6 Couples Of The Zodiac That Are Not Compatible At All

6 Couples Of The Zodiac That Are Not Compatible At All

The compatibility between the signs is something that we like or it is not real. This does not mean that incompatible couples do not work, they are simply going to have it much more difficult than those who are and they will have to work much harder. Knowing whether or not we are compatible with another person and ours is something that can help us avoid a lot of trouble. If you want to know which are the 6 zodiac couples that are not compatible at all, you just have to keep reading to find out:


Aries is an impulsive and fun-loving person. He needs an optimistic person by his side who gives him all the energy he needs in his day-to-day life. He can pull the car at times, but he gets tired. Cancer is a sensitive and initially somewhat shy person who does not like to do things that go out of his comfort zone. This makes them not compatible at all. An Aries and Cancer relationship can be really stormy. Aries is independent and likes to do crazy things, it doesn’t take him long to jump into the pool, but, nevertheless, Cancer does need his time. This couple is destined to fail and sooner or later one of them will put an end to it.


Taurus and Sagittarius want totally different things in life, especially in love relationships. They are a difficult couple since Taurus is a rather stubborn person who likes to have everything well planned, he is responsible and does not like to leave his comfort zone. Sagittarius is an adventurous person who needs action 24/7. Sagi’s crazy ideas are not at all compatible with Taurus’s clear ideas. They are totally opposite people who can fit for many things, but not for love. Sagittarius isn’t going to let anyone clip his wings and Taurus isn’t going to let anyone laugh at him in his face. This couple can start a storm of those that are remembered for a lifetime.


Geminis like to keep things light, fresh, and most of all interesting. Knowing this, it is not uncommon for him to be attracted to a Scorpio, as he is a passionate and mysterious person. Gemini is one of those people who dare anything and Scorpio loves that, at first they can work very well, but over time that relationship can become a real bomb. Scorpio is quite emotional and intense, in love he likes loyalty and commitment. However, Gemini is quite aloof, he needs his space and his time to digest things. These two signs may be the two most hated in the zodiac, so together they can cause the third world war to take place. If you are Gemini and you see Scorpio appear, he runs away and vice versa.


Libra is a person who is always looking for stability and commitment, and that fits very well with Capricorn… At first, they can fit very well, but over time they will realize that they have nothing to do together. Libra is super romantic, creative, affectionate, and somewhat crazy while Capricorn is very disciplined, distant, and hard-working. They are personalities that are going to collide a lot on a day-to-day basis because Libra is looking for someone who gives them the love that they give and Capricorn is looking for someone who has things clear at all times. This couple can work well if both do their part, but they are not compatible at all and sooner or later it will lead to failure. Libra’s emotional instability can make Capri lose her temper, just as his harshness can make Libra break into pieces and leave, never to return.


Pisces is a very sensitive person who likes to let go. He is always dreaming big and has his own world where he takes refuge from others when he is down. Aquarius is a free soul and like Pisces always dreams big, but he is a person who likes to go it alone without giving any explanations. Pisces is looking for a person who counts on him at all times and Aquarius is looking for someone who respects his space and his freedom. This couple is not compatible at all because they are looking for two very different things. At first, they will make each other dream, but over time that dream will turn into a real nightmare. Opposites do not always attractive for the better.


Leo is pure fire, he needs action in his day-to-day and someone who gives him adrenaline at all times. He is a person who cannot stop for a single second, he loves to take advantage of time and live life to the fullest because he knows that it is two days. However, Virgo is a person who likes to go slow. He needs to have everything planned and organized. That of leaving his comfort zone does not take him very well. They are two totally opposite people who can attract each other because they give each other what they need, but over time Leo’s rhythm can exhaust Virgo, and Virgo’s perfectionism can overwhelm Leo. Both can do great things, but they are not destined to be one of those loves that are for life.

6 Couples Of The Zodiac That Are Not Compatible At All

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