Why You Feel Less Than The Rest of Your Sign

Why You Feel Less Than The Rest of Your Sign

Surely, you have had that moment in which you feel like the most insignificant person in this world, it seems that no matter how much you do and do, it is never enough. That breaks you and makes you wonder if things will ever change. However, there are people who like to minimize others, they are very clever. He knows perfectly how to surround you so that you show him your weaknesses and at the slightest distraction he attacks you with all his negative energy. Why do you feel less than the rest? Depending on your zodiac sign, there is an explanation.


Often you try to see the bright side of things, but there are people who insist on shaking you until your fears are exposed. It hurts, knowing that you don’t feel empowered to do the things you like. Perhaps it is guilt that does not allow you to move forward and makes you believe that something is missing. Realize, that you have achieved a lot, but you ignore it, you need to recognize yourself.


Without a doubt, you are terrified of changes, and quite a lot, that’s why you don’t let go of the routine, it’s a way in which you feel that your steps are safe. In those moments nobody can make you change your mind, but the bad thing begins when things don’t go as planned. That’s when you get overwhelmed and start blaming yourself for everything. You do it in such a cruel and intense way, that you hurt yourself terribly.


Your self-esteem does not understand reasons, there are times when it reaches the top and others when you feel like the smallest being. You worry about not taking the right path and that is why you give a thousand times to the same thing. In fact, there are people around you who are not very helpful, because they insist on highlighting your mistakes, they want you to think that you are not capable of learning and moving forward, but do not believe them.


Few things bring you down, despite the fact that you are a very sensitive sign, in your soul, there is also a being that is too strong, always willing to be better in every way. Although, when you fail and end up falling in love with someone who has no idea what it’s like to love pretty, you break. That’s when you feel like you’re not up to anyone, you hurt yourself because of someone who doesn’t have the courage to give everything to you and that’s not worth it.


You are definitely a very special sign, your brightness stands out from the crowd and enchants, but not because of the ego because you know that you deserve attention and that you are not here to deal with lovers who love you today and tomorrow who knows. Perhaps, that is what makes you feel less, when you give everything, you dedicate your time and your attention to that person, but he ends up paying you with such indifference, that it hurts you.


You are so good at hiding that everything is fine, that it becomes a challenge to discover the tears that your eyes hide. The last thing you want is to become the worrying reason for those you love, that’s why you keep quiet. Analyzing and analyzing has become one of your favorite pastimes, but you torment yourself with very painful criticism. There is no worse enemy than yourself on those nights.


Over time you have accumulated a lot of scratches on your soul, there are so many that there are times when breathing becomes painful. You want to stop, but you have a creative and imaginative side, when it turns on you visualize the worst-case scenarios, whether past or future. That is what overwhelms you, what leads you to trample on your self-esteem and not find a way out. That’s when you feel horrible and you can’t do anything.


The only way your cruelty rises to the sky is when it comes to tearing yourself to pieces. When was the last time you embraced your self-love? You have let your mind decide for you, lie to you and make you believe that everything you have done has been halfway. It is not true, read well, you are enough, strong and you do not give up. You are doing well and you have to start believing it.


It is true, that you became the person who was not afraid of anything, the one who always looked forward and did not let negative comments influence the opinion you have about yourself. However, disappointments hurt you and that’s when you lose control because you are not one to involve love in a relationship unless you really feel it and when they betray you, you end up sinking.


What happens with you is that you are such an intelligent sign, that it is very rare when someone notices at first that you are having a bad time. You definitely don’t like letting your guard down, that’s why you hide, you focus on your work, and on what takes up your time because you want to avoid and cling to an idea that only exists in your head. The Capricorn who never breaks, but inside begs for a hug.


They see you and think that nothing affects you, but they don’t know that there are times when you feel worthless. It’s real, you can’t always handle everything. There are times when you need a break and all you want is to run away. Your self-esteem is tired of dealing with people who want to destroy it whenever they can. You’re tired of all that, but at the same time you sink and it hurts.


You are a strong sign, but like everyone else, you also need encouragement from your loved ones from time to time, it is not worth it that you are always the one who pushes and they leave you halfway. You know that it depends on you to be well, but it would be nice if they support you, and motivate you to continue fighting for your goals. The energy of the people around you influences your self-esteem, so you should think twice before letting someone into your life.


Why You Feel Less Than The Rest of Your Sign

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