What Each Sign Needs For A Soul To Shake His Heart

What Each Sign Needs For A Soul To Shake His Heart

Your other half is not the one that comes into your life in a beautiful way, it has magic in its eyes but it comes like a whirlwind, it is your mirror, it is the one who shakes your emotions and makes you recognize your mistakes. She is the one who shakes your heart with so much love, but also makes you wonder if you are in the right place. It is not the one that fits perfectly, it is the one that helps you repair the broken pieces. What does each sign need for a soul to stir its heart? 


Aries is looking for someone who shelters his soul, who is able to caress the way he sees life. Do not be afraid of risk, respect your individuality and give you the assurance that you are not with anyone else. Someone who has closed cycles, who is loyal, dedicated and wants to take him by the hand even when his dark side is present. Aries wants someone who does not promise the Moon and the stars, they want facts.


Taurus melts in the arms of the person who is willing to take care of his heart as if he were in a glass box. Taurus does not want to be hurt, he is tired of jumping from love to love and ending up worse and worse. You want to feel that the person appreciates you, that you do not minimize your emotionsand that you understand that there are cracks that will never go away, but can be reopened. Taurus wants to feel much more than a racing heart.


Geminis want someone to give them security, someone who doesn’t panic at their indecision, the way they drastically change course. What does each sign need for a soul to stir its heart? In this case, Gemini stays with whoever contributes in every way, who has the necessary intellectuality to maintain a deep conversation. Geminis don’t want to have to wonder all the time if that person wants something serious or not. Gemini is the one who can immerse themselves in your world if you value theirs.


Cancer needs someone who is willing to swim in their thoughts, someone who won’t tell them that they are exaggerating all the time. He knows he is not perfect, but there is a vulnerable part that will not allow anyone to hurt again. Cancer wants much more than someone who makes its heart flutter. A soul that helps you face your fears, that listens to your sadness and inspires you. Someone who is capable of giving everything he gives.


Leo is tired of half-hearted loves, of those that do not have the courage to commit, of those that come and shake your mental and emotional health, and then leave as if nothing had happened. Leo wants a loyal person, who does not panic when he feels a flutter in his stomach and all that accumulation of feelings synonymous with love. His whole life is agitated by that couple who dare, who does not run away when projects knock on his door , who is not afraid to shine.


Virgo prefers a thousand times to sink into his hobbies and anxiety than to end up once again in the wrong arms. It is a sign that is tired of everything and everyone, wants a break, wants to discover someone who is willing to embrace their negative side, who does not panic when projects are present. Virgo is hard on himself and does not expect less from the other. He wants to feel that he is worthy of her love, that he is not afraid of loyalty and lasting.


Libra is the one who has gone in love affairs like the roller coaster, sometimes up, sometimes down. There is something in you that seems endless, breaks that leave you breathless, unwilling to believe. You struggle every day with this part that tells you that there is still hope, but also with the one that screams not to do it again. What does each sign need for a soul to stir its heart? You don’t care who’s stirring your heart, Libra, you want someone who wants to lull your heart . Calm is what you are looking for.


Scorpio is the one who struggles with the idea that not everyone is honest, that there are those who only come to break up, to discharge all their negative energy. It is a sign that is governed by loyalty, by deep love, by emotions that make you wonder if you are where you want to be. Scorpio wants someone to stir his heart, mind, body . He wants it all or nothing, at last he has learned to deal with loneliness and it does not scare him one bit.


Sagittarius can get lost in a lot of adventures, his mind never stops, it is always here and there, that is the reason why it is so difficult for him to include commitment in his vocabulary. Sagittarius dreams big, they have the faith that that person is willing to navigate their way of seeing life. However, sometimes it is he himself who puts obstacles, it seems that you are scared to give everything and end up in pieces . That’s life, what joke would I have if it weren’t?


Capricorn has reached the point of exhaustion, he takes refuge in work, always with a lot of things to do in order not to face the reason why his heart can no longer take it. Capricorn is independent, sweet, and somewhat stubborn . He hates feeling vulnerable, he wants someone who shows him more than shaking his heart that he will be through thick and thin. Capricorn is not one of those who puts a blindfold, dives into your dark side, wants to really know you.


Aquarius is the one who has learned to put up a huge emotional barrier. He hates the realization that there are those who only approach him to get something. That is why he has become very meticulous when it comes to giving his heart. Aquarius is not looking for someone to stir his heart, he wants an intellectual, patient and open-minded being . Someone with whom you can let go and do not have to be careful what he says so as not to offend. He wants something real.


Pisces does not need someone to solve his life, he is tired of being seen as the most sensitive being, to whom they have to omit things so that he does not take offense. Pisces wants someone who is sweet, but has no compassion for them. A person who does not minimize everything that hurts him, empathic and who is able to see his resilient side. Pisces is abundance and does not expect less from the other. You don’t want your heart to flutter, you got tired of so much drama, now you are looking for stability.


What Each Sign Needs For A Soul To Shake His Heart

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