The Bad You Need To Know About Each Sign Before You Get Married

The Bad You Need To Know About Each Sign Before You Get Married

I wish life were so simple, with that touch of honey on the flakes. But no, it’s complicated, loving puts you between a rock and a hard place all the time. There is a part of you that feels insecure, that is scared to take the step of commitment because it does not want to end up in pieces. Nothing is perfect, each zodiac sign has a dark side and you have to know it before you get married , it is the only way you will be able to deal with reality. It is not about throwing everything away, it is about accepting the other with everything and their defects. This is the bad thing you have to know about each sign before you get married:


Before you walk down the aisle next to Aries , you have to know that they have an impulsive side that won’t budge. They are the type of person who says things that you later regret. In the moment they love to take risks, but once reason is present their mood changes drastically and not always for the better. Aries changes to the rhythm of the wind, you never know what their energy is and although they are not aggressive, not everyone understands them.


Taurus is the most stubborn person you will meet on your way, seriously, when they are passionate about something there is nothing that makes them change their mind. Taurus hates being told what to do with his life, he does not want anyone to interfere in his decisions and trying new things is not exactly his thing, he prefers routine. It is a sign that loves stability and there are things that will never change. Their way of thinking is unique, you just have to respect it.


The first thing you have to know before joining your life with a Gemini is that they are synonymous with indecision, they have a hard time being determined and it also frustrates them, so their mood will be affected. Gemini takes a long time to tell you if they want children, a house, a dog or a cat. Gemini is changeable, free, hates feeling attached and therefore does not get along very well with commitment. He is loyal but his soul is frightened by weddings.


Cancer is the most emotional sign of the zodiac, so having a relationship with him is like riding a roller coaster every day. There is also the bad thing that you have to know about each sign before you get married. In this case, Cancer you have to know that it is a sign that puts the family first, very homely and sensitive. The problem is that they love too much, worry too much, and often forget about themselves and their partner. Cancer does not stop helping, it has a protective and empathetic side, which makes it impossible not to feel the pain of others deeply.


Leo loves with all his being to be the center of attention, itis a sign that was born to shine and its intention is not to humiliate anyone, it is simply part of its nature. It is a very demanding sign, really if you do not have time to give your heart deeply, it is better that you turn the page and continue on your way. Leo is very confident, when he wants to do something he launches himself to success without fear, he always goes against the clock and is not waiting for his life to be solved.


Meticulous, perfectionist, detailed. This is Virgo, the person who has to think about everything a thousand times and give it a thousand more turns. It is a careful sign, it does not take things lightly, because it knows that in a second it can change everything. Virgo can be very intense when it comes to planning, wanting things straight, and feeling like you’re making the right decision. It can be heavy, but also who will make you feel more protected than ever.


Libra is one of the prettiest souls in the zodiac, but it also has its dark side. When he falls in love he wants to be the priority, with Libra you love or you don’t love, he doesn’t understand gray. He can be a bit demanding, he wants you to show him the love that you promised so much. He wants to enjoy everything with his partner and suddenly he becomes his escape valve. Libra is very sensitive and sometimes his mood is changed by the tragedy of others.


If there is something that Scorpio gets out of hand, it is jealousy. The bad thing that you have to know about each sign before you get married, of Scorpio you have to know that there are times when he forgets everything because his distrustful part takes control. It shows when you are not comfortable and when your insecurities are present. In addition, he is very emotional, he takes things very seriously and does not keep them to himself . Scorpio hates when his partner is not considerate, when he feels that he is exaggerating his feelings, that’s when he wants to run away.


Sagittarius has a rapturous side that does not stop with anything, simply when they feel that something does not vibrate beautiful they want to end everything. It is a sign that when you feel excessively attached to a relationship you begin to change, because you are preparing to leave. He loves freedom, breaking the limits and going out to immerse himself in new worlds. If you try to clip its wings you will know its darker side, the one that can break your heart with its absence.


Capricorn has no time for games, whether or not you want a formal relationship. He likes things straight ahead and without fear . It is a very disciplined, constant sign and when it wants to achieve something it focuses so much that the world disappears, even its partner. It’s not that they don’t love you, it’s that their expectations are high, there is a part of them that always wants more. It is a word sign and if you do not see the same intentions in your partner you prefer to finish.


Aquarius is a sign that distances itself from everything and everyone, without warning and at the least expected moment. It is his lonely side, the one that needs to nurture to gain more strength, it is nothing personal, it is his spirit asking for a break. Not everyone can deal with their emotional detachment. Aquarius loves in his own way, he is not here to live up to the expectations that the movies have led us to believe. If you are not ready to deal with it speak now or be quiet forever.


Pisces is an emotional, sensitive, empathic soul. You have to know that this is not always synonymous with something positive. There will be times when the pain collapses them and it will not always be because of their problems, they are so empathetic that they appropriate those of the rest. Pisces has no problem sharing what is in his heart, but you have to know that he is very changeable. Sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes angry. Pisces is a whirlwind and is not for everyone.


The Bad You Need To Know About Each Sign Before You Get Married

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