13 signs he regrets losing you

13 signs he regrets losing you

It is not always easy to break up with your partner. Sometimes it even makes it particularly difficult for one of the partners because they just can’t let go. Do you think your ex might regret losing you?

Here are the 13 signs that indicate this:

1. He cannot accept the separation

Sometimes one person wants to break up and the other person just can’t handle it at all. If your boyfriend can’t cope with the breakup, then he definitely doesn’t want to lose you. And he realizes he already has it and he definitely regrets it. If you want to break up with him and no longer believe that the relationship is best for you and your life, you shouldn’t change your mind.

2. He wants to make you feel guilty

It can be very flattering when a man acts like he can’t possibly live without you and needs to be with you again. But if he makes you feel guilty about getting back together with him, then he will regret losing you. But that’s not your problem. It is entirely his problem. 

3. The breakup wasn’t long ago

If he broke up with you recently, then he definitely regrets it. Was it about an hour ago or was it yesterday or a week ago? Then you know for sure that he misses you. But that can be a temporary feeling because his life has changed dynamically.

4. He tries to negotiate with you

If he’s negotiating with you about all of the things he’s gotten wrong, then he seriously regrets saying goodbye to you. He wants you back and he can’t imagine living without you. But again, this is a pretty difficult situation and you don’t have to take him back just because he wants to. You have to stay strong and you owe it to yourself to remember the reasons why you broke up with him. 

5. He’s complaining

Of course, it’s normal to feel sad when going through a breakup. But if your ex boyfriend keeps whining, it’s pretty annoying. If he regrets losing you, he will definitely keep in touch with you and whine and complain. He wants you to feel sorry for him and get back with him, and that’s honestly a really bad idea.

6. He asks your forgiveness

If your ex-boyfriend apologizes to you afterward, you can be sure that he regrets losing you. In fact, he regrets it so much that he doesn’t mind appearing very sensitive and emotional because he wants so badly to apologize to you. He just doesn’t care what he looks like and he wants you to know exactly what he is thinking and feeling. 

7. He’s pretending you’re still together

After everything that happened, your ex acts like you never broke up. He tries to examine your personal life, the people you have met and the conversations you have had. It behaves just like it did when you were together. Good night and good morning messages, those kiss and heart emojis, all his calls and the constant reminder of the past seem like a perfectly normal thing. And when you really realize what is happening, you feel like you are in a relationship again.

8. He seeks contact with you

If it’s been a while since he’s broken up with you but still calls you asking how you are, showing interest in you and your personal life, you can be sure that he regrets it, you to have lost. He can’t stop thinking about you.

9. He is always alone

Be it in real life or on social media, no matter what humane interactive space he’s in, if he chooses to stay alone, it’s because he doesn’t want to lose this chance to come back to you. Whenever you see him, he is either reading, listening to music, or even walking. Whatever he does, he seems confused and out of place. And he just kind of wants to be alone. 

10. He always wants to know how you are and what you are doing

Even if he keeps up with your posts on Instagram and Co., you know that he wants you back. But be careful, he might just want you for a few physical things. Has he checked your posts recently? At least that’s a good sign that he misses you.

11. It is still important to him to impress you

Maybe he’s trying to surprise you or to impress you. Then he would behave again as he did in your dating phase at the beginning. This is a sign that he wants to win you back with his gestures. He misses you!

12. He’s acting strangely

Or he is acting extremely weird and you cannot correctly interpret his behavior. Does he seem like he’s disguising himself and makes a strange impression? Then he regrets losing you but doesn’t know how to deal with the situation.

13. He tells you that he regrets it

If your ex-boyfriend admits he lost you and regrets it, it means that he definitely feels that way. He wouldn’t say this for fun or any other stupid reason. He opens his soul to you and is honest, and that is not easy for anyone. 


If all of these things happen, then he certainly hasn’t moved on and has looked for a new one! He regrets his actions and tries to win you back! If that’s exactly what you’ve been waiting for, just try it again with him. If not, then you should make it clear to him that there is no going back.


13 signs he regrets losing you

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