He only says these 7 sentences if he is in love with you

He only says these 7 sentences if he is in love with you

Is he really in love with you? Sure, a man’s actions say it all. But even his words can reveal a lot about whether he has feelings for you or not.

If you’re not sure how your partner is feeling, know that men say different things when they’re in love. Some guys are pretty blunted, while others keep talking about the bush. You may need to do a little analysis to see how he really feels. If you need help with this process, keep in mind that this is what men especially say when they are in love.

Here are the 7 sentences he’ll only say when he’s in love with you:

1. “Would you like to get to know my family?”

One of the first things men say when they’re in love is that they want a woman to meet their family. If he wants to introduce you to his parents, things are sure to be serious. He won’t let them meet a woman he won’t be with for long. If you go to his parents’ house, he must be crazy about you. He may not have said those three little words, but his feelings are clear.

2. “You can leave your things with me!”

If he tells you to keep your toothbrush or clothes with him, you will likely be visiting often. By keeping your belongings in his drawers, it shows how serious your relationship has become. He wouldn’t let anyone have their things with them. He doesn’t need any more mess than he already has. This is a clear sign that he is serious about you. By the way: a key to his home is also a key to his heart.

3. “Do you want to come with me?”

When he goes out with his friends and invites you to come along, he loves to be with you. Some guys want to hang out with their pals to get away from their friends. If you are invited by him, he wants you to be with him, even when he’s surrounded by his best friends. It also shows that his friends are obviously getting along well with you, and that’s a good sign for any relationship. So you can rest assured – he likes you very much!

4. “I think you are beautiful!”

Men don’t necessarily just mean your outer beauty, your inner being can also be beautiful in their eyes. If men only addressed a woman’s appearance, they would say things like “You are amazing!” They would not use the word “beautiful” on every woman. It just has a lot of expressiveness and means that a man is blown away by you. Should he say something like this to you, you can be sure that he has feelings for you. The way he says it can also tell whether he is in love with you. If he smiles at you and looks you deep in the eyes, then you know for sure. He is enchanted by your kind!

5. “I miss you.”

It doesn’t matter when he tells you this sentence. Maybe he’s out with his friends or he’s on a trip. Or maybe he just has a normal working day and would like to see you again, even though you saw each other yesterday. This clearly means that he is thinking of you and that he misses your presence. He would love to have you with him because he misses your presence, your manner, and everything. He might even want to quit his job just to be with you. His feelings for you are already strong, otherwise, he wouldn’t say this sentence. Saying such a thing to a woman takes courage above all.

6. “I feel good with you.”

This sentence says a lot about your husband. Because if he says he’s comfortable with you, it means you’re making his life better. You make him feel good and he doesn’t want to miss that anymore. A woman who brings the sun and happiness into a man’s life will turn his head. And that’s exactly how it looks! He has a crush on you and he can’t deny it anymore. 

7. “I’m looking forward to you.”

Maybe you’ve only met a few times and he’ll tell you this sentence. Or you’ve known each other for a long time and he’s happy to see you and can’t wait to hold you in his arms. In both cases, this phrase indicates that he has feelings for you. He’s probably thinking about you all the time and imagining what the next meeting will be like. His longing for you is great and he just feels better around you. He wants to see you again as soon as possible and that shows that he is really in love with you.


He only says these 7 sentences if he is in love with you

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