The most compatible astro signs in love



Love is not an exact science. Yet, depending on the character traits and aspirations of each, it is easy to determine whether a relationship can work or not. Discover which are the most compatible astrological signs in love …


In love, Aries searches for someone who looks like him; that is to say a positive and dynamic person. Thus, it is quite natural that he is attracted by the signs of fire. Indeed with a Lion or Sagittarius, the Aries feels wings. It can also work with an Aquarius whose character traits fascinate Aries.


From a down to earth nature, Taurus seeks above all stability in a romantic relationship. And it is with signs with calm and stable temperaments that he will be happy. So with a Cancer, he will find the serenity and tenderness he seeks. Just as with a person under the sign of Libra or Virgo.


One thing is certain, if a Gemini gets bored in a romantic relationship, he will take his legs to his neck. To fall in love, he needs a person with whom the routine does not exist. It fits perfectly with Sagittarius, Libra and Aquarius.


Hypersensitive and shy, Cancer sees love as a necessity. Although they are fundamentally different, Cancer and Scorpio form a fusional couple where each brings something to the other. With a Taurus or a Libra, Cancer will find emotional security.


Despite appearances, Leo is much more sensitive than we think. He needs passion and loyalty at the same time. With Aries and Sagittarius, he will feel himself growing wings. He can also find great love with an Aquarius. With rather opposite characters, their difference is, in fact, their strength.


With a Cancer or a Scorpion, the Virgin will share her deepest emotions without any difficulty. But his ideal partner is Taurus! Being on the same wavelength, these two signs form a strong and lasting couple.


In love, Libra needs balance as much as chills. She will find happiness with enterprising people like Sagittarius and Gemini. But she will also be charmed by the original and extravagant character of Aquarius.


Passionate nature, Scorpio seeks exclusive love. If he likes to seduce and be seduced, he knows how to be faithful when he is in love. With a Taurus or Capricorn, he will find serenity and loyalty. With a Cancer or a Fish, he will be in perfect symbiosis emotionally speaking.


To form a couple with a Sagittarius, you have to be like him. This adventurer in his soul is looking for a partner who is above all open-minded, adventurous and independent. It can work with a Lion, Aries and Gemini, with whom he can live passion and adventure.


In love as in life in general, Capricorn is someone quite introverted. He is not the type to show his feelings so easily. He needs to be confident to unveil himself. He will find happiness with a Cancer or Virgo, two emotionally stable signs that will reassure him.


Aquarius has this little grain of madness that makes him, someone original. He gets along well with Sagittarius because he is as open-minded as he is. With a Libra, there is a certain alchemy that makes them a strong couple. Finally, with a Gemini, the complicity is at the rendezvous. Indeed, at a glance, they understand each other.


Hypersensitive and romantic, Fish needs someone who understands how it works. With a Scorpion, they are on the same wavelength and form a fusional couple. With a Cancer or a Bull, the Fish will find the balance for a love that lasts …


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