It is clear that people do not always lead by example. Moreover, the vast majority of people always sin this in one way or another. We say we would never do something but at some point we do it. Well, depending on your sign, you are also more likely to deny some things more than others. Here we show you what the signs deny they do but do:


ARIES: You are a proud person Aries, a person who has a lot of strength but you break too soon (even if you recover in the same way). But yes, a bad word or a bad gesture on the part of someone you care about can make you come down. In fact, you are one of the people who ask others for a little touch when it comes to saying things. Yes Aries, sincerity but with good forms …

But there comes what you deny that you do but what you do: your forms are not the perfect ones, in fact, sometimes by that mouth, you lose the biggest. And you deny that you do but sometimes, Aries, being honest is not the same as being hurtful. When you get mad you can do a lot of damage, and in fact, you do it. You do not accept or do not take the criticism quite well and they tell you that you often go over … You can cause Aries problems, problems that you can later regret. And a lot.

TAURUS: You deny being dishonest / or always Taurus, but, being honest, you don’t like to face some strong problems either. And the truth, you often prefer to run away without leaving a clue than to face and say what you feel and what goes through your head. If you are very sensitive, don’t read this. According to you, you hate Taurus lies and falsehood. But you must remember that omission you also considered part of the deception and you omit, and omit many things. There is something wrong here, that’s obvious, but you don’t always want to see it.

Ok, it’s not like you’re skipping things all day, that’s clear, but you have to know that you do, even if you deny it. Omits, for example, feelings. You don’t say what you feel and it is more, sometimes you even deny it …

GEMINI: If you had to deny something it is that you are nothing dramatic / or Gemini. Worse you are, and much. When something doesn’t work out the way you want, you are able to do anything to get it out. In addition to dramatic, you also get angry quite regularly and you are very tolerable. Your impulses lead you to shit it many times but the worst thing is that internal obsession to want everything here and now, almost without caring about the rest.

According to you, you don’t need anyone to be happy but when you don’t have it, you come down quite easily so, you tend to look for that shoulder to cry on, or that person with whom to let off steam and with whom to talk about all those problems (dramas ) that invade your head. Gemini, you have a lot of great things, but this is not what stands out. Sorry

CANCER: You always say that you see everything from many angles and that everything is not black or white, and you criticize others many times for doing so, for leading that life … And not Cancer, sometimes you are super critical of everything, and you the first. You see the world from that shell in which you get in and that prevents you from seeing things from another point.

Also, when you have a problem, instead of talking about things (that’s what you say to everyone that you should do) you close in a band and do as if nothing had happened. And seriously, that hurts you. First to you because the day less thought explodes. And second to the rest, because nobody knows what you are really going through or what your head is thinking … Everyone carries their feelings and emotions as they can, but do not deny that you are like that because sometimes, things are not solved because You don’t want to sit down and talk to them.

LEO: Things like Leo, you have created that tough image and that you can do everything better than the rest, but deep down, you have brutal insecurities that you will not teach anyone. What’s more, what will you say you don’t even have? Leo, for the rest, you always have everything clear, you know what you want and also, you presume to be the queen/king. It is clear that you are, that knows even the dumbest, but take care of a little of the most vulnerable part that is there, but that you often presume not to have it.

Although you like the world to revolve around you (you know it does), you also like that they are really there and that everything is not so much for good and not always for bad. You have feelings, Leo, beyond all the brilli brilli and the party, and the good times. Get them out more, cry when you have to and above all, be human, more human … Not everything has to be so superficial.

