That’s the ideal age difference in a relationship


An American study has examined the age difference in partnerships. Which constellations are promising – and which are not?

Imagine a 40-year-old woman. She is sitting on the couch and lovingly looking at her husband. Now there are different scenarios how the relationship of the two could continue. And they depend on certain factors.

Researchers at the University of Atlanta in the US studied the data of 3,000 subjects for factors that could indicate a rapid relationship end. Among other things, the age difference in the partnership was the focus.

In our example, the wife would have little chance of a lasting, happy marriage, both with a husband who is younger than 35 years old and with a husband older than 45 years. The most stable are, according to the study, marriages in which the partners are the same age, whereby this is defined for a span of one to five years difference.

The greater the distance, the higher the likelihood that marriage will break up. Ten years of age difference mean a 39 percent higher risk, 20 percent a full 95 percent, and 30 years a 172 percent higher divorce risk. Women with a younger or older partner can still be reassured: love does not care about statistics.

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