Lions tend to communicate with their bodies by gesturing with their hands, facial expressions and even by making funny physical humor. They like to play and be the center of attention, and if they do something funny with their bodies, people can understand it without Leo having to say anything. This zodiac sign knows the role to make a good first impression. They, therefore, tend to have a strong handshake, a sincere smile and are controlled with their movements.


Fish tend to be sensitive and show their emotions on their face by the way their mouth is (slightly open, wide open, tense or closed), their eyelids (open or closed), their cheeks (swollen or pulled) and their nose (wrinkled with disgust). They can make wild gestures or keep their arms pinned to the sides of their body. Sometimes a Fish simply turns away, indicating that he is injured or that he is finished with the person with whom he is. They are very expressive when it comes to communicating without words.


Taurus tends to be very sensual, so communicating using their bodies comes naturally. A Taurus can communicate by a contact or a caress. If they don’t feel something, their body shows it, sometimes by being inactive. If they are stubborn, their body will demonstrate its broad and rooted position; if their opinion does not change, their body is not likely to be. It is much better when a Taurus communicates love or compassion and can do so with a little action like bending over or with displays of affection.


Facial expressions are one of the main means used by scorpions to communicate with their bodies. If they want to communicate, they are relaxed, their eyebrows will be lowered; if they ask questions, their eyebrows will be raised. Scorpions are known for their intense concentration, so it’s not surprising that they seem to blink less than the others. If they look into their eyes, they will hold it almost to the point of being embarrassed. Scorpions can be attractive and charming and will use their bodies to convey s**xual interests without being vulgar or obscene.


Aries have abundant energy, so they also communicate with their voices and bodies. The good thing is that what they say matches their body language. An Aries wouldn’t say they were having fun while rolling their eyes, sighing and tapping their feet nervously. These people make eye contact, hold their heads high and, since they tend to be very positive, they smile. Aries communicate with their bodies that they are open and willing to try.


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