VIRGO: You say no Virgo, but you are one of those who seek and search and search when something interests you. You become obsessed with things, with details, and want to know everything about everything from everything about the person or thing or project in which you are interested. You define yourself as a cold and calculating person that can even be controlled by how ugly things get. But basically Virgo is not like that. You deny that you are interested in the lives of some people and yet stalkers incessantly … And everything to have everything controlled to the millimeter. Yes, Virgo, you are a person who seems to “go through” everything, but basically nothing happens and that everything is analyzed to the millimeter. Everything that obviously interests you …

LIBRA: You are one of those who always stay away from dramas, right Libra? Or at least that is what you preach. You hate fights, shouts, voices … But nevertheless, you are the first one who is there when they pass. Sometimes because you want to be and sometimes because Libra simply splashes you. Worse you have to recognize that, whatever it is, you are. And, despite denying that you like to be there, deep down you love to find out everything and that you get any information about those people you hate to laugh for a while.

Ok, you’re not the most terrible of all the signs, that’s for sure, but hey, you have your point of malice too. And you like revenge and even if you never act of karma, because the truth is that it is true that the fewer stories you are better involved in, you will taste very good that others may occasionally get their own medicine …

SCORPIO: You are Scorpio, and Scorpio never stitch without thread. Things such as Scorpio, with you it seems that everything goes natural, as if nothing was programmed, or agreed, or fully prepared … In fact, you presume many times of that. You have not said times that: “What a coincidence.” No Scorpio, with you NOTHING is a coincidence. Everything is very prepared from minute one. And yes, you also know how to do it, how to manipulate the things and minds of others so that things go exactly as you want them to go.

You know the behaviors of the rest, what they will do if you do this or if you do this other. And as … Everything happens as you planned. As always, sooner or later. That feeling of control and domination are the ones you like the most, even if you say no, that you are not interested …

SAGITTARIUS: You deny that you have fears Sagi, that you are very afraid of being left alone, to shit it, to make decisions that are not good, to not be sure … And it is that, on the outside, it seems that you have it ALL controlled, that you are independent, that nobody has power over you … But they do. Unfortunately, you are not as free as you would like and you do not have that control of your feelings as you would like. Sagi, everything is more complicated than you think. But all right, we don’t all have that strong control of our emotions. The difference is that you do boast of having it. Stop denying the obvious Sagi, that you have feelings, that you are not as strong as you think and that you also break, and sometimes very hard.

CAPRICORN: According to you, you don’t care about the opinion of the other Capricorn, you spend everything, you are independent and you will move away from the one who does not love you or who treats you badly. The reality is very different. Because you stay And you stay because you think you can change it anyway. Because of not something else, but stubborn / or a while … A long time. And you suffer, and you have a hard time and do that kind of thing that you would NEVER do for anyone. But you do Capri. And, you also have strong feelings, feelings that you cannot stop them no matter how much you give them that you have control over them.

I’m sorry to tell you what you don’t want to hear because besides, you deny it to satiety but you are NOT in control of all your emotions and sometimes, everything overflows, and it’s ok, ok? Do not feel bad about being vulnerable from time to time. We all are.

AQUARIUS: You go independent for life Aquarius, and you even love to say that you are colder than ice and that you spend everything and that to fall in love with someone you have to work hard and be there fighting and fighting until your heart softens and let yourself be loved a little … But it is not at all like that Aquarius. You fall in love quickly and if you do not fall in love, you get excited quickly, and in addition, almost anyone who shows you a little attention and dances you a little water.

Yes Aquarius, even when you know that you have less in common with someone than water and oil, you like to think about that idyllic future together … Aquarius, you deny being sentimental and romantic but deep down, you are, and more than you know. Think about the world. More than you even think.

PISCES: Ok Pisces, you are super sensitive, everything affects you very much and you have incredible empathy for others but you have a soon and a genius who better stop it from time to time. Yes, when you get into your world there is no one to stop you and the worst thing is that you think that you are ALWAYS right Pisces. Forever. And you who give them to put yourself in the place of others always, you do not. And so is Pececito, when things don’t go as you really expected, everything changes. That empathy and that good vibes end and you put yourself in a stubborn way of “I have reason and point”.

And yes Pisces, even you know it, you can become super load when it comes to wanting to do things by force and that is, do not get off your idea. If you think you’re right, you wear it, period. And there ends the empathy and good vibes and everything. There is only your reason, above all.


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