If your husband uses one of these 9 phrases, it is best for you to go your separate ways

It is really poor. He doesn’t want to tie you up and he has a billion reasons why he says he doesn’t want to tie himself up.

Some of these reasons may be true, but have you ever wondered if he really cares about you? You can’t say that for sure. Sometimes you think yes and sometimes you think no. But he doesn’t want to commit and he doesn’t continue to work for your relationship.

It seems like you won’t be able to move: The train never goes forward. With all his hesitation, you wonder how you can know if he’s ready to commit and if your relationship has a future.

But one thing must be clear to you: he doesn’t love you. If he loved you, he would recognize the problems or concerns and work for you and your relationship.

So how can you best tell that he’s serious about you? If he never pronounces these 9 sentences. And if he does, you’re better off if you end things immediately.

1. “I’m not ready.”

No woman wants to hear this sentence. He will say that he is not ready and maybe he is not. He may be really traumatized after a breakup or divorce and may not want to indulge, but that’s not always the case.

2. “I want to go out with other women too.”

Okay, leave these options open. He will tell you that he wants to meet other women, but that also means that you are not the only one for him … at least not now. Maybe one day he will understand how special you are, or maybe not.

And how can you deal with it? Start dating other men too, and if you see that he’s having a hard time, just let him go and see if he comes back. In the meantime, find someone who wants you as much as you want them.

3. “I can’t promise anything.”

Sure, he likes you, so he doesn’t want you to go away from him, but he doesn’t love you enough to bond and settle down. So, he’ll continue to go out with you and spend time with you, but he won’t commit because he doesn’t want to make a promise he can’t keep. So you deserve something better.

4. “I still want to see what options are out there for me. I am sorry.”

If he keeps saying that he’s not ready to settle down because he’s losing other options and he’s not ready to do that, then it’s shit, but at least he’s honest. So he’s sort of doing the right thing by not promising you something he can’t stick to. On the other hand, he plays with you. So let him go and see if he comes back.

5. “I don’t see a future with you.”

So he’s a nice guy and he’s good for you too, but he doesn’t want to be with you. Why? He just doesn’t see a future with you. And if he doesn’t see a future with you, he doesn’t love you either, so he’s not worth another breath or a second of your time.

6. “I’m to blame.”

It could very well be that “he” is responsible for everything. For his earlier relationship problems. His addiction. His fear of injury. His life, his studies or his professional or family commitments. Sure, there may be reasons why he can’t tie himself up. But when he says “I am to blame”, he also says: “You are not the one I love”.

Let him go with his excuses. If he sees his problems and decides that you are the person he’d like to be with, that’s great! On the contrary, continue your life without him.

7. “I just need some space.”

Then let’s judge. It is not always an excuse if he needs some freedom to think about what he wants. Don’t give him up right away, but if he keeps asking for space, it’s because he doesn’t want to tie you up and doesn’t love you.

Or he has big problems. If he has problems, let him solve them. You can’t help him.

8. “I’m not over my ex-girlfriend.”

This is the greatest proof that you are not the right person for him. And frankly, if he sits there crying over his ex, no other woman will be good for him. He is too attached to her and therefore he cannot enjoy his life. And that’s why to say goodbye to such a person.

9. “I only need a little more time.”

If you’ve only been together recently and he’s only slowly starting to have a relationship, that’s fine. It is worth being patient with him. But if you’ve been together for years and he’s still using this little excuse, leave him. Don’t be one of those women who have been waiting for engagement for ten years and never get the application. Either he doesn’t love you or he’s a chronic bachelor.


If your husband uses one of these 9 phrases, it is best for you to go your separate ways

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