Signs That Fight To Tears When They Really Love

Signs That Fight To Tears When They Really Love

Perhaps the reason why we are afraid to let go is that we relate it to suffering. Goodbye to those who mark you, who make you want to close the doors of your heart. Most of us have gone through something similar, but…what if we change our perspective? It is better to say thank you for everything he left us than to hold on and, there are signs that have a hard time, who fight to tears when they truly love until they finally realize that it is best to end. At least they know they tried their best:


4.- Cancer

Letting go of Cancer is synonymous with facing your thoughts, delving into the depths of your emotions and boy does that hurt. It is the healing sign, the one that comforts you with a caress and the right words. At the end of a relationship, he not only cares about his well-being but also about the happiness of the other. That’s when it’s hard for him because he doesn’t want to be hurt and he suffers when he gets hurt.

When he realizes that someone needs him, he cannot avoid it, his generous part is present. It is time for you to put tenderness aside and take control of your life, it is not healthy to stay next to someone who no longer loves you. No matter how much love you have, it will never be enough if the other party is not willing.

3.- Leo

A Leo can be impulsive, stubborn, and proud. However, when he gives his heart he does it from his gut, it really shows his vulnerable side of him and he hopes to receive the same. But when things don’t go his way, the stubborn side of him can show up, the one where he’s not willing to give up something he’s invested so much time in.

Leo is very annoyed by being wrong, he somehow works hard so that everything goes his way and when it doesn’t, he just loses control. He is going to insist on making the relationship work, trying to remember what it was like one day, but when he doesn’t receive an answer he gives up. Although it costs him tears, he accepts defeat and simply cuts you out of his life from one moment to another. Leo doesn’t have time for staying as friends, if you don’t want anything, it’s nothing.

2.- Libra

Libra is the sweetest, most dedicated, and most passionate person that life can present to you when it comes to love. Her heart is so supportive that she always takes into account the feelings of the other. Libra does not throw away all the moments lived, when she feels that everything is going downhill she does whatever she can to rekindle the flame. She is the type of person who suffers goodbye, it hurts her to know that as much as she tried to change and learn from her mistakes, it will no longer be enough and that this chapter of her story has ended.

There comes a time when you realize that you cannot live on hope, what once was, no longer exists and now you have to face reality, even if that means tears are present.


1.- Scorpio

Scorpio loses faith overnight, it is such an emotional sign that when he sees that there is no more to do, he throws himself into a loss. It’s not that he wants to play the victim, it’s just that he can’t handle that much. Although he is a resilient sign and has courage in his eyes, he has a hard time saying goodbye to great love. When he gives himself into a relationship he does it in a serious way, he falls in love with the idea of ​​love forever and puts all his illusions on it as if he were a naive child.

Breaking up is something that tests you and you have to be very sure that the other person has really stopped loving you so that you can let go. He is the one who wins you back, but if he doesn’t see an answer he leaves, even if it means he has to spend a while dealing with tears.


Signs That Fight To Tears When They Really Love

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