In the week of December 16, three zodiac signs peak. Your horoscope says that they are particularly attractive to others

Attention, attractive!

The full moon energy of December 12th ( astrologer Claudia Hohlweg wrote here, which is changing for all zodiac signs ) continues. Some people feel slowed down by it, others run into top form. The following three zodiac signs have an almost magical appeal in the week of December 16:


Libra born in the zodiac sign has often doubted themselves this year. Regardless of whether it was about your professional success, your family or your love life: Several setbacks shaped the Libra and changed your self-esteem. The energy that the scales feel from mid-December gives them a boost. Suddenly she feels tidy, balanced and visibly comfortable in her skin. Others notice that too – and are amazed at how confident the scale is suddenly.


In mid-December, Aquarius has three strong companions at his side with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus. This has an enormous impact on his charisma: people born in the zodiac sign Aquarius have a permanent smile on their lips, can easily motivate others and cast a spell on their fellow human beings. Maybe there is a big love for 2020 among them?

Speaking of which:


Before the Christmas stress rolls towards him, the ram finds his inner peace again in the week of December 16. He sleeps well, feels balanced and has a calm, positive charisma. That impresses his environment – and everyone would like to spend time with him.


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