10 Surefire Signs You’re Dealing With a Psychopath

It’s hard to spot a psychopath in everyday life. Living among us as normal people, they are adept at hiding their true identities behind the veil of false feelings. In public and social gatherings, they skillfully mimic normal human emotions to avoid suspicion, and by the time you realize you’re dealing with a psychopath, it’s too late.

For them, human feelings have no value and are nothing more than vulnerabilities just waiting to be exploited. A relationship with a psychopath starts out easy and happy at first, but over time you realize the impending misery that emanates from their twisted personality.

10 zodiac signs that indicate you are dealing with a psychopath

1. They shower you with false appreciation.

This is the first step in their psychopathic game. First, they flatter you with compliments and build a basic relationship with you. They will make you emotionally engage with them. You should feel excited to find them.

Like a chameleon, they are adept at mirroring your dreams and goals and making them akin to theirs. They will convince you that you get along well and that you are very special to them.

They even go so far as to say that they’ve never felt so good and that you’re the only one who made them feel that way.

2. They will do their best to win your sympathy.

Psychopaths are very harmless when it comes to gaining sympathy or any kind of favor. They create an atmosphere of sensitivity in which you feel compelled to feel sorry for them. Then they come up with stories. Stories about her life that never happened.

They construct false stories and tell you how rude people have been to them. How they’ve been abused and robbed of their emotional stability (although most of the time it’s the opposite). They make you feel strong about them and feel obligated to apologize when they misbehave.

This is how they lay the groundwork for you to justify their wrongdoing, because now you’ve been told the lie that they’re traumatized and emotionally damaged, and that eventually led to their current pattern of behavior.

3. They make you feel bad.

This is one of the classic signs of a psychopath.

Now that you’ve emotionally engaged with her, you’re in for a shock. A surprise that will throw you off. By building empathy, you gave them the opportunity to show their true selves. You will find them barking all at once. They will take on trivial things and throw a tantrum over them.

For you, this is in stark contrast to what they painted before. A psychopath will tell you they hate drama and fights, but you’ll quickly find that they contradict themselves. You could mistake this for a split personality zodiac sign that has probably had a grip on them since their traumatic past, but don’t be fooled.

The “traumatic past” they whined about never happened, nor did this supposed “split personality” as a result. It’s all a careful construction on her part to fool you and immerse you in her negative aura. If you try to question them, they will accuse you of being insensitive.

But since you’ve gotten so involved with her emotionally, you’re not going to leave her or give a final warning. Instead, you will end up doubting your emotional understanding. This is exactly what psychopaths want. They want you to question your behavior and change it to match your feelings with their pattern.

4. They constantly seek your attention.

Seeking attention comes naturally to psychopaths, and again, this is one of the main signs that you are dealing with a psychopath. It’s typical of a psychopath to crave attention. You’ll find them trying numerous methods to get your attention. They have no regard for the time, energy, or feelings of others.

They don’t even care about their own well-being. They physically harm themselves to show their suffering. Hurting others’ feelings is more important to them than what they do to themselves.

Her goal is to be the center of your attention and make sure you’re always there for her. They don’t care if you’re emotionally stable or not; her only concern is to constantly get uninterrupted attention, regardless of your emotional state.

5. They don’t acknowledge your feelings, let alone feel them.

As mentioned earlier, psychopaths blame you for not understanding their feelings, but on the other hand, they themselves don’t care how you feel. The more time you spend with a psychopath, the more you will find this trait in them. Whether you’re having a bad day or not is the least important thing to her.

They are always preoccupied with themselves and the attention they are getting. They can do the exact opposite in public to hide their true selves, but people who spend time with them understand how cold and insensitive a psychopath is to the pain of others.

Being with a psychopath usually causes trauma, but they act like nothing happened and it’s our fault. But since they have successfully tapped into your emotional intelligence, they skillfully manipulate your overall mental health and get away with all the traumatizing acts.

6. They consider themselves above the law.

You know it when you’re dealing with a psychopath when you notice this kind of behavior.

When you are out in public with a psychopath, you will find that they act quite eccentric and arrogant. They break rules and try to act indifferent, as if nothing happened. Whether at the traffic light or in the supermarket, they play the boss. It’s like the whole world revolves around her.

If you try to stop them, they will go against anything you say. Even if they are caught and put behind bars, they do not show any zodiac signs and should continue even after their release.

7. Boredom follows them too often

Imagine hanging out with someone who happens to be a psychopath. You’re having a great time until you suddenly catch him scrolling through his social media. You would wonder what could have bored her without finding a practical reason for it.

A psychopath is bored for no reason. It’s among their notorious mood swings, which are said to affect every relationship they find themselves in. The more you try to make things interesting, the more you find them glued to their phones. As if they’re intentionally trying to dampen the excitement. They literally suck all the energy out of the atmosphere and nullify your efforts.

8. You never hesitate to lie.

Psychopaths are chronic liars. Lying is part of their everyday life and they do it casually. Your mental state doesn’t matter to them. They’re the least concerned about the consequences of their lies, and they don’t care how you feel if they get caught. They act like lying is normal.

Psychopaths take things lightly, concerned only with their own well-being. Don’t expect them to improve and strive for honesty and integrity. They’re self-righteous people totally absorbed in their twisted ideologies, and that’s one of the best clues that you’re dealing with a psychopath.

9. You are always unwilling to take responsibility.

Psychopaths run away from responsibility. They hate being in charge and often look down on those who defy this mentality. This behavior stems from their prejudice that they are not the cause of anything they may have done to others. Her anti-social attitude also fuels her dislike.

For them, responsibilities are nothing more than useless burdens of humanity, and people should be free from any kind of responsibility. They don’t take responsibility and don’t feel responsible if they’re accused of wrong.

10. Her promiscuity outweighs her commitment.

How do you spot a psychopath you ask? To it. Pay attention to this feature.

If you are in a relationship with a psychopath, you will find them with this trait. Because a psychopath fails to form an emotional bond with their partner, their mind constantly wanders in search of multiple partners. They play with their feelings and often fall into adultery and broken bonds.

You don’t value a respectful relationship and are always plagued by the chronic dream of having more than one partner. They never settle for a single person and should only fuel their carnal dreams to get involved with multiple people.

So these are the zodiac signs you are dealing with in a psychopath. If you find someone close to you exhibiting all or most of these traits, you should flee! Let us know what you think about it in the comments below!


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