He realizes that you are the right person for him

Sooner or later, your friend will also find himself wondering if you are the right person for him. This usually happens when the first infatuation phase subsides and joint future plans are forged. We’ll show you the yardsticks he uses to figure out if he wants to share his life with you.

Are you the right person for him? Of course you can hardly answer this question yourself – even if the answer interests you burning. To save you pondering, here are some features that will make you Mrs. Right .

1. You do not put yourself above your partner

Men who are happy for a long time in a relationship usually have partners at their side who do not ask for them. This means that the woman meets her sweetheart at eye level, does not command him and is proud to have him at her side. As unpopular as arrogance is the obsequiousness . Most men also want to be proud of their girlfriend and not have a woman by their side who says yes to everything and amen and submits to her partner. If you’re a confident and appreciative friend, chances are you’re just the thing for him.

2. You share the same wishes and visions

When it comes to finding the perfect partner , it’s also often about looking to the future . Do you want the same, do you have similar ideas of life ? In concrete terms this means that if you want to have children, improve your career or move your residence to rural areas, you should be fundamentally similar. This does not mean that you have to find everything your partner plans, but with such elementary wishes, compromises are often harder to find. And if his ideas do not harmonize with yours, maybe he’s just not right for you.

3. Communication and humor should not be underestimated

Attraction, appreciation and equal visions of the future are important, but not to be underestimated is the power of humor and honest communication ! Most couples will only be happy in the long run if they can talk openly and laugh about the same things wholeheartedly. He knows that too, and if he wants to find out if you are the right person for him, he will question these points in any case. So from time to time, listen to your sweetheart and cheer him up with small but heartfelt jokes. So nothing stands in the way of your long love happiness .

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