How The New Moon In Cancer On July 9th Will Make You Feel

How The New Moon In Cancer On July 9th Will Make You Feel

The New Moon in Cancer gives us the opportunity to have some very sweet moments with the people we love the most. It will be a night to remember what it means to feel at home, to give yourself the pleasure of being vulnerable and feeling everything that life has brought you this last month. It will be good to plan a quiet night in the company of only people with whom you can have affection and with whom you are protected. Because the Moon feels very comfortable in the sign of Cancer, since it is its ruler, but it can be a bit overwhelming for us to face so many emotions. A very powerful energy is available because we are in Cancer season, with the Moon in this sign. The stars have aligned so that you feel all your emotions and so that you remember where your true home is. That’s how it is How the New Moon in Cancer on July 9 will make you feel:


Aries, it’s time to follow the signs that life is sending you. The New Moon in Cancer will allow you to be more aware of them, to feel them on the surface. It is a time for you to let yourself go, to flow and feel all the emotions that were stagnant inside you. The best way is to spend time at home, calm and feeling protected. You can listen to the people who are always there, but above all listen to what your heart tells you. Enjoy some time with your family because maybe you have the opportunity to discover where many of the problems that you now have come from. A new beginning is being prepared, but you have to leave space and end everything that no longer gives you anything in your life and is only a burden.


And for you, Taurus, how will the New Moon in Cancer on July 9 make you feel?Although it sounds like a cliché, the answer to who you really are, that question that you have been asking yourself for a while, is within you. The New Moon in Cancer will put you in contact with your entire most unconscious world, where you hide everything that happens to you and you do not have the strength to look. Now you will have strength, even if it is a little hard. Taurus, it is a time to be with yourself, to feel what it means to be free and at the same time lean on those who love you the most. There are people in your family with whom you can be yourself and be vulnerable, do not be afraid to ask for help if you need it. New things are coming, important changes that will allow you to have much more freedom in your life, but first you have to update the version you have of yourself. Look in a mirror at all levels. To love,


We haven’t seen your true self in a long time, Gemini. It seems like you’ve gotten a bit lost among so many other people who you’ve given too much space in the last few months. The New Moon in Cancer brings you the opportunity to focus on yourself, on what really makes you connect with yourself. Remember what you really want to do in life, where you are going to go and what makes you valuable as a person. It is a night to be at home, at most with your family. You are going to feel many emotions that need to be expressed and to which you have not given space because you needed to be with a mask all the time. Mercury will help you do things in a smart way. Lean on feeling that you are not alone, that the people who really matter will always be with you, and that whenever you want you can have that feeling of home.


Your Moon arrives, and the energy available to you is very deep and abundant. An opportunity to grow in that project that resists you and to look at your past with the certainty that you have learned from all your falls.

The connection with those friends who are like brothers, with your closest family, will bring you the necessary security to feel that you can express everything that has happened to you for a while, and that you have not been able to heal for fear of showing yourself vulnerable. There are people supporting you unconditionally and you may have been so focused on your problems that you do not see it. So take time to be home, allow yourself to be happy and flow with everything that happens. Clean yourself inside so that the new cycle has space inside you.


For you, Leo , the Moon will be romantic and full of emotion, are you ready? Do not try to make it public, prepare an affection but intense moment if you are in a couple. And if not, let yourself be surprised at what life can bring you. Perhaps you can propose something to the person that catches your eye, or simply channel all that energy towards yourself and give yourself a night to enjoy the things that you like the most. Your family will also play an important role, Cancer will remind you how much you need them and how important it is to communicate with them, to live quiet and pleasant moments. If you remember all the good things you experienced as a child, help those who have just joined the family to create fond memories with you for when they are older.


Take advantage of all the creativity that this water Moon is going to bring you, Virgo. You, who are an earth sign with a great capacity to be methodical and orderly, with a Moon like this you can get a little nervous, but you can also let yourself go and translate all your emotions into something artistic. Play as a Virgo child, have fun, remember what it felt like as a child to be with the people who took care of you. And be grateful Virgo, even if things get difficult there is always something to be thankful for, even if it is learning. The night of the New Moon is for you, for the people you feel closest to. Be yourself, even if it hurts a little, and dare to let go of everything that no longer serves you in a night that will remove a lot of things.


Libra, how will the New Moon in Cancer on July 9 make you feel? It is time to take some time off, even if it is one night. The New Moon in Cancer wants you to take care of yourself a little, to dedicate time to your well-being. Share a dinner with your family or with your partner, but make it something affection, that allows you to open up emotionally without feeling judged. Because you have many issues to resolve, which affect how you feel and that you have been trying to cover for a long time. We are all affected by things, you don’t have to feel bad about having powerful Libra emotions. Feel free to look them in the eye. Because if you keep ignoring them, you won’t be able to access everything the universe has in store for you, very interesting changes.


Scorpio , it is the perfect time for you to reconnect with your family, and to really let yourself be taken care of. Pamper yourself and those around you. Get back to being kind to your body by giving it nutritious food, movement, and also take care of your mind with some meditation. If you have a partner, reflect on whether you really allow him to be in your life one hundred percent or if, unconsciously, you keep him away from an important part of you. It is time to have that conversation in which you show yourself as you are. Do it without fear, because you deserve someone who loves you fully, who loves everything in you and everything that matters to you.


Sagi, the past still hurts, no matter how hard you try to look away. The New Moon in Cancer comes to help you heal it, because it gives you the possibility of leaning on those who really love you, that you have some affection moment with them, that you open your heart to them and tell them how bad you had it. Because when you have this in order the Moon will also give you what you deserve, a new beginning. New relationships, new adventures and happiness. We’ve all had lonely times with the pandemic, and you’ve grown a lot, Sagi. Now it’s time to get up your courage, and look your demons face to face, so that in the end they can fly out of your heart and make room for something wonderful that is to come.


Some issues related to your need to always be in control of all situations will be seen in this New Moon in Cancer. Capricorn, how will the New Moon in Cancer on July 9 make you feel? Perhaps it is time to try to rethink a whole philosophy of life, let it flow a little more, what really makes you powerful, Capri, is trusting that things well done in the end will pay off. You don’t have to force anything, just do the right thing. Spend a few days reflecting, reading or escaping to some natural place where you feel at home. Feel, Capri, it is time to let go of fears but first you must look them in the face. When you are able to laugh at expectations, then you are ready to exceed them.


Aquarius , this New Moon in Cancer brings you conflicts that you still have to resolve, especially some with yourself and what you want to do in life. You are realizing many things that you did, not in the best possible way, and that now weigh you down. You try to look the other way, but you know they are there and life reminds you too. The Moon not only puts it in front of you, but it makes you feel everything that you carry inside. You are going to need to spend time at home, enjoy the warmth of your people, let them help you heal your heart. And close cycles, Aquarius, there are things that can no longer be changed. Accept it, cry all you need and move on.


Pisces, the New Moon in Cancer will help you connect with the whole world, because you will feel what others feel. Be careful not to get carried away by problems that are not yours, it is very good to be empathetic but it can get out of hand. That is why it is good that you take the night to yourself and discover what is really inside you, what you feel. You can use that sensitive ability to spend a very affection and special time with your family. The Moon encourages you to share these moments with the people who love you the most, with whom you feel protected and who have always been there. When you feel safe, open your heart. Because you also need to face everything you feel.


How The New Moon In Cancer On July 9th Will Make You Feel

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