The Truth Of The Signs Of The Zodiac

Truth Of The Signs

The Truth Of The Signs Of The Zodiac

Today, almost everyone knows or at least has a slight perception of the characteristics that each zodiac sign possesses. But not everyone knows what they hide. Sometimes, what they teach, they teach a lot because they don’t want anyone to realize the insecurities behind it, the fears, the traumas… With them, not everything you see is all there is. On many occasions, this is the truth of the signs of the Zodiac:


Aries is impulsive, nervous, and even unconscious on many occasions. Unconscious because he does and undoes without thinking about the consequences, because he throws himself without looking at both sides of the road, because the more forbidden something is, the more he will love to try it, over and over again, until he gets tired… But within all that breastplate is someone sensitive. Very sensible. Someone who thinks everything more than twice, someone who is overwhelmed a lot, who thinks a thousand times over, and who ends up throwing himself away simply because he is afraid of regretting it later. But no, he is not always sure of it.

And of course, she has her dark side, she’s not as innocent as the world thinks, and if she could hurt, sometimes she would. Because they’ve done it to him before because he knows that there are people who deserve it. And he doesn’t forget as quickly as many people think. Inside there is a whirlwind of sensations, sensations that are hard for him to control… Not everything is as good as it seems… 


Taurus is not as tough as the world thinks. In fact, nothing to see many times. He is sensitive, he is one of those people who can cry over anything and if they don’t get the tears out, they have a terrible lump in their throat that almost prevents them from saying a word. Sometimes you hold too many things inside…

Taurus is romantic, and not detached as people think. Nothing of that. Taurus is excited to see a beautiful movie, one of those that reaches the soul. He is excited that you love him, that you hug him, knowing that you are there no matter what. He is moved by a sad ending and a happy ending, he is moved by everything beautiful, a gesture, a detail… He loves security, and deep down, no matter how distrustful he may seem, he would be completely happy if he could really put it because he trusts you. , his life in your hands. There are things that nobody knows about Taurus, there are feelings that nobody understands. He doesn’t forget the injustices of the past, he doesn’t forget the damage they did to him, and he wants to do it… Everyone thinks that Taurus controls, but no, he doesn’t control as much as he would like. And much less his emotions…


Gemini is optimism pure and simple, Gemini is happiness, Gemini is passion and everything is going well for Gemini. Well no. Gemini cheats on that, and too much. He doesn’t tell what he doesn’t want to tell even if they kill him. He knows how to twist everything so that in the end others think he’s okay.

Geminis are tough, and they can put up with much more than other signs. And it can be destroyed inside but always make you smile. Forced yes, but you won’t notice. But inside everything is revolutionized and agitated, even if you don’t understand it, inside there is also suffering, inside there is also pain, inside things don’t always go as well as they seem… And Gemini knows that they are deceiving others, they know that he should say more things as they really are, he knows that perhaps if he expressed his feelings everything would be easier because the world would end up knowing him for real, but the problem is that sometimes he doesn’t know if it’s what’s best for him, the more others know, the more vulnerable you will become…


Cancer is complicated. The truth about the crab is that it has a much more complex world than it seems. And that already seems to have a somewhat complicated world.

Cancer wants to come to clean a lot of times but at the same time he is scared, he is scared because his thoughts are complicated, very complicated, because he thinks that not everyone will be able to understand him. And he shuts up, and he prefers to shut up, and turn around, ignore his own feelings, ignore himself, and just not mess it up… But in the end, he doesn’t say it, at the end he doesn’t express himself, at the end, everything ends badly, at the end In the end, he is left with the desire, and in the end, he explodes from another side… What he does not want is to tell something he feels and that this is going to bring more tears to his life… Cancer is often fed up with being a lunatic. He would like to have a slightly quieter life, yes, but then he remembers all those emotions that he has experienced, especially the good ones, and it goes away…


Leo is bossy, sometimes you might even believe that he is arrogant and proud, that he does not give up on anything in the world, that he fights tirelessly for whatever comes into his head, and that nothing stops him… Well, put the brake on … Leo needs others to follow him, to adore him, to compliment him, to recognize his worth. But don’t see him as being arrogant and stupid. It is called wanting to be secure. That which everyone thinks Leo has. Well, the lion also has moments in which he feels very fragile.

He has moments in which he sinks to the maximum, he has moments in which he would throw everything overboard, moments in which nothing seems right to him anymore, moments in which, despite the fact that he finds it hard to admit it, he collapses very much… And if he receives any kind of contempt on top of that, he sinks further and falls… He has a special addiction to flattery, and it is difficult for him to admit it, yes, but because it is difficult for him to recognize that deep down, there is not as much security as it seems…


Virgo is not cold as others paint him… well yes, there is a bit of coldness in his life, but it is only a shell that he knows how to use well… Virgo is much hotter than you think, he is much passionate, and much more impulsive than it appears… But it’s just a facade to have anything super controlled. It’s actually not quite like that. In fact, he gets everything a million times out of hand, many times, but he doesn’t want the rest to find out.

