With this zodiac sign you should console yourself after the separation



It’s over and over – and your heart is bleeding. How good that some zodiac signs blow us away from the first moment so that they make us forget all the pain of separation. Here comes YOUR consolation zodiac sign

Let yourself be comforted – best by this zodiac sign

A separation is not only associated with heartache but for the moment takes away our belief in love. What helps now? Good friends, distraction – and one of those zodiac signs. Because in combination with your own zodiac sign they cause the sparks to fly.

The Scorpion for the Aries

Aries + scorpion = pure fire. What sounds dangerous at first turns out to be an extremely magical combination. Because both zodiac signs are so passionate, impulsive and romantic that the sparks will fly directly. Just as the beginning begins with a bang, this connection will probably also end with a bang. But in the meantime, it is so intense that you will forget everything else.

The Pisces for the Taurus

When the bull’s heart is broken, he needs a fish by his side. This zodiac sign is the only one that can touch and comfort him emotionally now. The fish is a true master in rebuilding the bull and gives it the feeling of being loved. In the long run, this ratio is somewhat unbalanced but just good for now.

The Virgo for the Gemini

A breakup can pretty much throw the twin off track. He will not only question the relationship but will have strong self-doubt. Now he needs a virgin by his side! With her extremely controlled manner, she helps him get back on track and thus finds himself. When his heart is healed, the twin will lose interest in her fairly quickly – but their time together will both be magically remembered.

The Libra for the Scorpion

The scorpion is a vain zodiac sign, which after separation is one thing above all: angry! To balance, he now needs a scale that protects him from acting impulsively and thoughtlessly. The Libra, in turn, feels flattered by his attention and enjoys it until the scorpion targets a new victim.

The Leo for the Virgo

If the virgin is injured, she should be comforted by a strong lion. He teaches her to stand calmly about things and to accept them as they are. It will drive the virgin out of her comfort zone and thus provide a pure distraction. The lion itself needs so much attention that the virgin will soon forget the ex-partner.

The Taurus for the Leo

If the lion is left sitting, he spends his time licking his wounds and feeling sorry for himself. In this situation, he needs a bull that is pragmatic about things and is not driven by feelings. The bull will wrap itself around the lion-like a warm blanket. When the heartache is over, however, the lion will shake off this blanket and start looking again.

The Sagittarius for the Libra

The shooter will always keep the scales at bay – and that’s exactly what they need in the separation phase. Now she has a need for attention and distraction – a new love would be poison for her. After all, the scale has to process what has been done to it in peace. The shooter is their perfect match.

Aquarius for Cancer

Aquarius is omniscient and will help cancer understand the separation and its own feelings better. After that, however, he will leave cancer – which hopefully has not fallen in love with Aquarius by then – to move on and pass on his knowledge to others.

The Gemini for Aquarius

Separation is harder for Aquarius than for others. He loves his independence, but once he falls in love with someone, he doesn’t want to let them go. The twin will help him out of this deep hole – with an extra dose of humor and zest for life. Aquarius will be eternally grateful for that.

The Aries for the Sagittarius

If the shooter rushes to work or party life out of sheer heartache, the ram will be the best support he can get. The ram will patiently and bit by bit return the belief in love, passion, and romance. These two may never make it into a relationship, but for the moment they are doing very, very well.

The Capricorn for the Pisces

The fish is the most credulous of the zodiac signs. No wonder his heart is broken more often than others. The ibex can give him back the belief in the good in man because he is a very loving and good zodiac sign.

The Capricorn Cancer

If a bad separation happens to the ibex itself, he should keep his eyes open for cancer. Both are very practical zodiac signs with a great sense of family. They usually take care of others first and then take care of themselves. That makes them – especially in times of heartache – a strong team that can grow into more.


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