The 5 Signs That Can’t Talk Without Fighting

The 5 Signs That Can’t Talk Without Fighting

There are signs that counting to ten is useless. Because their bad character is noticeable even in the way they move their eyebrows. The reality is that resolving conflicts while staying calm is not easy, especially when emotions are running high. There are those who do not know how to pretend, nor do they want to, they are those who cannot speak without fighting, they want their point of view to be heard loudly and to make it clear that they do not agree. Does it sound familiar to you? These are the 5 signs that they cannot speak without fighting:


The fact that Scorpio tops the list does not mean that he is the most conflictive person in the world, on the contrary, his patience is to be admired. For this sign to lose its sanity, it had to give you a thousand chances before . Once the fight starts, get ready because you are going to meet the darkest side of a being on this planet. His temper shows when he raises his voice and the expression on his face makes your legs shake.

Scorpio does not think twice, he is the one who sets his stinger in motion and teaches you what the meaning of revenge is. He does not understand reasons and does not bend his heart when it comes to winning, if you really want me to excuse you, it is better that you wait a while for it to pass, because if you are insistent he could say hurtful words that you will remember all your life.


For your sake, do not make the zodiac ram angry, because he is only waiting for a small pretext to show you his stubborn and impulsive side. She is one of those people who can lose control in a second, if they feel that someone is going to attack them. They are not the type to accept quickly when they are in a mistake and they will yell at you until they are tired so you can hear what they have to say.

If there is something that Aries does not tolerate, it is injustice, it is one of those who puts his hands in the fire for people in need , he does not care if he has to face a crowd, but he does not stay with his arms crossed. It is a sign that was born to love risk, reckless from the side you see it and always trusting in its convictions.


Leo is relentless, he is a soul bathed in light, he has confidence in every pore and he is not afraid to waste self-centeredness in everything he does. He is the one who can scare you with words and actions, he takes things very seriously. We are talking about a passionate, stubborn and very fierce sign. When he’s angry, his emotions skyrocket, don’t jokingly tell him to stay calm. 

The problem is that Leo is very impulsive, he does not think in the moment and anger clouds him. It is possible that it makes you feel very vulnerable, you know very well the art of hitting your weaknesses. It is quite an explosive sign and you only have to look at it for a second to realize that you must flee. However, it has a humble side to it, so when it happens I may excuse you.


Of course, the sign ruled under the Moon could not be absent, Cancer is a cluster of emotions. She is the one who can go from being calm to becoming the most impulsive, desperate person and when she wants to be listened to, she loses control. It is a very intelligent sign, so it does not need the strength to put you in your place. He is one of those who tell you things that you will remember until the last day of your life.

They can become very spiteful, even if years go by. That is the reason why Cancer rarely gives in to such a heated argument, prefers to ignore it, but when they look for it, they find it. He is the one who can change his mind from one minute to another, do not waste your time fighting Cancer, because you are not going to beat him.


Gemini is also part of the 5 signs that cannot speak without fighting. Gemini is synonymous with battle, it has the fury in its eyes and the coldness of ice. When someone tries to hurt you, you don’t think twice, you just defend yourself and in the worst way. With the same intensity that you arrive, he will receive you, hedoes not shut up and he has a good memory, so he will surely include past situations in the fight. Get ready to end your self-esteem on the ground.

Gemini does not go around fighting with everyone who crosses his path, he is very reserved. Although it seems that it will not hurt you, remember that it has two faces and when you turn around it will give you the lesson of a life. It is scarier because it does not cause a scandal, it is one of those that defends itself in silence and when you least expect it.


The 5 Signs That Can't Talk Without Fighting

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