You don’t want others to think that you don’t have things under control and that you can’t keep your feelings in check. Because that’s exactly what he doesn’t fully control. It is this that escapes him and what leads him to commit other kinds of crazy things later… It is the feeling that he will never be able to fully control… And since he does not trust his emotions, he prefers not to have them, but since he has them, Well, he prefers to hide them… I wish I could stop worrying so much…


Libra is charming, yes, sociable, conciliatory, always putting peace between everyone, calming down the stressed, with such good taste, so kind… But be careful, he also has his temper, his impatience, he also sends everything to hell and is capable of stressing anyone. And she loses her temper and says the first thing that comes to her mind, and if it is necessary to insult, then she insults herself, even if she regrets it after five minutes.

Libra is not always what it seems, it is capable of losing its place for real. And there, the peace ended, but you had to do a lot, really a lot. And it can go crazy, and although it is not normal and a lot has to happen to reach that point, it happens. Don’t put him in that situation, try not to, but be forewarned, not all Libras are going to swallow your mess. They also have their temperament. Very temperament…


Scorpio is self-confident and has an enviable tenacity and perseverance that makes him achieve whatever he wants. He stands up and fights for what he wants, and he is rebellious and will always do what he wants, what his emotions tell him to do… But he also has his doubts, despite seeming so sure and so aware of everything, no it is so.

He has many fears and many head-eaters. And it’s hard for him to pay attention to his rationality even though he knows that at times it’s good for him. And she is annoyed that his feelings control part of her life, and it annoys her enormously to know that she is going headlong into the precipice and not being able to stop in time. But he is hard on the outside, very hard… Everyone thinks that Scorpio has his world controlled and that he goes through life believing he is the master and what happens is that he has a heart that he protects with his entire life so that no one can hurt him.


Sagittarius is tired of the role of an adventurer that the world has assigned him, he is tired of being seen as the idiot of the moment, as the unconscious one who doesn’t really know what he wants, as the super lover of freedom… Okay, okay, It may be that it is also a bit like that, but not everything is so radical. He doesn’t spend the day on vacation (hopefully) or touring the world with the flag of freedom waving in the wind in his hand. As optimistic as he can be seen, the rest think that there are no problems in his life, that there are no head scratches, that absolutely everything happens, and no… Just because he doesn’t tell the whole world what he feels doesn’t mean he doesn’t. feel, that you do not talk to others about all your problems does not mean that you are not suffering from them…

Sagittarius often wants stability, without ties, yes, because they don’t want anyone to tell them what to do, they will tie themselves up, when they’re ready when they want, but they also love security and calm. If Sagittarius has gone away many times, it has not always been because he wanted to, but because he did not have a bad time… Not everything is what it seems.


Capricorn is tired of being seen as someone who is super responsible, hardworking, who always has clear goals, and who is very proud… If others really knew… Capri has put her pride aside a million times for love, she has set aside his goals because he felt he had to change course and he has stopped listening to his head to start listening to his heart… It’s not all so easy in the life of the Goat, not at all.

He is complex, yes, he is not someone easy to get along with, but it is because he is special, and if the world does not fully know him, it is because he has not even stopped to try. Sometimes they have so much respect for him and think that he is made of ice, that they forget to get to know him a little better, they forget that behind that facade there is much more, a world full of mystery, someone who suffers more than usual for being and feels different.


Aquarius seems cold as ice, it seems that he has no feelings, that he leaves when he wants, that he comes back when he feels like it, that he can control each and every one of his emotions, that he does and undoes as he pleases and that nothing overwhelms him… Well that, it seems… But it is not. Aquarius has power over himself, it is clear, and he refuses to fall, he refuses to fail himself, but no one knows that he also fails, that he also betrays his head, listening to his heart even knowing that things will not go well at all, who also spends his valuable time thinking about everything and getting into dead-end loops.

No one knows what Aquarius has inside, no one knows that it is also lost, no one knows that it is actually hotter than it would sometimes like to be, and more passionate than it would like. No one knows that even if they say no on the outside, or inside they want to say yes. And it’s costing them…


Pisces is a good person, and as changeable as it may seem, they will always be there with you if you really need them, and they make themselves loved and even though they are dreamy they also stumble upon reality from time to time, well, much more than they would like. … And he is not as “crybaby” as the world thinks, nor is he fragile.

He is sensitive, yes, and a lot, because he is simply a person who gets too involved with the rest, he is someone who takes the problems of others on his back, and who hopes that others do not do what they would not like them to do to them, simply it’s. But he is also tough, he is also capable of enduring the unbearable, he bears disappointments, betrayals, and often infidelities behind his back… And he is still standing. And that little fish that you thought would die of grief gets up, he takes more courage than many other signs and although he cries and curses at the moment, he pushes forward, with his head held high… With everything.

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