How to get married – according to your zodiac sign

You can stop worrying about your wedding – it has long been predetermined by the stars

The way your wedding will look depends on your zodiac sign


Aries love everything that is thrilling and exciting. So it’s no wonder that this should also be reflected on their big day. Just go to church or the registry office? That is out of the question for an Aries. Something extraordinary like a rehearsed flash mob, a vintage car or a hot air balloon is needed. It wouldn’t be surprising, either, if the Aries bride shows up in a wedding dress with eye-catching red details.

Guests are not neglected at Aries weddings: they will be offered something.


The Taurus likes it classic and traditional. Not only in everyday life, but also at the wedding. The tried-and-true will be relied on and the Taurus bride will definitely enchant with an elegant white wedding dress.

By the way, guests can look forward to first-class wine and delicious food. Because that is high on the Taurus priority list.


Twins like it wild. The wedding is one big “see and be seen” party. The wedding dress will be correspondingly extravagant. The more details, the better. After all, everyone should know immediately who is the most important person on that day.

Guests can look forward to good music, a large dance floor and extras such as a photo box.


Cancers are very sentimental, sensitive people. Therefore, Cancer weddings often take place in small groups. You can celebrate together with family and closest friends in an intimate place, far away from prying eyes and a lot of fanfare. Cancer women also often wear a simple wedding dress. Traditions such as wearing something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue are capitalized and definitely adhered to.

Invited guests can count themselves lucky – they belong to the narrow circle of the chosen ones.


As the kings and queens of the jungle, lions love extravagance. Of course, that doesn’t mean that everything should be cheesy and ostentatiously overloaded, on the contrary. The lion bride wants it glamorous. A wedding for a real queen. Of course, a red carpet and exquisite floral decorations should not be missing.

Guests can look forward not only to a luxury buffet with champagne, but also to the location. As we know the lions, they do not ruffle and actually rent a castle.


Virgos are perfectionist through and through. Everything has to be planned down to the smallest detail. Nothing is left to chance at the wedding either. But that doesn’t mean that the wedding is traditional – on the contrary. Virgos like it modern and love to bring a personal touch into it.

Guests can therefore look forward to a lovingly decorated wedding with emotional details.


Libra love it romantic. If there is anything that will not be lacking, it will be fresh flowers and candles. Ideally, the wedding ceremony takes place in a forest clearing, with lanterns and garlands.

Guests can look forward to a romantic Hollywood-style wedding.


Scorpios love it fancy. A wedding like any other? That is absolutely out of the question for the Scorpio. Dramatic, dark colors, such as a rich red or floral decorations in a strong pink shade, decorate the location. Ideally, the wedding takes place in the evening glow. Scorpio finds nothing more important than making a statement.

Guests can look forward to an extravagant wedding.


Sagittarius love outdoor weddings. She would prefer to celebrate her wedding far away, but this is often not possible for financial reasons. That’s why Sagittarians literally take the wide world home with them. So it can happen that at the wedding in the garden not only do Nepalese prayer flags hang from the bushes, but also Moroccan carpets or oriental lamps can be found as decorations.

Guests can expect a wedding from 1001 nights.


Capricorns love it timeless and elegant. A Capricorn wedding will always be sophisticated and well thought out. Alcohol Capades and Wedding Games? Nothing. However, this does not mean that it will be boring and stuffy. Capricorns are always good for a surprise: for example an elegant wedding in traditional costumes.

Guests can look forward to a tasteful wedding without embarrassing games.


Aquarians and women are real free spirits. Even if you decide on a traditional location, it is not surprising when the Aquarius bride impresses with an extravagant dress. Because one thing is certain: the water woman will definitely not come in white.

Guests can look forward to a wedding with many surprises.


Pisces are not only romantic, but also sentimental. For them there is only one question: a wedding like in a fairy tale, only more minimalist. Fish don’t like a big fanfare, they just have the family with them.

However, it can also happen with fish that they simply blow off to Las Vegas and get married there. Somehow that’s also very romantic.

Guests: Nothing. You can look forward to funny stories and lots of aha moments.


How to get married - according to your zodiac sign

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