Signs That Already Gave Up In Love But You Don’t Know How Many Times They Tried

Already Gave Up In Love

I wish this love thing was as easy as it is written, I wish our thoughts, days, souls, and life would not shake us. I wish and the loves included an instructive, that alerts us that we will end up with our hearts in pieces. There are signs that have already given up on love, but you don’t know how many times they tried. Because it’s hard to let go, but it’s also exhausting to try again and again, without achieving anything.

After a broken heart life changes you, you meet a reality, in which you only have yourself, there is no more. You cannot leave the responsibility of your happiness to the other, no matter how much you love him. Sometimes there is nothing left but to cry until dawn, wipe your tears, look in the mirror and remind yourself how much you are worth.

Signs that gave up on love 

Still hard to trust again, you know you may get hurt again. So you walk around taking turtle steps afraid of falling again, but the desire to love doesn’t go away. You know deep down that you will end up giving in to a look and a pretty soul, but you prefer to take it easy. As well as the signs of the following list:

4.- Scorpio 

Behind a strong, intelligent, and reckless Scorpio, there is a heart that once gave everything, that wasted passion, and love as if there were no tomorrow. However, he ended up with a broken soul, with hopes on the ground and wanting to run away. Life has taught them the hard way that not everything is worthy of their affection, that there are people who only appear to become their shadow, to fill them with bad vibes and that is why they prefer to keep their emotions, they are not for everyone.

3.- Gemini 

Yes, they are cold, ambitious, and of a character that few can stand. However, few know the history of a Gemini, it is full of ups and downs, of bitter moments, of those that stay in the middle of the throat. Gemini is now skeptical because he prefers to put up a wall before anyone can play with his feelings. It’s not that it’s hard for him to commit, it’s not that he can’t love with all the intensity in the world, it’s that he understood that only a few deserve that part of his being. 

2.- Virgo

There is no better layer for a Virgo than to hide in perfection, to be meticulous, and to be reserved when it comes to sharing emotions. Virgo has a hard time accepting that he is vulnerable because he doesn’t want to be broken one more time. He now prefers to be patient and reflect on every relationship that comes his way. Virgo is not willing to waste time once again, because he is tired of giving and giving, to people who do not want a commitment and who are only passing through his life.

1.- Capricorn 

The most loyal sign, dedicated and willing to risk his life for those he loves, is Capricorn, but he counts on the fingers of people who deserve that version of him. Because Capricorn lost his optimism when he gave it all away and they made fun of him behind his back. It is a sign that does not close, he likes to show his feelings but not completely and he prefers a thousand times as company to loneliness than someone who says he loves him when he takes refuge in someone else.

Signs That Already Gave Up In Love But You Don't Know How Many Times They Tried

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