These 7 signs that there are chances that your affair can become long lasting relationship


Relationship or affair? That is not always clearly distinguishable. What signs that a relationship can turn into a relationship, and when you’d better pull the emergency brake.

An  affair  is a s*xual adventure that is usually passionate and noncommittal. Affair arises for various reasons: Many men and women are reluctant to tie up and often just want something “loose” or they flee from the problems of their current  relationship  and fulfill their s*xual desires with another person.

Most people commit themselves never to raise feelings for the affair. But then  emotions come  into play and suddenly you are in love with the affair. Are you also in such a situation and do not know if it is just an adventure for him? We’ll tell you seven signs that you realize it’s not just an affair without feelings.

1. With your affair, you share more than one s*x relationship

He does   not go home directly after having s*x ? That’s a good sign. If you do a lot more with him outside the bedroom, for example a movie night or a lazy afternoon at the lake, it’s probably not just an affair for him.

2. Your affair regularly contacts you

He’s serious with you, when ??

If he is in love with you, he will not only contact you in the drunken state in the middle of the  night with the sentence “Lust AND S*x?”. If he writes to you at regular intervals without any ulterior motive or call you, he has with great certainty during the affair in you. If a man misses his affair, it is always a sign that the emotions are not just s*xual.

3. Your affair has only eyes for you!

You constantly watch him look after other women and even flirt with them  while you’re traveling together? Or is your affair constantly talking about his  ex ? Then look for the widest way possible! But if he only has eyes for you and shows it with little attentions, for example by inviting you to dinner, accompanying you to the front door after a club visit or simply taking your hand while walking, you are not just his bedbug.

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4. Your affair introduces you to your circle of friends

It is also a good sign when he introduces you to his  circle of friends  . That means you care about him and he wants to show that to his friends. But do not rely solely on the promise. If he still has not introduced you after several weeks, you can assume that he wants to leave it in an affair.

5. Your affair introduces you to the family

– This is where most affairs begin

He takes you to a  family reunion? This is a clear indication that the affair could become a relationship. Because most would never introduce a trivial flirtation to the family.

6. Your affair makes future plans with you

Is he planning the next  vacation  with you or does he even know if he will have time next weekend? If he does not really want to speak the language, be careful. Only if he already forges future plans, you can assume that it is more than an affair for him and he wants a future together  . Then nothing stands in the way of a relationship!

7. Affair says: Love you

“Love you”: These words clearly show that your affair is more than just a s*x adventure. If the man says these three words to you, chances are good that the s*xual relationship can develop into a serious partnership. Even better are the odds when he says the three magical words ” I love you “.

Editorial opinion

Even if it is not initially planned, it can happen, of course, that in an affair feelings come into play. And there are signs that suggest that the liaison has relationship potential. But beware: If you notice that the feelings are one-sided, it may be better to end the affair before the suffering becomes too great!

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