The 6 types of friendship

Life & Love – “You can never have enough friends” – is that true? It probably depends on how “friendship” is defined. Mobinah Ahmad, a young woman whose theory of friendship is going viral right now, has questioned the meaning of the word “friend”.

There is only one best friend

Like many other people, Mobinah Ahmad, who has dealt intensively with the topic of friendship, finds that the word “ friend ” is used far too inflationarily nowadays, especially through social networks such as Facebook & Co ..

Also the phrase “You can never having enough friends “she believes is completely wrong. She interprets the word “friend” differently: She understands what most would define as a “best friend”: someone with whom you speak regularly, with whom you have a close connection and whom you can turn to at any time .

So a friend is not always a friend– everyone probably agrees. To examine the levels of “friendship” more closely, Mobinah developed an online test for her Facebook friends and asked them to answer the questions truthfully. For example, one question is: “Would you drive me to the airport?” or “Could we keep a 20 minute conversation going?”.

The 6 types of friendship

After evaluating her study, she came to the following conclusion: There are six types of friendship. There are pre-acquaintances, first-degree acquaintances, second-degree acquaintances, third-degree acquaintances, the pre-friend and friend (or best friend).

Pre-acquaintances are people you only know briefly and by name. First-degree acquaintances are mostly employees, work colleagues and people whom you meet often, but with whom you would not meet in private. Second-degree acquaintances are people you have known for a while and whom you only meet in larger groups, but never alone.

Third-degree acquaintances are people with whom you have a good connection and with whom you can have a good conversation. However, you rarely see each other and only if you have agreed to meet a long time beforehand. Pre-friends (potential friends) are the people with whom you would like to be closer friends and with whom you want to develop a steadfast friendship. At the top level is the “friend”, that is, the one with whom you share the mutual feeling of love.

When Facebook friends is to Mobinahs grouping mainly to acquaintances of the 2nd and 3rd degree. Only 1 percent of their Facebook friends are real “friends”.

According to Mobinah, the following characteristics define the right “friend”:

  • You are very interested in every aspect of your life (academic, physical, mental), your relationships, etc.
  • His opinion, ideas and thoughts are important to you
  • You can express your thoughts openly to him
  • Subtle signs immediately show him that you are sad or angry
  • You meet the person regularly and talk long and deeply
  • A friend takes the initiative and sometimes makes a sacrifice for friendship
  • There is mutual trust, admiration, and forgiveness

If you divide your friends into these types, how many friends are left? Probably very few. Then Mobinah achieved her goal: her goal was to show that it wasn’t the number of friends that counts, but the close connection to the right people.


The 6 types of friendship

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