Never have a relationship with a man who does these 13 things.

Never have a relationship with a man who does these 13 things.

You only have this one life and spend a lot of time with someone you are in a relationship with. So you should think twice about who this person is. You should make sure this person is worth it. Because if it isn’t, not only are you wasting your precious time, but it could seriously ruin your life.

Whatever you do, make sure that person doesn’t do these 13 things:

1. Someone who is acting weird or suspicious

You should never have a relationship with someone who acts strange or suspicious towards you. Maybe he doesn’t give you clear answers when you ask him questions or he just doesn’t want to name what you have, even though you’ve been together for a longer period of time. You have a right to know where you stand with him.

2. Someone who makes you feel worthless

He keeps knocking you down and feeling better at your expense. This is absolutely toxic and you should never tolerate it. You should ask yourself why you are in this relationship. And why is he in this relationship? Just to feel better

3. Someone who wants you to chase after them

You shouldn’t be with someone who is trying to get you to chase them. He may play games with you just to get you to chase after him. He’ll never text you first or wait for you to call him. He’s just too lazy to do anything for your relationship or too proud to fight for you. Don’t let that offer you!

4. Someone who only cares about themselves

He just loves each other more than anything else in the world. In too extreme a way this too can be toxic. Because if he only cares about himself and leaves you on the sidelines, you should seriously ask yourself if he really loves you. If he hardly listens to you and doesn’t take you seriously, if he doesn’t respect your opinion or doesn’t want to listen to your advice, then you can be sure: you don’t deserve it!

5. Someone who makes you feel uncomfortable around

If you feel uncomfortable around him and you don’t really know what he’s thinking or what he’s doing next, this can be a sign that he is not right for you. You may feel like you have to walk on eggshells in everything you say and do. You shouldn’t be satisfied with that. Or do you really want to be with someone where you have to constantly watch what you say or what you do?

6. Someone without a conscience

A person who has no conscience will do things that will hurt you without showing any remorse. Do you really want to be with someone like that? Do you really want to have someone by your side who will lie to you and ignore you or blame you for everything? Someone who will hurt you on purpose but still sleep well? This is not love!

7. Someone who will judge you for feeling the way you feel

Don’t be with someone who is trying to make you feel guilty for feeling the way you feel. Someone who doesn’t respect your emotions and thinks you’re just over-sensitive will never really understand you. Because this person doesn’t really want to understand you. Your emotions are important and your partner should be aware of them.

8. Someone to keep things a secret from you

Does it get sketchy when you ask about his phone? This is a serious warning sign. It means he’s hiding something and you can’t trust him. Or he gets weird when you ask about his work day or what he did over the weekend. Yes, it’s okay to do things without you, but if he can’t tell you what he’s doing when he does things without you, you have every right to be suspicious. 

9. Someone who expects you to give up certain things for them

You shouldn’t be with someone who expects you to give up certain things or certain people for them just like that. You shouldn’t have to cancel your plans with your friends just because they expect you to. You should never quit your job or give up a hobby just because he wants you to. You are a free person and you have the right to do things that make you happy. 

10. Someone who turns their anger against you

For example, does he get angry when you don’t want love? This is a terrible warning sign that she sees you as a love object and nothing more. If love is his main motivation, the relationship will lack depth and you will eventually get hurt. He should never direct his anger verbally against you, let alone get physical.

11. Someone who wants to force or urge you to do something

You shouldn’t be with anyone who wants to force you to do something. He can’t tell you what to wear or how to style yourself. He can’t tell you when you can leave the house. And he shouldn’t be overprotective and wrap you in cotton wool. You are an independent person and you can make the decisions for yourself. 

12. Someone who keeps proving that they don’t care

Are you not a priority in his life? You deserve someone who makes room for you in their life. You don’t have to take all of his life right away, but you should be a big part of it. Regardless of the circumstances, if he is having a hard time seeing you more than once or twice a week, it’s a clear red flag that you are not his priority. If you are ready to make room in your life, so should he.

13. Someone who cannot love you constantly

Sometimes he chooses to treat you well and is nice to you for weeks. He pampers you and carries you on his hands. But then he drops you again like a hot potato. That should never be the case in a relationship. It shouldn’t be a wild roller coaster ride, but rather stay fairly constant. Sure, you fight every now and then, but if he just starts an argument like that, it’s a sign he can’t love you all the time. 


Never have a relationship with a man who does these 13 things.

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