Falling in love: 6 exciting facts that nobody knows

Love cannot be controlled or explained? That’s not really correct. Because not only Hollywood but also science deals with this topic and provides some exciting answers

Did You Know About Love?

If you leave all emotions aside and only deal with the verifiable facts, you can find some surprising answers on the subject of “falling in love”. Science has been dealing with this topic for many years, interviewing hundreds of thousands of test subjects, examining desire, and measuring brain waves. These are the results:

1. Fall in love in a flash

There is love at first sight. According to a study published in the Journal of Romantic Medicine, you can fall in love with a fifth of a second.

2. Three dozen questions

According to the psychologist Arthur Aron, love can be accelerated or even called upon. This only requires 36 questions that you have to ask your future partner. You can read about them here.

3. Romance without love?

When you stay with someone, don’t be surprised if feelings develop. Especially in women, attachment desire is released during love.

4. The famous three words

Who dares to be the first to say “I love you”? According to researchers, surprisingly the men. Because they wait an average of 88 days, 39 percent of men even dare to take this step in the first month. Women, on the other hand, need an average of 134 days.

5. In the intoxication of love

Anyone who is in love is on cloud nine, feels somehow weightless, and can no longer stop grinning. The reason: desire is to release a feeling of euphoria that is comparable to a romantic mood.

6. Blind with love

When desire (bonding desire, see point 4) is released, it also creates trust – regardless of whether your counterpart has earned it or not.


Falling in love: 6 exciting facts that nobody knows

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