes can bring out your worst side, the one that is not very flexible and makes you headstrong. That is why you do not last long with unstable people, if they do not know how to commit, you leave their side. 


Few people can deal with your emotional side, because you change your mind unexpectedly. Perhaps for others, it is very fast, but you prefer to continue living with those who only make your day bitter. You are different, you need to connect on an intellectual level, that is the reason why monotonous souls bore you, who want to steal your energy. 


Although it may not seem like it, you also have a closed side, because you have been hurt before. Cancer, over time you have become more distrustful, they say you are cruel, but I would call you selective. You are not going to give the best of yourself to cold and calculating people. You have understood that your emotions are sacred and if you have to act with the whip of indifference to protect them, you do it.


At this point in life, you don’t care if people describe you as a proud soul, you know how much it has cost you to look up. They say that you have a very demanding, capricious, and demanding side. It’s not true, it’s just that there are people who don’t know how to deal with your limits, who want you to lower your guard or settle for mistreatment, but your new version will never allow it.


If people knew the time you invest in analyzing the details of everything, surely, it would run out, however, for you that is not a problem. Virgo, you can have a very obsessive side when it comes to perfection, but that is precisely what has helped you to always see beyond and not stay with the first person who paints hearts for you. As they say out there, if they look for you they will find you and they will not like your dark side. 


There are times when your good side bothers you because you tend to get carried away by your emotions and do not like conflict, which becomes one more reason for negative people to surround you. However, over time you have learned to detect bad intentions and leave before they trample on your dignity. You are not bad, you just know that you do not deserve banal and superficial relationships. 


No one argues that your weakness is your intense side, you don’t take anything halfway, and mediocre relationships make you sick. It does not matter, if you are defined as an ambitious person, you like to be the one who demands, the non-conformist, the one who always looks for a way to stand out. Scorpio, it is true, that it is difficult for you to trust at first because you have seen people who dress up as cute sheep, but at the slightest opportunity, the wolf appears.


It is not true that you always seek to be right, simply, when you are sure of something and you have arguments, you do not remain silent. You already had to be the sign that lowers its guard, the one that accepts and does not complain, but that made you open your eyes. Now, you don’t want to fight all the time, but you’re not going to sit idly by anymore. You want them to respect you and give you the love you deserve, if they can’t, go for it! The door is open.


Of course, you have a cold and distant side, because the times you have shown your sweetness, people have used it to their advantage and not with pleasant intentions. You prefer to put a NO in front, that attitude has saved you from many lying and manipulative people. Capri, you put your rules on the table from the beginning, if they are not willing to follow them, you are not going to force anyone, but you are not going to waste time either.


You are the type of person who prefers to dress in detachment when it comes to love relationships. Disappointments have taught you that loving is more than just listening to your heart. That is why when someone wants to be part of your days, you activate your observant, calculating, and committed side. You don’t take anything for granted, because you know that a false step can send you to therapy. 


One of the biggest mistakes people make is to think that you will endure everything, just because you don’t like to argue over nonsense. They are wrong, your soul is sensitive, but not naive, you will not continue to allow yourself to be treated as if you were a second-rate dish. It may hurt, that you cry, but when you know that it is not there and that it is best to activate your indifferent side, you do it, because you love yourself more.



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