The last week of November is especially exciting for three zodiac signs: According to the horoscope, love could catch you at first sight

In love like Williams and Kate – for these zodiac signs it may become reality

At the end of November all zodiac signs say: take a deep breath! Mercury is finally no longer declining, which means communication is improving and we no longer have the feeling that we are standing still. This applies to the job that will get a boost shortly before the end of the year – but also to interpersonal relationships. According to the horoscope, three zodiac signs could fall in love – at first glance.


Singles born in the zodiac sign Taurus should really enjoy their last solo evenings. It may be that something changes in their relationship status in November. Venus is on the bulls side this week and will give them encounters they won’t forget so quickly …


In the zodiac sign Cancer, three crosses indicate that Mercury is no longer retrograde. In the past few weeks, they have had to overcome many obstacles in the endurance run – and they are actually still a bit out of breath. From Tuesday onwards, Venus ensures that the palpitations no longer come from the permanent sprint, but from butterflies. Everything crayfish have to do: open up for something new – with skin and hair!


Monday still feels a bit clumsy for those born in the zodiac sign Scorpio, but starting on Tuesday – just like with cancer – it is just going great. However, the scorpion does not (yet) appreciate his luck and therefore walled something. If the potential partner remains persistent enough, the love sparks could soon fly here.


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